plum potion

  • Roland: Imma cheat on ya.
  • Marianne: Roland no.
  • Roland: Roland yes!
  • Sugar Plum: Imma make a potion
  • Sugar Plum: Plum no.
  • Sugar Plum: Plum yes!
  • Sunny: Imma steal a potion.
  • Bog: Elf no.
  • Sunny: Elf yes!
  • Bog: Imma steal a princess.
  • Marianne: Bog no.
  • Bog: Bog yes!
  • Sunny: Imma rescue Dawn
  • Pare: Sunny no.
  • Sunny: Sunny yes!
  • Dawn: Imma sing to you.
  • Bog: Dawn no.
  • Dawn: Dawn yes!
  • Griselda: Imma get some grandkids!
  • Bog and Marianne: Griselda no.
  • Griselda: Griselda yes!
  • Roland: Imma break yo castle.
  • Bog: Dumbass no.
  • Roland: Dumbass yes! ...HEY!
  • Stuff: Imma girl.
  • Thang: Stuff no.
  • Stuff: Stuff yes!
  • Marianne: Imma love the Bog King.
  • Dagda: Marianne no.
  • Bog: MARIANNE YES!!!

Okay but consider: Actual 22-year-old Bog King

His entire mishap with Plum’s potion was like six months before the movie started

he looks grizzled and dignified but he is. not.

he’s actually Dawn’s age

he’s actually like two weeks younger than Dawn and when she discovers this she never lets anyone hear the end of it