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Those Chains That Bind You: Kidnapping AU Part 6

Anon prompted me:

[Strange Magic] au where kidnapping is a thing before courting. Marianne kidnaps Bog. Spiraled into an Political Marriage AU with lots of pining and extensive worldbuilding.

Prologue/Chapter One/Chapter Two/Chapter Three/Chapter Four/Five and Ao3

(please please please feel free to do a liveblog commentary, whether in a post, in my inbox, in chat, I would be thrilled by getting a blow-by-blow commentary of your feelings. And shoutout to @deluxetrashqueen and @jaegereska for beta’ing this)

Chapter Five: Flirting and Fumbles

Marianne was snug in her pile of quilts and furs, having finally achieved a position for maximum warmth and comfort. Or, it would have been, if she didn’t have a wing folded the wrong way, forcing her to kick the blankets out of their harmonious alignment, exposing her feet briefly to the chill of the room.

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  • Roland: Imma cheat on ya.
  • Marianne: Roland no.
  • Roland: Roland yes!
  • Sugar Plum: Imma make a potion
  • Sugar Plum: Plum no.
  • Sugar Plum: Plum yes!
  • Sunny: Imma steal a potion.
  • Bog: Elf no.
  • Sunny: Elf yes!
  • Bog: Imma steal a princess.
  • Marianne: Bog no.
  • Bog: Bog yes!
  • Sunny: Imma rescue Dawn
  • Pare: Sunny no.
  • Sunny: Sunny yes!
  • Dawn: Imma sing to you.
  • Bog: Dawn no.
  • Dawn: Dawn yes!
  • Griselda: Imma get some grandkids!
  • Bog and Marianne: Griselda no.
  • Griselda: Griselda yes!
  • Roland: Imma break yo castle.
  • Bog: Dumbass no.
  • Roland: Dumbass yes! ...HEY!
  • Stuff: Imma girl.
  • Thang: Stuff no.
  • Stuff: Stuff yes!
  • Marianne: Imma love the Bog King.
  • Dagda: Marianne no.
  • Bog: MARIANNE YES!!!
Strange Magic Hogwarts AU

But they’re not students—they’re teachers. Romance between Hogwarts Teachers. Because reasons.

Bog (Boggin Kingsley) is the HeadMaster. The students are a little wary of this thin framed, scarred faced man with a grouchy attitude, but as Headmaster of Hogwarts he is one of the best, and a very powerful wizard. His wand is long, Oak w/ dragon heartstring (though those details are debatable). Before a certain witch was hired, Bog was known to be a bit reclusive and temperamental. After a certain witch was hired, blushing and stuttering suddenly became much more frequent, which surprised (yet at the same time didn’t surprise) the rest of the staff. 

(I’m also considering Bog being an animagus—he can turn into a dragonfly maybe?—but I’m not sure. It’s open for discussion.)

Marianne Fae is the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. She is an exceptional teacher and a very powerful witch, too. Before getting a teaching position at Hogwarts, Marianne used to be the heiress to a large fortune and engaged to a wizard named Roland, who ended up breaking her heart. She had always had a certain skill for DADA, but Roland had convinced her to not pursue anything in that field, that she was too delicate. Wanting to break free completely from Roland’s controlling ways, she applied for a teaching position at Hogwarts and was accepted.  Marianne positively glowed with this new job, outshining many teachers in the past and earning her student’s love and affection. The one thing she would not tolerate was getting walked over and knew when and how to pick a fight. Although, perhaps banters with the Headmaster wasn’t the smartest thing in the world, but it was never over anything serious. In fact, it became a common thing to see the Headmaster Kingsley and Professor Fae to walk together having an argument over something. (Many speculated more than just arguing was going on, but the headmaster and professor always denied such rumors).
 (Marianne’s wand is Willow w/ Phoenix feather. That’s also debatable). 

Dawn Fae is the Charms Professor. Her ties to the school is what got Marianne a job at Hogwarts (or at least put in a good word for her). She is undoubtedly the student’s favorite teacher with her optimistic attitude and sprightly ways. She is also the head of the Hufflepuff House. Her wand is Willow with Unicorn tail.

Sunny, a squib, is the caretaker of Hogwarts. Practically everyone but Dawn knows of Sunny’s crush on her. Even so, the two are best friends and are almost always by each other’s sides. 

Professor Plum is the potions teacher and head of Ravenclaw House. She’s known for being a little eccentric, and you can’t get through a potions class without something blowing up at least once. Also, Plum is extremely irked that the Headmaster has completely banned love potions and forbidden her to make any (something she’d liked to do during Valentine’s Day celebrations). Her wand is Holly with Unicorn Hair. 

Pare, also a squib, is the groundskeeper, and lives with his trusty dog Lizzy who will surely bite your head off should anything happen to Pare. Lizzy also has a soft spot for Sunny for some reason; anyone else she is a little more wary of. 

There is a poltergeist named Imp that likes to cause chaos and mischief around the castle.  A rather memorable incident of his was when Imp got a hold of a bunch of love potions and proceeded to throw them on unsuspecting students and animals. Chaos ensued for a total of three days before the Potion’s Master was able to give the antidote to all love-struck students.

(Also, a betting pool has been created to see who will get together with who, and who will confess their love first etc. The pair of the Headmaster and DADA professor is by far the most popular (indeed, even some of the other professors participate in this betting pool) but people also spend good money on Professor Dawn finally getting together with the caretaker.)

Roland isn’t a teacher, he works for the Ministry of Magic; I just haven’t thought of the perfect job yet. Or perhaps he’s a well known Quidditch player? That’s also up for debate, I haven’t completely thought through everything yet. 

Feel free to add your own headcannons/ideas/suggestions for this AU :D
10 Piece Soy Wax Sampler Set - Choose any scent, plus free mini samples and a coupon book

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an (almost!) divorced tart maker, living in a new city, with a new job, a lot of bills, therapy and a ridiculous divorce fee that I’m covering myself.

But I’m also a fan, and my passion (second job, and frequent monetary butt saver) is making tarts and perfume oils based on my (and your) favorite fandoms. That being said, I’s really like to ask your help with a fundrasier for myself. I’ve created 2 special choose your own sampler packs - (10 piece and 4 piece) You get the tarts (including a chance to get some exclusive, not-yet-released- fandom scents), free samples and a 12 month coupon book, plus a discount on shipping!

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Alpha Beta Oh-EM-GEE - (teen Wolf) Wild and untamed wilderness inside and out. Deep forest woods, old growth, green oakmoss, magical resins and a memory of smoke.

As You Wish - (The Princess Bride) Soft florals, apricots and vanilla blend with sandalwood, musk and dark chocolate. A perfect pairing of Princess and Pirate.

Can’t Take the Sky – (Firefly) Resins and Spices, an earthy blend of sandalwood and oakmoss, a hint of mandarin citrus and star dusted metal

Elementary, My Dear - (Sherlock) An unlikely pairing of mouthwatering Blood Orange and spicy, herbal Caraway. Underscored with swirls of vanilla, dark antiqued woods and a bit of mystery.

Friendly Ponies (My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic) Sweet and Playful. Candy and fruity, sugary cereal with undertones of warm vanilla

Into the Labyrinth - (Labyrinth) Cool dark stone, moss and damp earth, with a bite of sweet, juicy peach. Magical and Dreamlike with a hint of goblin madness.

It all changes in the 21st Century - (Torchwood) Alien artifacts in an underground lair. Dark and mysterious woods, dust and vanilla notes, accented with strong black coffee and a hint of damp.

Mad Man with a Box - (Doctor Who) A strange and wonderful adventure. Undercurrents of aged oak barrel, with dry sage, amber, vanilla and delicate cherry blossoms

Out of the Deep - (Fin-Kin) The ocean’s depths hide many secrets. Mysterious and alluring blend of orris, musk and dark fern with top notes of sea salt, tidal spray and delicate white flowers.

Red Shirt – (Star Trek) Cool Citrus and Basil, exotic musks and a sense of adventure…with just a hint of phaser blasted ozone

Scary Sexy - (Supernatural) A supernatural blend of rock salt, demon blood and magical roots, resins and herbs. Melded with hotel soap, well worn leather and a hint of gasoline.

Underhill - (Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit) Rolling hills and deep forests. The scent of fresh grass, blooming flowers and green woods, offset with a subtle hint of sandalwood and citrus.

Wizard’s World- (Harry Potter) A fun magical scent with plum and peach potions, dragon’s blood and enchanted resins, with just a hint of spice and bewitched candies