plum lipsticks

modern myth figures
  • fairies: pale pink bubblegum, diamond-studded tiaras, selfies always on point, screeching along to the radio, twirling around in a new dress, cheesecake, pastel orange sunrises, sunflowers, oversized sunglasses, sparkly lip gloss.
  • sirens: singing in the shower, classical music, seashell necklaces, waking up late, reading on the porch, lazy summer afternoons, sandy fingers, too much eyeliner, worn flip flops, dark blue, walking around barefoot, warm bubble baths.
  • nymphs: collecting violet wildflowers, stardusted nights, wineglasses, laughter like bells, planting seeds in a garden, long shadows, running faster than the wind, moonlight glinting off silver necklaces, fireflies, plum-colored lipstick, weaving flower crowns.

things the sister signs remind me of - romantic version

♡ aries & libra: pink chocolate, cherry earrings, fiery passionate lovers, rose gardens, red wine stained lips, pink silk robes, tuscany in the summer, neck kisses, being called baby, high school sweethearts, writing poetry for your lover, a-line mini skirts paired with knee-high boots, rose water, learning french, 60s girl groups, sickly sweet perfume

♡ taurus & scorpio: little parisian cafés, good girls and bad boys, dark plum lipstick and black lace lingerie, honeymoons, caramel coffee, partners in crime, wine tasting in florence, undying love, handsome men in suits, purple velvet, dancing in the moonlight, nancy sinatra songs, ribbons in your hair, candle light, cashmere sweaters, taking baths together, rose bouquets

♡ gemini & sagittarius: sea air, baby blue silk dresses, dancing around your apartment in your underwear with your lover, moonlit eyes, dreaming of the 70s, parisian balconies, piles of unread books everywhere, swimming in the ocean at night, exploring new places together, old records, counting stars, eating exotic fruit on the beach, sunkissed skin, making each other come alive

♡ cancer & capricorn: film noir, lavender fields in the south of france, classic literature, warm rain, waking up next to the love of your life, glossy manicures, vintage tea cups, 50s hairstyles, holding hands, keeping photos of loved ones in your wallet, falling asleep in their arms and feeling safe, looking at old photographs together, being protective of each other, jasmine tea

♡ leo & aquarius: red patent mini skirts, the artist and the muse, past life lovers, cherry flavored lip gloss, being each others biggest fan and supporter, powerful women in high heels, lipstick kisses on envelopes, making art in your underwear, being proud of your partner, golden heart shaped hoops, first kisses, breaking rules together as a hobby, faux fur coats

♡ virgo & pisces: first loves, white cotton sundresses, lullabies, milk and honey, being soft-spoken, buttercream blondes, wrists that always smell like roses, quiet sunday mornings, baby swans, a love that feels like coming home, claude debussy’s clair de lune, tender touches, dreaming of finally meeting your soulmate, soft tunes, goodbye kisses, satin sheets

aesthetic: lying on burgundy silk sheets in a Veronica Lake 40s hairstyle, wearing dark plum lipstick, black lingerie, a long sheer robe and black pointe shoes while listening to jazz noir and drinking wine

fwb!yoongi + when you need attention 

If someone had asked you what your favorite feature or characteristic was in Yoongi you’d without a second thought say his mind. Well, not without a second thought, considering you knew what it was like to feel his hands over your body, slightly calloused and inquisitive, not lazy but languid. Then there was his mouth, dear God, that mouth that new the inside of your pussy like no other man before him did, every nook and cranny. That short tongue of his that made you cum off the top and simultaneously gush over how cute his lisp was whenever he tried to pronounce something with an ’s.’ But no, despite all of the wonderful, wonderful, dear Jesus, wonderful features of Min Yoongi, at the end of the day it was that big brain of his that had you cumming off the top.

There was something about his creative process, hell his thought process period, that got you horny. He was the self-proclaimed Min Genius, but not in vain. You had never in the entirety of your life been able to witness how music was made. It was just one of those things that existed for you. But soon after becoming friends with Yoongi he gave you glimpses into how much work and effort was put into composing just one song. Now over the years, Yoongi being the genius he is, only got better and better at his trade. Sleepless nights spent laying tracks and sampling music from artists, some of whom you hadn’t even known existed.

And to add to all of those amazing qualities, his intellect, depth, perception, he was so sexually unrepressed. One of the key factors why Yoongi was one of your best partners was how completely open you could be with him sexually, to the point where you could discuss with him over coffee about likes and dislikes.

You thought back to the first time you had agreed to have sex with him, a friends with benefits type of thing, you both didn’t have the time for the relationship aspect of sex, but plenty of inclination for the sex itself. You chuckle everytime you think about it, the way he had probed and persuaded you over one too many shots of tequila and not so subtle touches.

“So what you’re telling me is you haven’t fucked in going on half a year.” Yoongi raised his voice an octave so you he could hear him over the music, his mouth dangerously close to your own.

You nodded sluggishly, enjoying the feel of his hand, that had not so subtly snuck up to rest on the small of your back. To anyone else it looked like a friendly gesture, one to steady you as you wobbled slightly in your drunken stupor, but you could feel the heat emanating from his body as the night dragged on and he his touches got bolder and bolder with each shot of tequila.

“I’m just so busy.” You whined, “and like, one night stands are just so… bleh. I want someone who knows me and my body but relationships are so draining and I don’t have the time to teach someone new everytime, you know?”

Yoongi nodded eagerly at your words, his body crowding closer and closer to your own with each sway of the crowd, until you were pushed against a wall and his hand was resting on your hip. He was still testing the waters, trying to figure out how far he could take this, the conversation, the petting, before you pulled back.

“It’s frustrating, isn’t it? And now a days it’s hard to find someone like that. Everyone claims to be detached from everything and weighed down with “trust issues” and blah blah blah, I’m just trying to find a partner who won’t put on an act all the while deluding themselves into thinking we’re in a relationship just so they can play the victim when I don’t want more.“

“Do you ever get that?” You shuddered when he leaned down to speak directly into your ear, his chest rubbing against the hard peak of your nipples, you rested a hand around his waist, pressing your body closer to his, still under the guise of overly-touchy friendliness as you played this dangerous game with him.

“God, yes” you groaned, whether it was to his question or the way you felt his hand slip lower on your back until it was resting just on the top of your ass, his fingers thrumming lightly, a beat you felt shoot straight to your pussy.

“This feels nice.” You sighed, “I like touching you like this.”

“Like what?” He murmured, his hands venturing lower at your words, to slip into the pockets of your jeans. You shuffled closer at that, wrapping your arms around his middle to hug him. You cocked your head back so you could peer into his eyes, slightly hidden from your view by his bangs. You sent him a drunken smile and he stared, enraptured. His head lowered slightly to press against your own, your breaths mingling, his eyes telling you everything he couldn’t say out loud. You swayed gently against each other to the music, the bass pounding so hard you could feel it in your chest.


Yoongi peered over your head to shoot an annoyed glance at whoever had called out to him, only to come face to face with Jung Hoseok’s annoyingly exuberant grin.

“What do you want?” He grumbled, clearly annoyed at being interrupted at… whatever it was the two of you were doing. A standing cuddle session in the middle of a house party.

“What’s going on over here?”

You buried your head in Yoongi’s chest, feeling one arm envelope you back while the other kept a firm grip on his beer. You chose to ignore the obnoxiously suggestive tone to Hoseok’s question, and no doubt him waggling his eyebrows at Yoongi. Instead you inhaled Yoongi’s clean scent, opting to place a kiss on his chest, earning a pat on the butt.

“Yah, are you wearing lipstick?” He grumbled, peering down at his now plum lipstick stained white t-shirt.

“Oops.” You giggled, Hoseok long forgotten by now as Yoongi let out an exasperated sigh before tugging roughly on a strand of your hair.

“I wish I could hug you like this forever.” You whined dramatically, burying your head in his chest.

“You want to get out of here?” He asked, his voice husky at your ear.

“And do what?” You feigned innocence before pulling back to shoot him a coy look.

“Go to my house.” He replied, entranced by the way you bit your lip at his suggestion. He reached up to tug your lip from between your teeth and running a soothing finger over the aforementioned spot.

“And hug some more?” You played dumb.

He leaned down, his voice low and velvety in your ear, “Like hugging, only wetter.” -

And wetter was right, that night Yoongi had unleashed the most carnal of your desires, taking you to heights of pleasure you never knew existed for yourself until you were at his mercy, a trembling mess for him.

“Yoongi… I… wait I need to-”

Yoongi shoved you face down on the mattres, so lost in his own pleasure your whimpers and pleas were suddenly less of a turn on more of a nuisance that hindered his release. But you fought back, shoving at his hips behind you until he popped out of your pussy with a raunchy squelch.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He spat, it was only when he realized you weren’t being coy that he finally stopped trying to shove his dick back inside of you. “Hey, are you alright?”

“No… I.. God this is so embarrassing.” You whined, entire face flushing. Yoongi cupped your face, running a soothing thumb over the apples of your cheek, his hard on still jutting against your slit, “No… I need to pee.”

“You need to what?”

“Pee, okay? God, just give me a sec.” You moved to make your way towards the bathroom only to have your attempts thwarted Yoongis thumbs pressing into your hips to keep you firmly in place on his mattress. You let out an annoyed huff, “Yoongi, what are you doing? I told you I have to -oh!”

You gasped when you felt the tip of Yoongi’s cock slide provocatively between your lips, your pussy so wet he would occasionally bump the head against your clit. You felt your desire weigh heavy in the pit of your stomach like lead, an orgasm fast approaching. A mewl of protest left your lips when he slipped the head in teasingly, your warmth enveloping him in a way that made him want to put up a sold sign and spend the rest of his days inside of you.

“W-what are you doing?” You stammered, a little breathlessly. Even as you watched him grip the base of his cock, guiding himself into you, inch by delicious inch until you swore you could feel him in your cervix. Yoongi stilled when he had finally impaled you on his entire length, breathing through his nose and attempting to savor the way your pussy made him feel like he was dipping his cock in gold.

A cold tendril of panic slipped up your spine as you felt your labia swell, his cock hitting a particularly intense part of your pussy, so deep inside you didn’t even know it existed.

“Do you trust me?” He murmured against your neck, placing open mouthed kisses all up the column of your throat.

You nodded, mindlessly clawing at his back, drunken ‘yes’s spilling from your lips, anything to get him to hit that spot again.

“Oh fffffuck, Yoongi! Yes right there don’t move, please, please, please don’t move.” You cried out, suddenly overwhelmed by your own pleasure, the intensity of the entire situation making your legs buckle.

“Don’t move?” He whispered teasingly, “But I want you to cum for me.”

“I-I.. Please just keep pressing there, right there, deeper. I need you deeper.”

You had half a mind to be embarrassed by your sudden desperation but you had lost it somewhere amongst the nearly tangible pleasure you were experiencing. You were suddenly clawing at Yoongi’s ass cheeks, swiveling your hips up to get him as deep as he was before. He let out a curse when you clenched around, your nails digging into his behind as you physically pulled him deeper into your pussy until the pleasure was too much and you were suddenly toppling over the edge of the cliff. Stars blinked behind your eyes and your body arched off the bed, the intensity of your orgasm making your legs quiver roughly.

The sudden urge to pee was too much for you to handle, your weak and sensitized body finally giving in to the urge to push until you felt the wetness shooting from you and you had managed to push Yoongi’s cock from inside you with a provocative squelch. It wasn’t until you heard a “holy fuck” that you noticed he wasn’t seated deep inside of you like he was a minute ago.

You managed to peer one drowsy eye at the sudden shock on his face, waiting with baited breath for his protests of disgust at his now soiled bed sheets.

A gasp left your lips when he rubbed a gentle hand over your sensitive mound, watching in astonishment (and if we were being honest, lust) as he played in the small puddle of juices that was leaking from your pussy. The air left your lungs as you watched him raise his fingers to his mouth and suck.

“I didn’t know you squirt.” He said casually around the digits.

“Me neither.” -

To say you and Yoongi had an active sex life was truly an understatement. From that day on, he had devoted hours, days, weeks to learning your body, inside and out. And you enjoyed every goddamn minute.

Your relationship had somehow managed to stay relatively normal, you still went out and had a round of beers with the guys, occasionally went to catch the latest blockbuster, all while abiding by the invisible set of rules you both had set up for each other; no meddling in each other’s personal business unless otherwise asked to do so, no mutual exclusivity, and lots and lots of wild, monkey sex.

Yoongi was a great companion, and complimented your personality amazingly well. He was introverted where you were extroverted, calm and analytical where you were boisterous and impulsive. He kept you grounded while you made sure he didn’t miss out on life for his work.

And God, did he work. You sometimes had to physically pull him out from his office on the occasion where he wouldn’t even look up from his laptop long enough to notice you standing there with not a stitch of clothing on.

Tonight was definitely one of those nights. You had arrived at his apartment two hours ago with chicken and beer, only to have him grumble about how he wasn’t hungry. You rolled your eyes at that and walked over to sit next to him on the couch.

A loud, over dramatic sigh left your lips as you watched him work tirelessly, waiting for him to ask you what was wrong.

He never did.

It took three more sighs and a clear of your throat before he finally turned to acknowledge you, an annoyed grimace marring his otherwise handsome face, “What?”

“I’m really uncomfortable in these clothes.” You pouted, gesturing towards your work ensemble, a skin tight pencil skirt and a soft cashmere sweater that he had mentioned he liked in passing once.

Yoongi gestured a hand towards his bedroom before switching his focus back to his computer, “You know where my closet is, babe. Go find something to wear.”

You shot an annoyed glare at the back of his head, wondering how someone so clearly fucking dense had survived as long as he had before stomping your way towards his bedroom.

An irritated huff left your lips before you began yanking open doors, tugging at oversized t shirts before you found your favorite hoodie of his at the bottom. You tugged off your clothes letting it decorate his carpeted floor, knowing it would drive him nuts that you were so messy all the time. A pout marred your face as you stared at your reflection, the fancy black lingerie seemingly mocking now that Yoongi had decided you weren’t gonna have sex.

“Stupid Min Yoongi.” You cursed, reaching back to undo your bra before tugging his ultra soft hoodie over your head and letting the fabric pool right above your knees.

You spent another forty five minutes laid up in his bed, waiting for him to finish his work before you finally gave up and threw your phone down, making your way back to the living room.

Min Yoongi jumped, his back straightening when your threw yourself down on the open seat next to him.

“Oh, you’re still here?”

You made an annoyed sound in the back of your throat, annoyed by how cute he was even when he was being an obnoxious prick. His round frame glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose, his eyes blinking a few times sincerely in shock that you were still here.

“I just came out here to borrow something.” You shrugged, reaching for the remote on the coffee table.

“Mhm.” He murmured, his attention back on his laptop.

“I hope you don’t mind,” you cooed, your other hand reaching to lace your fingers with his free one. Yoongi gave you an annoyed look but said nothing else and let you hold his hand.

It wasn’t another five minutes before you started fidgeting, adjusting yourself so your knees were touching his, tugging your laced hands between your legs to rest on your inner thigh. If Yoongi noticed, he didn’t say anything, still reading over whatever important document was on his screen.

You cleared your throat, side eyeing Yoongi to make sure he was still caught up in whatever he was doing before you tugged your hand free of his, placing his open palm flat against your mound. It took all of your will power not to shiver at his touch, even if it wasn’t really him touching you. You moved your hand to rest atop his own, putting your fingers in perfect sync with his own until you were coaxing them to press against the now wet fabric of your underwear-

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Yoongi asked. Your eyes were closed as you shoved his two fingers deeper into the fabric of your panties and by result deeper into you, but your eyes didn’t have to be open for you to know he was probably glaring at you for interrupting his stupid work.

“I told you I needed to borrow something.” You murmured, head rolling back to rest against the sofa as you used his fingers to masturbate.

“And that somethings my hand>?” He scoffed.

You let out an annoyed growl at his constant need to ruin the mood before you yanked his laptop off his legs and shoved it onto the coffee table. Yoongi watched in annoyance and mild astonishment as you forced yourself into his lap and jabbed a small finger at his chest.

“You listen here Min Yoongi, I had a really long day at work and I brought you dinner and I came here so you could give me an orgasm, I don’t know why you’re being so fucking difficult. Literally,” you threw your hands up, gesturing wildly at him, “all you have to do is make me cum and I’ll shut up and probably go to sleep because God knows how you put me to sleep after. And then you’ll get peace and quiet and I’ll get my so desperately needed orgasm. Yoongi can you feel how wet I am, how selfish can you be man-”

You never got to finish your rant before Yoongi was tugging your underwear off your legs and unbuckling his own pants at an amazing speed, all things considered.

He adjusted the both of you so he was laying flat on the couch and you on top of him. You watched in astonishment as he tugged your (well his) hoodie up over your head to expose your breast, before sliding you down his body so you rested on his thighs.

Yoongi licked the open palm of his hand before shoving your legs apart, making you blush with the way he was staring at your pussy. You shot him a confused look when he reached a hand down to untuck his cock from his jeans.

“I’m not fully hard yet.” He explained before using the palm he spat on to lubricate his semi. You stared in awe at the provocative scene before you, Yoongi jacking off so close to you, all while staring intently at your pussy as if to torture himself. He let out a groan and you focused your attention to see what he was on about. Your juices began to trickle from your pussy and onto the denim of his jeans, drying a nearly translucent white.

You shivered when he reached out his hand to collect your juices before using it to further lubricate his cock, a trickle of pre-cum dripping from his slit.

“Yoongi.” You were so turned on you could barely see straight.

He didn’t need to be told twice and as soon as Yoongi was fully erect he was not so gently shoving inside of you.

“Yes,” You hissed.

Your pussy nearly wept at the full sensation, finally having something to deliciously clench around. Yoongi watched as you wasted no time, swiveling your hips so you could grind on his dick, too greedy to bounce and have even an inch of him leave you.

Your head fell back in ecstasy, inviting Yoongi to run an open palm down your body, between your breast and come to rest on your hips, guiding you to a slower pace.

“Yoongi,” you whined, trying to force his hands from restraining you. He sent you a gummy smile before finally reneging and letting you set the pace. You sighed in relief at having his dick at your disposal, Yoongi letting you use and abuse him as he folded his arm behind his. He pushed your body back until you were nearly laying flat, your legs wide open, Yoongi’s eyes trained on the way your pussy swallowed his cock, your juices dripping down your thigh to further stain the jeans shoved around his legs.

“I’m not gonna last long,” you muttered, “I’m too horny.”

“Shh..” Yoongi cooed, rubbing your thigh gently, “Play with yourself for me?”

You obliged, reaching a hand down your body to tweak your clit between your fingers, getting closer and closer to your orgasm with every flick. A hand snaked its way over your own until you felt Yoongi’s fingers guiding your own and he was pinching your clit using your fingers. “Do it how I would.”

“Yoongi!” You cried out, feeling him scrape that special place in your pussy with, the one only he knew how to maneuver, with a single thrust, “I’m close!”

“Are you gonna squirt for me?” He asked, his words laced with an enthusiasm you barely ever heard from him.

“I-I think so,” you nodded numbly.

“Go ahead for me. I love it when you squirt, you know that?” He murmured, tugging you closer so he could place kisses on your sticky throat, “God it makes me so fucking hard thinking about how I’m the only one who can get that from you, you know? I love how messy you are and how wet you make my cock. It’s all mine, every last drop of you belongs to me-”

The combination of his words and his hold on your throat was nearly too much and before you knew what was happening, shudders wracked your body, your pussy swelling until the familiar pressure on your urethra increased. You cried out in loss when you felt yourself being tugged off of Yoongi’s cock.

“I want you to cum on me.” He groaned and as if on cue your orgasm followed his words, flooding you with a pleasure so intense you were positively sure Yoongi had ruined you. You heard the familiar sound of slick flesh as Yoongi positioned you over his abdomen so your release could drop down his stomach in the most erotic way possible. You groaned at the wet slap your pussy made against his abdomen, still in utter disbelief that your orgasm had lasted this long.

“Jesus, are you still cumming?” He muttered, pulling back onto his lap, your lips separating so he could feel the quivers from your pussy. Yoongi guided you, making you slide yourself up and down his dick until he felt the familiar sensation tingling its way up his spine.

“Fuck. Gonna cum. Open.” He muttered, before haphazardly shoving inside of you. It only took him three or four thrust before earning a gasp from you as his hot cum splashed your inner walls. “God damn your pussy feels like heaven. I swear to Christ.”

You both laid there for a moment, unable to speak, much less make use of your limbs long enough to clean up. You sighed contentedly against his naked chest, drumming your fingers happily.

“Is the baby happy now that she got what she wanted?” He mocked.

You lifted your head to shoot him a grin, “Yes.”

He rolled his eyes at you, tapping your butt for you to get off of him, “Up. I have work to do now.”

GOT7 Reaction // When you kiss them only to get lipstick on their face.


He absolutely adores you when you do these types of things. It literally sets the whole mood and he realizes how soft he is for you. Of course he wouldn’t enjoy taking off the lipstick though lol.

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He would obviously enjoy the kiss and he would think you’re so adorable but the fact that lipstick was now on his face annoyed him a little.

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He really didn’t mind the kiss. He enjoyed it a lot. Like it made his heart burst but it only bothered him because you were wearing BRIGHT RED lipstick.

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He secretly enjoyed the kiss but of course, being Park Jinyoung, he had to come off as sassy.

“You had to kiss me with that color lipstick?”

He was obviously teasing you.

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He would be so shy from having lipstick on his cheek especially from your lips but I feel like he would return the favor but kissing you back.

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You quickly kissed him on the cheek with your dark plum lipstick and he immediately starts chasing after you cause this bitch isn’t going to let anyone ruin his beautiful face.

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He would get all shy and soft once you kissed him, but it made him shyer because you did it just to get lipstick on him. He would try wiping it off immediately.

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i took myself shopping yesterday. i wanted to buy a new dress for a zelda concert so i took myself shopping. i took two hours to get ready. i took a shower, i shaved my legs, i did my hair. i tried on a million outfits. it was wonderful.

i spent about an hour doing my makeup because i decided to watch masterchef and i wanted to play with eyeshadow. i wore more than three colors. took my time blending colors in my crease, highlighted my brow bone, had a smoky wing with more shadow. 

i put on an extreme highlight on my face, on the spots above my cheeks, by my temples, the slim part of my nose, down my cupid’s bow. warmed up my face with bronzer.

i wore dark plum lipstick. wore pearl earrings, wore a pink lacy coverup. twisted my hair for once. i felt so beautiful.

i took myself on a date yesterday. bought a box of expensive chocolates to take home to my family. wandered the mall at my own pace from store to store looking for a pretty green dress so that i can look like link. i asked store associates for help and they were so nice. these ladies were so nice but understanding when i didn’t find what i was looking for. 

i ended up in a little boutique. i told the new sales associates why i wanted the dress. their faces lit up when i told them i saw a kingdom hearts concert in june. the girls didn’t mind when i didn’t want the first dress because i felt it clung to my body in a weird way and i didn’t want that. one said i get that, that you might not like that about yourself.

one got me to try on a new dress that was actually a size down. A SIZE DOWN. a medium when i usually buy extra large and i was a bit scared, but she assured me that this one has more flowy cut so i did and–it was perfect. nothing made me feel insecure and i felt very confident.

when i was in the dressing room, the two girls would chat about the new products and giggle and be excited about the little knickknacks. it made me feel warm how happy they were. 

i bought my concert dress and they helped me find a new dress for work and they were so awesome and wanted me to model all the dresses we picked and were generally happy when we found one that looked perfect. 

i told their manager that they did a great job, that the store was fun and inviting, that i’ll be back for sure. she smiled so big and was so kind. she genuinely likes her job, the girls do too. they like each other. they like their customers. their happiness put a spell on all who walked in the door.

i came home to my mom and grandmother and i put on a little fashion show. they loved the dresses i got. i loved the dresses i got. they liked the box of chocolates a bit more.

i took myself on a date yesterday and it was amazing. 

Ilvermorny House Aesthetic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Wampus:</b> loud, clear voices; speaking up without fear; clenched jaws; sloppy handwriting; a commanding presence; the first inhale after coming up for air while swimming; strong noses that flare when angered; staying up until 3am laughing with friends; messy buns; strength training; bitten lips; cinnamon; fishnets; muscles shifting under a lover's fingertips; powerful thighs; neon and bright colors; chiles rellenos; that moment right before the free fall on a rollercoaster; scratch marks; the sound of a knife sharpening; fruit infused water; tongues burnt on midday coffee; kisses from big dogs; hair ties breaking; unsettled dust; linking arms; backless dresses; very hot baths; rock climbing; mosh pits; Doc Martens; smudged lipstick; spicy curry; tunnel graffiti; charcoal-stained fingertips; baring teeth; caffeine addiction; wrinkled noses; gasping between passionate kisses; sharp cut creases; holographic knives; 1967 Chevy Impala; heterochromia; the snap of leather; the scent of an extinguished match; hickeys; ripped leggings; inner ear headphones; screaming at the top of your lungs; twists; the sizzle of steak hitting the grill; strobe lights; the anticipation of a bassdrop; new age tattoos; dermal anchors.<p/><b>Thunderbird:</b> tilting faces toward the sun; mountains in the distance; bright smiles; weathered and worn books; hammocks; darjeeling tea; the look of awe and wonder; smirking; wavy hair; paper airplanes; muted nail color; sunkissed highlights; aster flowers and wildflowers; recycling; legs aching from standing and/or moving too long; trailing hands over tree trunks; wide, open spaces; stargazing; hipster fashion without hipster elitism; whistling along to the music in your head; lightning bugs landing on hands; music festivals; Sailor Moon; choker necklaces; abandoned railroad tracks; making custom playlists for friends; lifted pinkies when drinking; crochet braids; space buns; dresses with pockets; morning fog; being unafraid of, or even thrilled about, getting lost; high cheekbones; petrichor; feeling breathless contemplating existence; a light sheen of sweat; septum piercings; blushing from ears to chest; schadenfreude; OTEs; power lines; burnt marshmallows; accidentally dropping food on shirts; horizontal bamboo blinds; tripping over words around attractive people; vintage suitcases; reading field journals; Long Island iced tea; maypoles; handmade flower crowns; serendipity; elote; Volkswagen vans; bathhouses; windblown hair; pastel hair; homemade granola; picking up bits and pieces of language while traveling.<p/><b>Pukwudgie:</b> herbal tea; warm, fond smiles; dimples; brown eyes; being underestimated; thick blankets; humming along to music playing in the background; journaling; macadamia nuts; the sound of cicadas; tracing hands over tall grass; tight hugs; peaches; tiny, dainty tattoos; naturally long eyelashes; muddy hemlines; elderberry wine; holding hands; jumping as high as possible on a trampoline; rain pattering on a window; succulents; crystals; terrariums; bangles; flannel shirts; tear tracks; powder-lined cat eyes; finding an onion ring in your fries; balloons; throwing autumn leaves in the air; honey bees; stickers; apple cider; crickets chirping; damp cotton; Ford Farlaines; hide and seek; an unnoticed stumble; sunlight reflected on lake water; Eskimo kisses; ice cream melting over fingers; the twitching of squirrels' tails; raw spider silk; headwraps over natural hair; tapping toes to the beat; "Christian cussing" around children; competitive sand castle building; fiercely protecting others' autonomy; bunny teeth; dulce de leche; harmonizing; grass stains; gardening; gel pens; absolutely losing it to memes; angel bite piercings; naturally pink cheeks; the countdown before taking the plunge; freshly clipped nails; rushing to aide someone having a panic attack.<p/><b>Horned Serpent:</b> narrowed eyes and pursed lips; box braids; stacks of nonfiction books; satire; forehead kisses; hands gently caressing cheeks; helvetica; a collection of partially filled notebooks; a face softening in realization; diffused light; bitten nails; eavesdropping; Earl Grey tea; fencing; the sound of the A/C kicking on; A-line dresses; freshly shaved legs against cool, clean sheets; glass ceilings; minimalist tattoos; sketchbooks; cursing when spilling coffee over your notes; plum lipstick; thick-rimmed glasses; vindication; neutral tones; smudged makeup from rubbing eyes during an all-nighter; button-up shirts; aching fingers and wrists; taking a break from a project only to realize hours have passed; Cadillac Broughams; julienne cut vegetables; fish tacos; ankle socks; being 10 minutes early; origami; spiral staircases; soft smiles watching children learn; flyaway hairs; finger-walking on metal desks; mint ice cream; having a 10 or more kill streak; pressed flowers; silhouettes; the crunch of biting into an apple; limericks; sake; Frank Sinatra; lighthearted debates that turn into yelling matches; sphinx cats; pastel hair; deadbolts; elaborate mosaics; nostril piercings; YInMn blue.<p/></p><p/></p>
Cinema (M)

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Genre: Smut

Summary: At a movie premier you meet your ex / good friend, Jin. As complicated as your relationship with him is, it get even more complicated when he convinces you to ditch your date and spend some time with him. (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)

None (unless you scared of big dick Jin)

Word Count: 4,352

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

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Hello! If it's alright (and not too inappropriate) could I request mini scenarios with Kuroo, Tsukishima, and Iwaizumi reacting to their usually lazy and kind of sloppy S/O suddenly dressing up really fancy. Like they got their hair done, put on makeup and cute clothes and things like that? Sorry if this is too much!


Kuroo checked his watch and frowned.

he had been waiting on your for almost an hour now, and the only thing he had to prove you weren’t ditching him was a text from forty-five minutes ago that read; ‘I’ll be there soon!!’.

He severely doubted that sentiment.

“Kuroo! Sorry I’m late!”

Smiling, he turned at the sound of your voice, and when he saw you his heart stopped and his mouth fell open.

You were absolutely gorgeous.

Your normally frizzy and hard-to-handle hair was straightened, and your eyelids glinted with golden eyeliner and pink eyeshadow. Instead of wearing jeans and a sweatshirt like you normally did, they were your comfortable clothes, you instead wore a really cute short and blouse number.

You flushed at his look, avoiding his gaze to stare down at the floor. “i sit too much?” you asked and Kuroo could hardly concentrate because— holy shit were you wearing sparkly lipgloss? “I should change—”

“No!” Kuroo yelled, his voice cracking and you stopped in surprise as he flushed bright red and cough. “N-no, it’s not too much, you look wonderful.” he leant forward to press a kiss to your cheek, not wanting to ruin how wonderful your lips looked with the lipgloss on.

You grinned. “Shall we go to the movie then?” you asked. “I’m in the mood for Wonder Woman!”


He had been listening to the clattering from your bathroom for at least twenty minutes now.

Your mother had ushered him upstairs to sit on the edge of your bed with the promise that you’d be out soon, and yet here Tsukishima was, almost forty minutes later and growing increasingly patient.

Tsukishima stood up and walked to the door, preparing to knock until the door swung open and you were standing in front of him, apologising profusely and looking slightly flustered as well as absolutely stunning.

Your lips were plump with plum matte lipstick, eyes perfectly smokey and your face contoured and highlighted to perfection. The hair that was usually stick straight was curled and fluffy i such a way that Tsukishima was so tempted to reach out and run his fingers through it.
If that wasn’t enough, the outfit you were wearing caused his heart to stop dead; it was a simple number, sleek black trousers and a tightly fitted shirt, and acrylic nails bumped self consciously against your arm.

“You look…” Tsukishima began before he trailed off and leant in close to press a kiss to your lips. “Absolutely amazing.”

You smiled at the kiss. “You really think so?” you asked nervously once he had leant back. “I know it’s not what I usually wear, but I want to look nice to meet your brother…”

“Yes, you look stunning,” he promised you. “Shall we get a move on?”

You grinned and nodded. “Yep! Just need to put on my shoes….”


“I swear you take more time in the bathroom than Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi complained as he knocked on the door, clutching at the towel around his neck. “I need to get my hair stuff!”

“No!” Came your voice from inside. “I’m not done!” There was a pause and then a clatter and a loud call of, “Shit!”

Iwaizumi sighed and decided to lean against the wall next to the door. He tapped his foot impatiently and he was about to knock again when your scowling face greeted his and all the air was knocked out of his lungs.

“Jeeze…” You complained as you hook your head, walking past him. “I wasn’t that long.”

Instead of the usual yoga pants and hoodie you wore when you both normally went out you were now wearing a skirt and knee-highs, with a high fitting t-shirt and his plaid shirt to compliment the look. Your hair, which normally hung around you shoulders, was up in a high ponytail and expertly curled at the ends with the tendrils that escaped your hair.
Your face sported dark eyeshadow and a killer cat-eye, your cheeks glimmering with highlighter and nails shining with a gel clear coat.

“Woah…” Iwaizumi managed. “You look…”

“Great, right?” You grinned, turning back to him with your sneakers in your hands. “I am a person of many talents. Hurry up, I want to get a table at that cafe we were talking about…”

You voice all but drowned out as you turned and bent over to pull on your shoes, Iwaizumi couldn’t help but stare. 

Yes, he agreed. You were a person of many talents.

This was so fun to write! I love these boys and would sell my soul for them in a heartbeat. (my husband Toshi is missing tho?? lmao)

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F A N T A S Y . Z O D I A C
gemini; the pegasus // 21 may - 20 jun

“The Pegasus was an immortal, winged horse in Greek mythology. The horse was placed amongst the stars as a constellation, whose rising marked the arrival of the warmer weather of spring and seasonal rainstorms. Pegasus was represented as a goodhearted, gentle creature who was always eager to help, though at times to their detriment.”

“Flexibility, balance and adaptability are the keywords for the Gemini. They tend to have a duality to their nature, and can sometimes be tough to predict how they will react. They are generous signs with tendencies of being affectionate, and imaginative. Geminians are one of the most supportive signs.“

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Dark Dramatic Plum Lips, Soft Plum Eyes

Did this look last week using an expensive Dior palette but I decided to recreate a pictorial for it using something that’s a bit more accessible AND (more importantly) not limited edition, so more of you can try it!

Dark plum lips are actually flattering for most people and most skintones as long as you stick with the reddish/violet plums. Avoid the brown-plums because those are much trickier to pull off and can just make your face look dull and dirty.

For this soft silky eye look (which complements but won’t overpower that dark glossy lip) you just need the Urban Decay Shadow Box. I’ve marked out the shades used in the image above. 

An optional step is applying cluster lashes. I wanted fluttery fullness but not the darkness and harshness of black mascara and liner. But if you need, just skip it and apply regular mascara. 

For the cheeks, I used a discontinued mauve blush from YSL, but just use any neutral or cool-toned pink blush. Skip the super-shimmery ones. You want your cheeks to be very muted so that it’s not fighting for attention with your lips and eyes.

As for that dark glittery glossy lip, it’s all about layering. I used MAC Fashion Revival and coated it generously with Lime Crime’s Carousel Lip Gloss in Present.

Neither dark lipstick nor dark gloss will be as intense and dramatic on their own. But if you can layer, you get opaque color AND a lacquer like shine. (You can use a dark plum lip liner in place of lipstick too; that lasts longer. But it’s just easier to find a dark plum lipstick for most people. And I’d recommend looking for a matte texture so it doesn’t bleed the way a cream lipstick will once the gloss goes on.)

Just remember to apply concealer or foundation around the rim of your lips to even out the color, and make sure you also conceal any unevenness around your face because dark lipstick tends to emphasize those.