plum grove

soft Japanese words~

[gif by miuroko]

心から ・ こころから ~ from the heart
思い出 ・ おもいで  ~ memories
森 ・もり ~ forest, wood
早春 ・そうしゅん ~ early spring
梅林 ・ばいりん ~ plum grove
親切 ・しんせつ ~ kindness, gentleness
名月 ・ めいげつ ~ harvest moon
月光 ・ げっこう ~ moonlight
夜 ・ よる ~ evening, night
雪降り ・ ゆきふり ~ snowfall
露 ・ つゆ ~ dew
霜 ・ しも ~ frost
毛布 ・ もうふ ~ blanket
詩 ・ し ~ poem


plum blossom under the winter sunlight by Atsuhiko Takagi
Via Flickr:
taken on 2017/3/3. MINOLTA α-507si, AF 85mm 1:1.4 G (D), FUJIFILM SUPERIA X-TRA 400

The signs as landscapes

Aries - A german forest in autumn. The ground is covered in red, orange, and yellow leaves. The air is crisp and cool, and it rains occasionally. When the sun shines through the leaves, stripes of sunlight passes through. From the air, the forest looks like a dotted mess; Dots of different color everywhere. An ideal forest to take a relaxing walk through.

Taurus - A mesa. The mountains are shaped like “tables”, and the ground mainly consists of sand and dry plants. Warm, orange colors are everywhere. At nighttime you can see the Milky Way like a belt, surrounded by millions of stars.

Gemini - Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats. The world’s largest salt desert’s ground turns into a “border between heaven and earth” after it rains. The reason for this is that the ground mirrors the sky when the ground is wet. (Google it, its amazing)

Cancer - A coral reef. Colorful fishes swim amongst the large clusters of coral. The reef radiates of life, with starfish, urchins, jellyfish, and sea horses everywhere. Seaweed and seaflowers covers the ocean floor, and everything is really colorful.

Leo - A large city. It’s constantly crowded with cars and people. Massive skyscrapers dominate the skyline, and at night, the city lights up with thousands of colors.

Virgo - The wilderness of Norway in the winter. The snow falls from the sky lightly. White-grey mountains look dramatic in front of the green/red/blue Aurora Borealis. The whole scene has a surreal and magical feel to it.

Libra - A maldivian beach. Turquoise waves crash against white sand. Long, slender palm trees bends up and towards the sky. On the sand, many small boats lie, ready to be used for fishing. The sun shines down on the water, making it sparkly. The sky is an uniform azure color.

Scorpio - A lush and tranquil jungle. Tall, green trees and dense greenery are everywhere. The jungle gets life from all the colorful birds singing and flying around. A small waterfall with crystalline water flows down into a small pond, surrounded with flowers and hummingbirds. Monkeys jump around in the tallest trees. At night, all the stars are visible.

Sagittarius - A greek village by the coast. Small, white houses sit on a sloped cliff, facing the blue sea. The pace of life is slow here, with a relaxing atmosphere. Charming blue domed churches and small tavernas are normal to see in this part of the world. Olive/plum groves run down to the shore.

Capricorn - A Japanese pagoda by a lake. The red and white pagoda with ornate decorations is reflected off the water, and so are the pink cherry trees. The soft pink petals rustle in the wind, and some fall to the ground. Koi-fish swim peacefully in the lake, while the wind blows softly. Small wooden bridges run over the lakes.

Aquarius - Mountains in Himalaya. Giant snowy mountains tower over the numerous icy hills and glaciers. Home to the highest peaks on the planet, the Himalayas begin in Pakistan stretching across India, Bhutan and Nepal until reaching China in the east. This is a majestic landscape of mountains, deep valleys and glaciers, dominated by Mount Everest/Sagarmatha in the Mahalangur section.

Pisces - A meadow in the summertime. There are patches of gorgeous flowers everywhere. The sky is a cloudless azure blue. Bright songbirds flutter overhead. There is just a slight breeze in the air. Fat bumblebees fly around. The grass is a vivid green, and the trees are dense with leaves/fruit and provide shade. The meadow gradually developes into large hills.

The wintry crisp a crunch beneath
my movings, an echoing incarnation of
my desired breaking of rigid social removing, the
meter to which spins a plum pirouette performance
of hemlock grove. 

The tumult in stillness.

The nature of nature, how it shakes unseen,
the sovereign being sheathing
an indifferent vehemence and nurturing all the same.
The tender murk and silent seism of a
violent violet deliquescence -
a calling sweep and surge, littoral voice akin, to pull
one out of themself. 

Artwork by: Frank Mason

Hemlocks Arden Forest