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There’s one thing that has been annoying me since promo started and it’s this weird thing where mags/journos/who the fuck ever keep saying that we’ll be surprised by this Harry Styles. That he’s presenting someone no one is expecting image wise and sound wise.

And I’m sitting here knee deep in Another Man pics and Fools Gold, Happily and Hey angel playing in the background. Let me tell you. This Harry has always been my Harry. If anyone had taken the time to listen to the last three (3) 1D albums and look at the writing credits, they would feel the same. 

I /know/ they’re most likely talking about how the GP is gonna react to Harry, it just says A LOT about how Sony marketed him while in 1D and how society still views artists that have a teenage majority fanbase. 

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Valentine’s Day, 11:07pm

Time is slipping away as you wait for Bucky to return home from a mission so you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

 This pure, shameless fluffy fluff…no really.

Word Count: 2,322

A/N: I was sitting in a creative meeting today and we were looking at some vintage designs when I spotted something that just screamed for a story.  I can’t tell you what it was here but it’s down below ;)  So for the next hour I tried to discreetly type out on my phone the story that was running through my head while also trying to pay attention to my coworkers. Be warned that this is a quickie and hasn’t been subjected to my usual weeks and weeks of editing, rewriting and obsessing.

It’s 11:00pm in Budapest.

1:00am in Moscow.

5:00pm in the Avengers compound where you are hunched over a screen tracking the quinjet on radar.  

You’ve been silently staring at the display of vintage world clocks in the control room for hours; lulled by the sweep of the second hands as they circle slowly.

Just ten more minutes you tell yourself.  In ten minutes, Bucky will be home.

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#401: “I never realized that Nutcracker was the first movie and that Barbie movies had only been around for 16 years. Two nights ago I watched Nutcracker with my 6-year-old sister and 5-year-old brother. Tonight is Princess and the Pauper, which is my favorite.”

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