September 23rd - At Calton, high in the Weaver Hills, I was surprised to find a tree with a huge crop of ripe plums, so ripe that they were falling off the tree and rotting on the ground, food only for birds and a huge army of wasps.

A taste of one of the purple fruit told me why they were untouched - so tart my face nearly turned inside out.

This was no deterrent to the wasps, however, who were too busy to bother the inquisitive human with the camera.


OP: Haechan do you know Boys Over Flower?
HC: I do….. I really like it
OP: So you know about F4 right? Did you know that people are calling you apart of the F4 of SOPA right now? Along with Mark, Jaemin, and Jeno
HC: Oh wow really??
OP: Noona is going to be Geum Jan Di, would you protect me?
HC: Of course I would /laughs/
OP: You promise?
HC: Yes yes!

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