First post!

Thanks for checking out High & Tight, a blog for all things barber, but mainly as a source of reviews for various barbershop products (British and International) from a UK buyer’s perspective.

I set this blog up solely because every pomade review blog I’ve found always seems to be USA or AUS based, I’m aiming this one mainly at the UK market but I’m pretty sure you’ll find some of the stuff useful no matter where in the world you are.

I’ll be reviewing a few products over the next couple of weeks, some I’ve used for a long time, others I’m totally new to. Keep checking back and feel free to drop me a request if there’s a particular product you wanna see!

Black&White- Hair Dressing Pomade Review

Black&White pomade is one of the oldest around (currently celebrating its 90th anniversary). It is an old school pomade that does what a pomade was originally set out to do, provide a versatile and pliable hold, which is ideal for sculpting and creating texture for an all-day hold. Actors such as Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson have been known to have used this product. 

B&W Pomade provides a firm but pliable long hold control that will mostly last all day. I would give the hold a 6/10. It comes in two jar sizes a smaller one that is 50ml (1.7oz) and a huge tub that is 200ml (6.7oz). This product also comes in lighter formula with people that still want the pomade effect but who have thinner hair. It is best used in styles that are more slick back, neat style e.g the pompadour. This product provides I would say a medium shine that does not look greasy or make the hair look unwashed or dirty. 

The smell is one of my favourites. It is a super clean, soft, nearly baby powder like smell that is very subtle and not overpowering, which nowadays a lot of mens hair products do. Also it washes out of your hair fairly easily with shampoo, unlike a lot of oil pomades tat take days to wash so that is a big plus in terms of the products This was my first pomade and a pomade I have stuck with because it provides the hold and shine I am looking for to get me through the day. Overall I would rate this pomade a 7.5/10.

So if you have any other questions regarding this hair product or anything else hair related feel free to ask! More reviews and hair tutorials to come on my blog and Youtube! Thank you!