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touches & kisses

✩ jb (im jaebum) x got7
✩ bad boy/pierced!au
rated x warning: sexual content–kinkiest scenario i’ve written so far so yeah… if it’s not your cup of hot coco, shoo!
✩ for @letsdofrench / @venjaeance :’)

The reputation your boyfriend held was personified from mere stereotypical advances. From his icy stare to his intimidating demeanor, his studded leather jacket to his ripped skinny jeans, and his revving motorcycle to his silver lip rings; Jaebum was defined as the town’s bad boy from his looks alone. You hated the fact that nearly everyone judged your beau for his appearance and not for the kind hearted man you fell in love with.

Quite truthfully, Jaebum was nothing but sweet and charming and a complete gentleman. A young man who was rough around the edges gave your cookie cutter town something to leer about. Looks didn’t define the charming man who opened doors for you, helped the elderly carry their groceries and volunteered at the animal shelter with you.

Im Jaebum was the definition of the sweetest guy in your eyes.

But those qualities weren’t the only reasons you adored him.

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VG Monsters! Batch 1

This post is divided in multiple pieces to not be too long

Welp.. here are the first three:


Gender ratio: Neutral

Food source: Rich minerals below ground and the rich minerals of Pyusty.

Habitat requirements: It must be below freezing, there also must be water and trees. So the icy cold areas around Lin’s castle are perfect.

Rime are highly territorial beings. Apart from that, they are very intelligent beings as well, being very aware that their lives depend on Lin’s ability to keep the temperature low. That’s why they are not aggressive towards their boss monster and miniboss unless agitated.

Their attacks consist of their four limbs coming together to form a drill, with that, they can rush towards one at an easy 50mph. The tip of their limbs are always sharpened with help of the occasional harsh blizzards’ winds rushing at them.

Drop items: Never melting ice(very rare). Ice shard (common)

Frost Lass/lad

Gender ratio: 87% female 13% male

Habitat: Blizzards and areas much below freezing. Thus in the areas around Lin’s castle.

Food source: Mana, mp and Pyusty

Frost lasses have the appearance of a pretty girl, the Frost lads too, and tend to appear when a character is low on hp. They would invite the character’s party to a cabin, being very hospitable. Whilst secretly draining away their mp and mana as food source. Once full, they will wait till the characters fall asleep, then they’ll restore their hp and leave them be.

Frost lasses rarely attack out of the blue, they’ll attack once attacked. Their attacks consist of seeping away one’s luck, making them very unlucky. Then, the character’s environment would be the enemy, with ice blocks falling out of the blue, losing items and getting lost in a blizzard for example.

Drop items:  Ice shard (common) Unlucky hair band(rare)


Gender ratio: 50/50

Habitats: Generally cold, dark or snowy areas. Usually found in caves and snowy villages/towns

Food source: Anything that is digestible really.

These adorable little monsters are very cute and friendly.. and friendsly. (they can end you without meaning to, see below for details) 

Pyusty are easily carried away by a small breeze.

Pyusty are sweet, literally.

Not much larger than three inches, they are harmless in few numbers. Collecting the frozen particles in the air with their body, they become larger and fluffier. they become. Though no matter how large they become, they’re still light enough for their wings to carry them.

The say “Pyu~ !”

In few numbers, they are harmless. But in large swarms, they will plug your holes  be suffocating, literally. When you inhale they will plug your nose, then when you use your mouth, they will plug it too. You will die the most adorable way… good thing they are preyed upon by other monsters in the area as well as hunted upon for their sweet taste.

Even though Pyusty are heavily hunted, they always come back in large numbers. 

Drop item: Snowflake candy (common)

Video game AU: @blogthegreatrouge

bts// you wanting to try anal play

requested :)


you had been thinking about it for a long time. always loving the thought of it. but you never ssaid anything to jin about it. you didn’t think he was into the sort of stuff. he was pretty vanilla about some things.

but one day, when you came home from work, you were surprised to see jin waiting for you on the couch with a big smirk. he would tell you to sit down beside him as he handed you a small black bag. you would look into the bag, your jaw droppin gas you saw a blue butt plug.

“do you not like it jagi?”

“no i love it, it’s just tha-”

“good. now lets go the bedroom and i’ll please you all night long with it.” 

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he would come to you with the idea, already having the the small butt plug in his hand. since you’ve never tried it before, you would say no to the plug but yes to his fingers. the first time you guys used his finger, you couldn’t lie, it was fucking amazing. 

so, the next time you guys fucked, you let him use the small plug. he smothered the plug down with lube and slowly started to slide it into your ass. it hurt at first, it being slightly bigger than his fingers. but, his praising made you feel some type of comfort. when he started to move it slightly, a moan of pleasure escaped your mouth. letting him and you know that your new thing was anal play.

“jagi you look so good like this.” 

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you came to him with the idea, not sure how he would react. but as soon as the words left your mouth his eyes lit up and a small smirk grew on his face. 

“if that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get baby.” he would say lowly before grabbing your hand and taking you to the bedroom, wanting to try it right away.

since you’ve done it before with your other partners, it wouldn’t really hurt as much. he would lube his cock with layers of the substance before pressign his cock right onto your hole. “this is going to feel sooo good jagi.” was the last thing he said before pushing into you, both of your moans circling into the room simutaniously. 

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rap monster

tbh, it would happen a few times after you guys started to have sex. both of you would soo into the idea. he would use everything on you, his fingers, his cock, butt plugs, vibrators. he loved seeing things in your puckered hole. he would always make sure you were okay though before continuing to haveing the best sex in your life. 

 i think he would even tease you in public. like he would make you wear anal beads when you guys went out to dinner with the boys. he love seeing oyu squirm around in your seat. he would live off the feeling of knowing that you were getting pleasured and no one was even touching you.

“it feels good huh kitten?”

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when you came to him with the idea, he would be slightly embarrassed. he would want to try it on you, and for oyu to try it on him. you loving it when he’s the dom, but also loving it when he’s the sub, you agreed to everything.

the next day, both of you went to the sex shop to pick out your butt plugs. you could see jimin’s hard cock through his jeans as soon as you told him you were going to pick them out. both of you couldn’t wait ot try them out as soon as you got home.  

i think since it would be the first time for both of you, you guys would take it slow, only using your fingers at first. when both of you thought that you were streched enough, you would then use the butt plugs you picked out that day. using them would cause you guys to have the best sex in your entire lifes. after the first few times though, you guys would take the advantage of buying more things and using them all the time. 

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i think he would come to you with the idea. he would have always been turned on of the thought of playing with your puckered hole. when you would agree to anal play, his eyes would imediately fill with lust. he couldn’t wait to pleasure you.

i think he would tease you a lot when guys actually did it. he would also like to see how big of a plug you could fit in your hle so i think he would go out and buy a bigger butt plug every one in a while. you would also love the feeling of having of your holes filled.

“ahh tae, i feel so full.”

“mh, it feels really good doesnt it?”

“ah, it feels so go- good.” 

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i think you would go to him with the idea. he would be a bit confused at first ngl, he is pretty young still so, i don’t think he would have ever done it before. you guys would try it sooner or later though. i think he would only use his fingers or hand on you at first. i don’t see him being into anal that much, but he would still love to do it with you. he would love to pleasure you in anyway. he also loves the sound of your moans. 

after a few months though, i think he would reallllyyy get into it. like he would buy you anal beads, butt plugs, and anything you asked for. he would love seeing a butt plug in your hole. 

“you look so pretty kitten.”

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In A Moment Ch. 7

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Word Count: 1853

Warnings: NSFW 18+, Smut. Unprotected sex (wrap the willy,silly), oral (female receiving), anal plug, threesome (mmf), double penetration (vaginal and anal), swearing, and some fluff.  

A/N: This chapter… I made myself blush. (The italics are memories!)

Prologue - One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six


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Memories were complicated. Sometimes they come to you in fragments. Other times they bombard you out of nowhere.

They take you back to a moment.

You closed the bedroom door behind you and walked over to the bed. You wiped at the tears on your face as fresh ones fell. You looked down at Bucky and Steve and cried even harder. You felt arms wrap around you.

“Shhh… doll, tell us what you remember.” Bucky’s scruff scratched your cheek as he spoke softly.

Steve lifted a corner of the sheet and swiped it across your face, erasing the tear tracks. You stepped back and started at the beginning:

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Drabble Raffle: H+26 - “Lick, kitty”

01 Year Anniversary + Birthday Celebration | Masterpost

H → Jung Hoseok - JHope (BTS) + 26 → “This is so good, please don’t stop…!”

Originally posted by mn-yg

Tags: NSFW / +18 / smut / BDSM: pet-kitty kink / very light spanking / anal play / sex toys: collar, anal plug / begging / cum play / dom!Hoseok + sub!reader / reader’s pov (woman) x idol / reader insert / undefined au
Featuring: Jung Hoseok - JHope (BTS)
Writer: CL
Word count: 862 words
Comments: Requested by @chryskl. Inspired by this post.

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially. The GIF is not mine, credit above. The GIF is not mine, credit above.

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Dan x reader

Request: Anon- O how bout some pet play with my Dan man ;)))))

Warnings: pet play, dirty talk, smut, swearing

throwback to the connor franta collab


You had been behind the camera the entire time. You had to contain your laughter or else they’d have to refilm a bit, but you insisted on wanting to watch the boy’s collab with Connor unfold. They were finishing up and had just pulled out the hat, the puppet and the cat mask.

“This is so kinky.” Connor laughs, followed by Dan and Phil laughing as well.

“Y/n.” Dan says, looking at you and winking, causing the other boys to laugh.

“Shut up, Dan. Of course you’re into that.” You laugh back.

You said it as in a joking manner, but the look he gave you made you realise that he really was into it. The thought made you squirm a bit as the boys began the outro to the video.

“Hey, Dan?” You yell from your guy’s bedroom. He had been sitting in the lounge scrolling through Tumblr while you had been getting ready for what you had planned.

Yesterday, after their collab, you decided you would go to an adultery shop and buy a few things. You had put on the black lace crotch-less lingerie set and a matching choker with a bow and small bell in the center or it. You had already had cat ears pinned into your hair securely, though you can imagine they would fall out under the right… conditions. You had left the tail in a bedside drawer.

“Yes, love?” He yells back.

“Could you come here for a bit?” You ask. You hear footsteps approaching and take your position on the floor. You were sitting in a loose cross-legged position and when Dan walked into the room you looked up at him innocently.

He looked down at you, making eye contact, before taking an unsteady breath.

“What’s this?” He asks. You turn your head a bit to the side and smile a bit, noticing the small tent forming in his jeans.

“That collab you and Phil did with Connor gave me a couple ideas.” You explain. He nods slowly.

“Where’s your tail, kitten?” He asks. You purr and nod your head towards the bedside drawers. He makes his way over to them, opening the top drawer and pulling out a fuzzy black tail plug.

“Kitten, are you sure?” He asks. You nod and crawl to him on all fours.

“Alright. Fuck.” He mumbles under his breath, palming at his crotch a bit. He pats the bed and you get on it, on all fours with your ass facing Dan. He slowly pushes the plug into your small hole, causing you to moan quietly. He removes his shirt before getting on the bed as well and pulling you face to his. You are now in the same position you were in on the floor when Dan came into the room, except now that the plug was in, it was much more pleasurable. You moan a bit louder, grinding your bum into the bed. Dan quickly moves his hands to your hips, pulling you’re ass off of the bed.

“No. If you start being a bad kitty, you will be punished. No words, the only sound that will leave that pretty little mouth of yours will be mews and moans. Understand?” He asks. You nod quickly. He brings his mouth to you and in seconds his tongue is exploring your mouth freely, as if he owns it.

And he does.

He brings you on top of his lap, grinding his clothed crotch into your unclothed one. You moan into the kiss.

“This is what you’ve done to me, and you haven’t even touched me yet. You must be so proud you little cock slut.” He says into your ear, biting your lobe after finishing his statement and grinding harder into you. You mew loudly, the sound causing Dan to moan in a response.

“You’re going to take your Master’s big cock in your mouth, and you’re going to take all of it like the little slut you are, yea?” He asks you, it sounding more like a demand. You nod frantically before moving off his lap and helping his jeans off of his legs. You lick his erection through his boxers before removing those as well to reveal this erection, it springing out. You kitten lick his tip, collecting the drops of precum that covered it. You licked the slit, causing Dan to moan, before sucking on the head. You move your head further down, your mouth full before Dan bucks his hips, causing him to hit the back of your throat. He moans and pushes himself further, his cock going down your throat until you were certain that he could see the outline of him on your throat. You don’t gag, but your eyes water. Your nose touches his happy trail and you know that you’ve taken all of him, pride filling you.

“Fuck, kitten you look so fucking hot right now.” He tells you, moaning afterward.

He pulls your head up before thrusting back into your mouth, his cock going down your throat again. He does this again, a loud, strangled moan escaping his lips before his pulls out and brings you mouth to his.

“Good job, baby.” He mumbles before pressing his lips to yours. He dominates the kiss immediately. You feel his hand going lower and lower until it reaches the spot you nee him most. He pulls away from the kiss and moves down to your neck. He runs a finger up and down your folds.

“Mm. Look at my little kitten. You cunt in soaked and it’s all because of me now, isn’t it?” He asks, thrusting two fingers into you. You moan loudly, mewing after in response to his question. He begins to suck and nip at your neck, leaving reddish purple bruises all over you to mark you as his. His thrusts into you are quick and hard, he adds a third finger and starts rubbing your clit in a circular motion. His second hand reaches for one of your hands, moving it to his throbbing cock, so you begin to stroke him, whilst his hand travels to your ass, pushing your tail further into you. You both moan loudly before he lifts your hips up and places you on top of his erection. You both sigh from satisfaction before you start moving your hips and bouncing on Dan. Dan beings to rub your clit again, causing you to moan out and cum, hard. Dan cums shortly after you, thrusting through both of your orgasms. He pulls you off of him and lays you down, pulling you into his chest.

“We are using this shit more often.” He says, tucking your head into the crook of his neck as you nod in agreement. You both fall asleep in bliss.

anonymous asked:

hi dad, how's life?

My coworker brought us food earlier today, and when she walked in, we were all getting our Heathers soundtrack on instead of working, and without missing a beat, she just said, “Plug up your sing-holes with these spring rolls.”

And for some reason it was just the funniest goddamn thing in the whole wide world to me, to the point where my food was cold by the time I was done ugly laughing.

So, like, things are pretty okay at the moment.

Classified 2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

Being a doctor was everything in your life, you never second guessed the life you lived and the choices you made. But one night with a NDA contract, everything changes when you learn just who is sitting in your ER. This life is all give no take, your job requires all your time, but what happens when the gorgeous blonde you did a patch job on wants to see you again? You can’t say no, he’s good with kids, that smile and those blue eyes should be illegal to use against you when he’s asking to take you out. A social life, a love life, with your life style, with his life style? You’re kidding yourselves right?

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Sea blue eyes

Like waves in the tides of the largest sea, the look I see in your eyes when you say “I’m fine” is vast and shaky.

You let me dive into the deepest corners of your mind, exposing the coves of your fears, and underwater castle of insecurities.

You allow me to swim through the warm waters of your comforting words, and float along with you to an island where we can sit, watching the stars, and talking about anything.

We talk about the coolness of the sand on our feet, the battles we’ve fought and are still in contact with. You tell me a tale of the last who you dared to let venture your inner waters, and how they caused a drought, draining the life from your sea blue eyes.

You told me how, over time, your eyes were still lost of life, until I came around. I plugged the holes in your self doubt and gave you sea life to live for.

You let me swim in the most gorgeous sea blue eyes I have come across, and let me reside on a beach of friendship and belonging with you.

We’ve been shipwrecked, drained, and almost destroyed, but we brought back the life in each other, and that is worth more than any diamond on earth.

You found a guy, hating his life, and let him be swept away by waves of comfort, and allowed him access to dive deeper into your story, and he fell in love with it, with you.

He would’ve been just another outcast life, if it weren’t for the welcoming serenity of your sea blue eyes.

/I wrote this poem for and about my one and only @lovelylangst. I love you BB!/

Armin's Last Night Working in the E.R.

This request, and script, comes from @itsthechickwiththehair. Seriously amazing job with the script, I barely had to edit anything.

Also, this is the first time I’ve really gone into detail with sound effects, so let me know what you think!

Itsthechickwiththehair submitted: Hey Shawn, So I wrote up a little something after you issued out your challenge. I hope you like it. :)


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021. 5SOS Preferences: Play

This is smut. Got a lot of requests for smut. Going to do my life stuff, clean my soul a little, and write another preference. Either something new or I Hate You part 2. 

Enjoy the smut


It was all Michael’s fault. He brought this upon himself.

If he wanted to go out and party all night, that was totally fine, but when he said, twice, that he wouldn’t be late and he wanted to spend time with you, too, that was where he made his fatal mistake. If he dragged his drunk ass back into the master suite at four in the morning having never promised you that he would only stay out at the bar for a little while, you wouldn’t have minded in the slightest. You would have welcomed the sound of keys jiggling in the door, curses leaving his mouth in imperfect lines, and his feet clunking up the stairs. Michael had said that he would not be late though. He kissed you when you said to have fun and told you that he wanted to come home and spend time with you. It was four in the morning now and you hadn’t slept because when it hurt one in the morning, you thought, I’ll give him a half hour more. One thirty arrives and you started to worry as his phone kept going straight to voicemail and your texts weren’t delivering. By the time, it hit two thirty, your mind was on fire. You let yourself think about all the things that you never wanted to happen. He was hit by a car. He was stabbed on the dance floor. He was fucking that twat who had been DMing him pictures of herself in the shower. Your worry subsided by three in the morning and you were on a mission. Your previously washed and moisturized face was done up again and you ran Aragon oil through your hair as you styled it in the bathroom mirror.

Lying under the covers, angry and awake, you stayed still as Michael climbed into bed beside you, clunky in his movements. He checked over you, his face close to yours that you were asleep, and frowned through the darkness when he spotted your eyes dilated.

“I thought you’d be asleep.” He mumbled and laid down beside you, kicking off his jeans and letting them fall of the bed’s edge loudly. Michael unbuttoned his loose plaid shirt and let it join his denim on the floor before turning over and sliding his arm over you. “Mmm. Naked [Y/N], my favorite…” He felt your docile skin under his rough fingers, the curve of your breast all of the comfort he needed. Snuggling close, he pulled you into him and let his fingers glide over your perimeters.

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