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About headaches - if you don't want to use medication, you can try a number of things. Ear plugs can help remove some of the stimulus, as can sunglasses. Try using an ice pack (I like the ones from Dollar Tree that are ice masks and $1, I bought five and just leave them in the freezer). Often I'll put it at the base of my skull (another reason to like the eye masks, they come with straps to hold it in place). Switch between base of skull and temples/forehead or crest of head. Lavender scent--

Help for the headache anon: 

continued: palpablenotion said to askaboutautism:– can help calm a headache/migraine, if you aren’t too smell sensitive (I usually am though). Sipping at your favorite caffeinated pop can help (coffee should probably be avoided, tea can be beneficial I hear but I can’t stomach brewed beverages so I’m not sure). Sometimes “grazing” helps me - I keep a jar of oyster crackers or mini saltines with me at all times. Depending on your headache, sometimes salt can actually help. You can also try physical stimulation. Rub gently at the temples in small quarter sized movements. Carefully pinch the daith in your ear (the very short, central fold parallel to the ground, google it but be aware that many images show piercings as a daith piercing is the new trend in migraine prevention/treatment). It’s a pressure point and can help. Place your fingers where your hairline and neck meet so your finger tips are almost touching and palpitate that muscle. Same with the muscles between that point and the ears.


Fun Fact

Sound Design teacher: *pulls up slide with rates at which someone can get hearing loss from a certain sound*

Sound Design teacher: if you are 50 ft away from jet taking off (130 dB), you’ll start to loose your hearing

oh, and right under it on the chart…

a french horn at 100 dB.

If you sit a few feet away form a horn playing constantly for 3 hours, you’ll also start to loose your hearing.