plug agency

listening to Corinne Bailey Rae and feeling Patater and kids i am too invested in Patater family and this stretch of a ship

Say that Alexei and Kent haven’t gone public with their relationship, because they’ve been pretty busy and they kinda just…forgot about it?? Like they’re pretty happy with each other, keeping their marriage private, and keeping hockey apart from their personal lives for the past couple of years, and yeah, they know they’ll have to get to it eventually since they were seriously thinking of adopting ever since they’d really fallen in love with this little boy who was so quiet when they first met him at the adoption agency, but held on to both Tater and Kent’s legs as he tried to lead them around, showing them his toys and drawings. The first ever sentence he said to Tater was “You’re so tall,” in this awestruck voice. And Kent would never admit to this, but he melts on the inside just watching Tater trying to fit himself into one of those tiny plastic chairs and draw a crooked looking airplane with this little boy. This little boy who would cling to Kent’s neck and say, “Goodbye, Mr. Parson” and call Tater “Mr. Potato.” They are just. So. In love. With this boy.  

So a few months later (they’d been visiting the adoption agency as regularly as they can, whenever their schedules would allow) when Kent goes to Alexei’s games he’s usually in a grey sweatshirt with the hoodie up, blending into the crowd somewhere in the middle. And during intermission, Kent gets a call; it’s from the agency. He plugs in his headphones and scoot past people to try and find a quieter place. Once he’s at the top of the stairs, he pauses, and nearly drops his phone. He runs back down, trying to avoid shoving people and this is not safe but he has to get to Tater–

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