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So like, I have opinions about how shows should structure themselves. Specifically like adventure-y, action-y shows like the Hundo. It’s built upon my years and years and years of watching shit like Buffy, Farscape, Charmed, Roswell, etc. (Micheal Geurin ILY)

This is basically my Grand Plan for when I inevitably am given a CW show. Inevitably. You know I’m for cereal because I’m going full adult capitalization on this bitch. 

Overall Show Structure


First of all, I think a show should know how long it wants to run. There should be an end date in mind rather than letting it just go on forever until it dies in a last, pathetic choke for relevance. Yeah, lookin’ to you SPN. As far as I’m concerned 3, 5, and 7 seasons are the best options for intended length but I think an argument can be made for other choices. 

I’m going to focus on a 5 season structure because it’s the one I think is best from both a story telling and fandom supporting stance. So, lets brush quickly on why I think 3 and 7 seasons are also good options.

3 Season Run

This form of the story is clear, concise and focused. There’s nothing extraneous in a short run like this and I think there’s a lot to be said for clean story telling like this. In a 3 season run season 1 shows us who characters are and what their relationships are; season 2 tests those relationships and asks characters to stretch themselves; season 3 breaks those relationships and the tensions first overcome in season 1 as the tearing points. 

7 Season Run

Telling a story for this long is a big ask. A lot changes in that many seasons and honestly, I think this is the longest possible run before a show loses coherency (crime procedurals can escape this but I think they’re a unique breed). The 7 season show follows the same structure as the 5 season run but the last 2 seasons pull from a dangled bit of information in season 3. This’ll make a little more sense as we dig into my season break down. You’re also almost certainly looking at some pretty big central cast choices by the end of 7 seasons.

5 Season Run

Okay, so my personal favourite, the 5 season run. I think this is the best length for a show of this type, action adventure stories that are ultimately about people. In a 5 season run you build characters, break them down, and let them reform themselves. 5 seasons is enough to really explore the depths of characters with time and focus but not so long that you end up repeating personal stories in clumsy ways.  In broad brush strokes seasons 1 and 2 set up who are characters are and what their relationships will be; season 3 picks away and their sense of self and leaves them at their lowest point in it’s finale; seasons 4 and 5 build them back up, reaffirm who they are and why it is that they’re doing this. 

Season By Season Breakdown 

Season 1

A good first season is a hard one. You need a small, tight story with small, personal stakes. This is where you set up the core of your show (hopefully the central cast that will carry all the way to the end of your run) and tell us who we’re rooting for. We’re given 3 or 4 characters who are going to be at the heart of our show and we need to learn who they are. It’s important that they have interpersonal tension and that by the end of the season they have a stable, working relationship.

This is also when you want to keep the stakes low. No one saves the world in the first season. Where do you go from there? The first season is about personal danger and personal stakes. We shouldn’t even meet the real antagonist this season. Our plucky heroes duke it out with lackies and maybe a lieutenant, a second or third in command. We hear about but never meet the Big Bad. The season ends with the  heroes defeating the small scale. For Buffy that was overcoming a prophecy of her own death. For the Hundo that was repelling an attacking force from their home. Small scale, personal. It shows us who our characters are but doesn’t ask to much of them.

Season 2

All those relationships we set up in season 1 are going to be tested. We’re going to meet the Big Bad who was calling the shots last season and we’re going to take a swing at them. But season 2 also leads directly from season 1, maybe there’s a time jump but it’s short. Maybe there’s a new direction but it is born out of the ashes of the season 1 finale hook.  

Our core group expands, they stretch their wings and test what their relationships do under the stress of higher odds. Season 2 feels pressure on a bigger scale, the core group aren’t the only ones at stake now. Maybe it’s family and friends, or their town. The Big Bad has seen that they really are a threat and is playing for keeps. In a fatal show we should suffer a loss that hurts in the final episodes. There is a victory but it’s not without it’s losses 

Season 3

We get a departure from our first two seasons. Season 3 can take a time jump, it doesn’t have to fall directly on the heels of the second season. But something late in season 1 comes back up. A good way to play this is to take the antagonist from a two episode arch shortly before the conclusion of season 1 and make them a big deal. This is a good time to make the antagonist here someone with whom the Big Bad in the first two seasons had their own tension with. The heroes do this antagonist a favour when they take out the Big Bad but it proves that they’re a force to be reckoned with. 

This is a good season to narrow down, break a couple of those relationships. Swinging at the Big Bad last season cost our heroes something. In season 3 we know that heroes don’t have plot armor, the Good Guys don’t always walk away. The loss of a friend and the knowledge that this probably wont be the last loss weighs heavily on our heroes. They handle it differently and it starts to rupture the fabric of the group. Tension in the season is born of a question of how or if our group will stick together.

This is a good season to have one of our heroes play on the dark side a little. Maybe our new antagonist isn’t totally wrong about the way they view the world. 

The end of this season should see this antagonist dead and our heroes tentatively recommitted to the cause. A Pyrrhic victory at the conclusion of this season can make sure our heroes don’t want those deaths to be in vain. 

Season 4

At some point in first half of the first season a lacky  mentioned some Ultimate Villain that our first Big Bad was afraid of. Yeah, that mother fucker is back in the game. Or heroes are only tentatively recommitted to the cause, they’re as dark as we’ve ever seen them and they’re not all comfortable with the things they’ve done to get here. So season 4 is going to make them earn it. This is a season where they’re asked to prove that they are hero types, to make hard calls, to stretch themselves. 

But we also get victories. Someone they helped in the first or second season comes back as a guest star, is involved in their lives in a positive way because they helped them. This is where we get to see our heroes really commit, really see that they’re a force for good.

At the end of season 4 the Ultimate Villain isn’t defeated but they know what they have to do. They have achieved the first half of defeating this villain, maybe it’s securing a Magic Item, or a certain location, maybe it’s just figuring out who the fuck the villain actually is and what that means. But at the end of season 4 our heroes are poised to take their step at the Ultimate Villain. This is where we have our “I aim to misbehave” speech. Going into the fifth season our heroes are hard, are focused, and are ready to take no prisoners. 

Season 5

We should get a victory march. Season 5 should be an absolutely adoring ode to why we love these characters. It shouldn’t be easy for them, hell no. It should cost. We need one of the core group to die, absolutely. And die senselessly, die because the group make a stupid arrogant call because they’re the Heroes and they forgot what that can cost. Season 5 should pull away the arrogance that they learned in seasons 2, 3 and 4. By the end of season 5 they defeat the Ultimate Villain and walk out on top, but they do it by being the characters we first meet, the best versions of themselves. They have had all their rough edges buffed away by seasons of hardship and then they have the arrogance that winning gave them kicked out by hard, aching losses. But at the end of the finale the surviving cast should be their best selves, alive and well because they were the people that their friends could count on and because their relationships have helped make them the best they can be. 

So. Yeah. Someone give me a show. 


(Peers in from around corner)  Psst!  I heard some of you wanted to know about my book collection!  XD

As you can see I have quite a substantial amount of various fairytale and folklore books that I’ve collected over the years.  (Some of which I’ve had since childhood)  Most of the older looking ones I found in old book stores or antique shops.  And this isn’t even including all the various fairytale retelling novels and original fantasy books I own.  I also added in some of my favorite scary story books in for fun as most of them contain scary stories from around the world.

Personal Recommendations:

The Fantasy Encyclopedia - Judy Allen:  If you get nothing else on this list, get this book!  It has information on just about every fantasy creature and fae you could possibly think of!  Plus the illustrations are just beautiful.

Faeries - Brian Froud:  See above.  Great info and absolutely gorgeous artwork.  Plus, it’s Brian Froud, come on!  XD

Little Red Riding Hood and other Classic French Fairy Tales: You might have heard of some of these already, but there are plenty of great, obscure faiirytales in here that make it well worth the read.  Each story also has some nice little poetry on tacked on the end translated from the original text.

The Barefoot Books:  I positively love these books, because each one if focuses on a different category (pirates, princesses, mythology, brothers and sisters, etc.) and contains stories from all over the world.  The art is also very unique and beautifully stylized.  (There’s even a book about the folktales that inspired Shakespeare’s plays.)

Swedish Folk Tales - Illustrated by John Bauer:  If you like classic tales of trolls, lost princesses, and plucky heroes than you’ll definitely love this book.

Short and Shivery/Ask the Bones:  These are some of my favorite scary story books of all time!  Each book is packed with spooky folklore legends from all over the world.

The Spooky Series - S. E. Schlosser:  Each book is focused on a different U.S state and is separated into traditional ghost stories and supernatural/folklore stories.  I definitely recommend is you dig the southern gothic or the creepy northeastern vibe.

Of Doctors and Role Models
  • Co-worker: I'm still going to watch Dr Who. But it's not my show anymore. It's not the show I grew up with. They want more girls to watch it.
  • Me: Girls already watch it. I watch it.
  • Co-worker: Not many.
  • Me: *??? Cite your sources plzkthx ???*
  • Co-worker: The Doctor was my role model when I was growing up and he can't be that anymore. Now the Doctor's only going to be a role model for girls.
  • Me: ...When I was growing up my role model was Disney's Robin Hood. He was male... And a fox.
  • Co-worker: You wanted to be a fox?! They eat out of bins.
  • Me: *headdesk* Way to miss the point, dude.

yknow, i always wanted to be clara when i was a kid, even despite her rocky start
now, rewatching her first episodes, with her last episodes still in mind, i realize this is still 100% the case

i desperately need a ya dystopian au where bitty is the plucky young hero who’s Beautiful but Unaware of How Beautiful he is and jack is the Brooding, Mysterious Love Interest TM and the smh are their ragtag team of Rebels Who Don’t Need Adults or Real Weapons for this Tidy and Contrived Rebellion. they all have symbolic tattoos for some reason. there might be magic powers involved. the (tiny, weirdly american) world is run by the Chads. 

MBTI types as TV Tropes (one heroic, one villanous)

INTJ Hero: Xanatos Speed Chess

INTJ Villain: The Chessmaster

INTP Hero: Absentminded Professor

INTP Villain: Mad Scientist

ENTJ Hero: Benevolent Boss

ENTJ Villain: Affably Evil

ENTP Hero: Jerk With a Heart of Gold

ENTP Villain: Batman Gambit

INFJ Hero: The Obi-Wan

INFJ Villain: Well Intentioned Extremist

INFP Hero: Cloudcuckoolander

INFP Villain: Freudian Excuse

ENFJ Hero: The Paragon

ENFJ Villain: The Paragon Always Rebels

ENFP: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

ENFP Villain: Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant

ISTJ Hero: Badass Normal

ISTJ Villain: The Dragon

ISTP Hero: Anti Hero

ISTP Villain: Professional Killer

ESTJ Hero: By the Books Cop

ESTJ Villain: Control Freak

ESTP Hero: Proud Warrior Race Guy

ESTP Villain: Blood Knight

ISFJ Hero: Hyper Competent Sidekick

ISFJ Villain: The Brute

ISFP Hero: Black and White Morality

ISFP Villain: The Rival

ESFJ Hero: The Cape

ESFJ Villain: Beware the Superman

ESFP Hero: Plucky Comic Relief

ESFP Villain: Fashion-Victim Villian

Made by @swordchucksyo 

rogue one library au infodump part 2

all these are actual things that have happened at my job (part one)

  • our plucky heroes make the discovery that patrons have been shoving their scraps from the paper cutter into a hole in the desk that’s meant for computer cables
    • there is no trash can under there. in fact there is a rather large cabinet under there
    • upon removing the cabinet, they find the most massive pile of paper scraps. people have apparently been doing this for months. baze just falls to his knees in despair
  • practically having to physically restrain people from sticking their face into the industrial stapler
    • i don’t know why people think that when the stapler’s not working they have to stare directly into its maw while still slamming the top of it to determine if it’s broken
    • sir you’re going to staple your fucking nose just hand us the stapler
  • there’s a decrepit printer behind the desk that they use when they don’t feel like walking the extra 20 feet back to the official staff printer. someone was supposed to take it away for recycling ages ago and never has.
    • baze and bodhi try to print out some hold slips one day and the printer refuses to work for about fifteen minutes, at which point it starts spewing out copies of some random coworker’s resume until it runs out of ink
    • they can’t make it stop
    • they’re both crying with laughter
    • bodhi’s on the ground surrounded by resumes
    • baze goes back to k2 and all he can manage to get out of his mouth is “i think we’re out of toner”
  • support ticket that was supposed to be an RSVP to a library event. instead of specifying what event they were RSVPing to, the patron just wrote “I want to join in the activity”
  • playing pokemon go in the stacks while reshelving books
    • cassian: hey guess what i found
    • bodhi: what
    • cassian: another fUCKING ZUBAT
  • multiple patrons who fill out room reservation forms and under “tech needs” just put “yes”
    • hope you’re happy with a laptop and a projector because unfortunately we cannot read your minds
  • this stellar exchange
    • [laughing, nearly crying] “I left the ‘o’ off of hello”
    • “oh no was it in an email”
    • [laughing harder] “well unfortunately, it was a ticket”
  • I don’t even know who to give that last one to because what made it even funnier was that it was one of the senior librarians who’s basically our mom
    • she’s the sweetest human ever and she accidentally started a response to someone’s support request with “hell,”
    • mon mothma maybe?
Ghoul Wars

At the end of the volume 4 of Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida included this self portrait of him drawing Darth Vader. In one of the Young Jump interviews when asked who his ideal father would be, Ishida responded with ‘Darth Vader’. Why is this relevant? Because Tokyo Ghoul references a lot of classic literature, and if you consider anything that has a profound and lasting effect on a genre of storytelling that is immediately recognizable as a classic, then Star Wars could also qualify under that label. 

If you were to comb through Tokyo Ghoul for Star Wars, or ideas that occur in Star Wars as a motif to be referenced in Tokyo Ghoul you’d find the works actually have a quite a few points in common. Particularly in a few areas.

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The Angel of Narrative Cliche (S12E01 episode coda)

There are some things that just offend Gabriel’s sense of good writing. Torturing Sam once, three times, maybe fifty or so, fine, but by now? That’s just old hat.
Also, he was far more creative than this. Just for the record.

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Since that fateful encounter wherein Spider-Man discovered the plucky anti-hero (emphasis on the anti) Deadpool dealing with the lower levels of a human trafficking ring, that same emphasis-on-the-anti-hero Deadpool has been difficult to find.

Almost impossible to find, in fact.

It’s like he’s gone to ground, burning any connection he might have with people associated with Spider-Man, just to make it difficult for Spider-Man to actually find him. Unfortunately, he’s taken any information on this human trafficking ring with him; while Scott can find evidence that the ring exists, getting anything substantial that he can work with has been just as impossible as finding Deadpool.

But maybe his luck is about to change, because here is a gem waiting for him in an alley as he swings over it.

There’s Deadpool. He has a pizza in one hand, lid open, his masked face in the steam like he’s sniffing it. The other hand has a gun, which he has aimed directly at a terrified guy in a Papa John’s outfit. The guy has money in his hand that he clearly hasn’t felt comfortable putting in his wallet yet.

“Tell your boss he really needs to think about letting you guys put more sausage on these things,” Deadpool is saying, attention apparently on the pizza, “Because this is shameful. This isn’t a meatlovers, this is like a meat-one-night-standers. A meat bump-and-jump. But, uh. Not the point. The pizza was a bonus, not the point. I think you know why I’m really here, Jer-Bear. Do you? You should.”

anonymous asked:

number 9 for the prompt thing. bbrae pretty please

You got it, anon. :)

Prompt #9: “The blood’s just from a nosebleed, don’t worry about it.”

He found her broken.

Beast Boy had been the first to arrive on scene, and truthfully, he hadn’t even anticipated to have been the Titan to actually locate her. If anything, it would have made most sense that their leader, Robin, would have stumbled onto her instead. The fearless Boy Wonder would have known precisely what to do, with his bravery and confidence and unmatched skill set; he was the very definition of a hero. Heck, she’d probably have preferred it to be him, anyways. What good would the goofy changeling be to her in such dire circumstances?

He was probably the last of her choices. He was probably the last of everyone’s choices.

He was the guy nobody took seriously, the comic relief of the gang. He didn’t really have the make to play the role of the plucky hero in any setting.

Yet there he stood, right outside of the confinement of her tiny cell where she was left bound and gagged, her ivory skin marred with the telling blue and purple marks. They stuck out against her glowing pallor, freshly inflicted atrocities telling a story he didn’t think his heart could handle. The moonlight filtered through the metal barred, small window in the corner, and it cast her long shadow against the cold cement of the floor. Sweat gleamed on the taut muscles of her arms and legs, mingling with streaks of crimson that slipped from her open wounds. Her dark, violet hair looked almost black from the moisture clinging to the once soft strands, and it fell forward to obscure most of her face from view. Her black, neoprene suit was tattered and ripped where she’d been attacked, barely covering any of her more modest parts.

Beast Boy gulped at the lump in his throat, and moved forward on shaky legs. He unlocked the heavy gate with the keys from the guard he’d knocked out at the entrance, and the jail cell door swung open with a loud creak. Raven didn’t move; he wasn’t even sure if she was breathing, even after he’d removed the soiled rag from her mouth. That thought terrified him, so he swatted it away from his mind and made to unshackle her wrists instead, focusing on a single task at a time. He would deal with his pesky, negative emotions later, while also wondering why his mouth had grown so parched and his pulse bounded in his neck. He licked his dry lips, and stepped towards her unconscious figure. Very gently, he undid one of her binds, her arm swinging loosely forward with no life.


Her voice croaked to life, hoarse and gravelly, but it was enough to set his heart into a nervous pitter patter. He was overcome with insurmountable joy and giddiness upon realizing that the empath was somehow still alive and recognized him, despite all of the excruciating torture she’d endured until her friends had come to her rescue. Raven had lifted her head, squinting in his direction to get a better look at the green changeling, and he almost wished she hadn’t.

“I’m going to get you out of here, Raven,” he told her with a steely look in his eyes, more determined than ever after gazing upon her bruised and beaten face.

One of her eyes was blackened and swollen shut, and there were streaks of dried blood under her nose and mouth, her lips cracked and cut up from dehydration. A side of her head was matted with crimson fluid, and he tried to think of things that didn’t include how someone had probably smashed it against a wall. A someone that he was going to strangle if he ever caught sight of him again.

He undid her second shackle, and she limped forward into his arms, weak and unsteady. Because of her short stature, she’d practically been suspended in order to reach the mounted, metal chains that had held up her mangled, delicate wrists.

“Easy there, I got you,” he reassured her warmly, catching her fragile body against his chest when she stumbled and fell. Her bare toes were a cyanotic blue from the cold in her cramped, dingy cell.

She clutched at his sleeves with broken, bloodied fingernails, and used what little energy she had to look up into his eyes. He winced at the sight of her, but didn’t dare tear away his gaze, not when he knew that she needed the comforting touch of a friend now more than ever.

“You…c-came,” she whispered, her voice breaking.

Then, as if his very nearness had solidified her safety, Raven mustered up a genuine, warm smile for him, even though her lip cracked and she was bleeding anew from the effort it took.

She then buried her face into his warm chest, clinging to him like her very life depended on it. “Thank you…,” she breathed, repeating the words over and over again like it was some sort of mantra, until her voice gave out.

Beast Boy stroked the back of her hair, his fingers coming through the knotted strands, and hushed her while she visibly shook against him. Dry sobs seemed to be wracking her already exhausted body, and he stayed long enough to let her find comfort with him.  

Only when she was good and ready did he pick her up and carry her out of the nightmare she’d been living.

Before she could pass out, she queried with chattering teeth; “A-are…are you…h-hurt?” She picked at a dried bloodstain on his uniform with weakened fingers, her good eye half lidded as she fought to stay conscious.

“Oh that? The blood’s just from a nosebleed; don’t worry about it,” he lied, not wishing to overburden her with any more concerns.

She was surprisingly light in his arms, and shortly after he’d answered her question, Raven had dozed off with a look of peace gracing her small, pixie-like features.

Maybe Beast Boy hadn’t been meant to be the one to find her like that, and maybe, she’d have reacted much the same way with any other competent team member, had they been the ones to be there. Yet, it had become so pivotal that it had been him after all. That, for once in his life, Beast Boy had gotten the much needed opportunity to play the part of hero, while coming to realize that brawn and leadership weren’t the main qualities such a character had to possess.

To Raven, he’d been exactly what she had needed, and that had been more than enough for him.

  • Me: one of the funniest shit is a mental image where Rick actually honest to fucking god just forgets Morty on some planet for two days
  • Adder: oh god
  • Me: he just goes around the house like "why the shit is Morty avoiding me, what is this bullshit" and gets really annoyed because he's working on something and no matter how much he yells Morty doesn't show up to hand him his tools
  • Adder: "U- ungrateful little turd."
  • Me: and it isn't until Beth asks him if he's seen Morty that he realizes
  • Adder: "Aaw, shit son!"
  • Me: just rides back to the planet and Morty's where he left him, fucking - i don't know, tap-dancing badly for food, eating an alien hot dog or something
  • Adder: "Aaw, JEEZ Rick, I, I, I get that I'm not as much part of your life as you are mine but this is, this is a bit, this is a bit much! Two days, Rick!"
  • Me: "Get in the fucking ship, Morty, I don't g-geuuught all day - and drop that thing it's, it's essentially just a fried penis. Don't eat that, Morty. Don't eat other people's genitalia."
  • Adder: "*sigh* Yes, Rick."

eshnoazot  asked:

Concept: bb!Anakin watches a holonet kids TV show featuring a plucky young hero and his talking droid!sword. Anakin slowly looks at his lightsaber, brimming with all the ideas of the Most Awesomest Lightsaber ever that could (1/2)

(2/2) totally insult his opponents while duelling only to hear a “Anakin no,” from his second cousin twice removed. What a buzzkill. Qui-Gon is v v interested in this idea though. Mom Mace not so much.

Frankly I’m amazed CANON Anakin did not make a droid!lightsaber, I can only assume he would’ve felt bad about putting one in that much peril. 

(meanwhile, bb!Anakin’s new training saber has SO MANY disparaging things to say about Obi-Wan’s hair during their next spar.) 

I think if Undertale were a more traditional RPG, then you’d definitely have Papyrus at the end instead of Sans. By standard RPG tropes, Sans is, like, the worst excuse for a final boss. He doesn’t give a crap. His whole fight is initiated because “i guess i gotta.”

It sounds more like a typical character arc to me to have the final boss be someone who you wronged, someone you expected little of at the beginning now rising to the occasion as a defender. Or, rather, that would probably typically be the player’s story facing the final boss. You’ve become the traditional RPG villain by the end of Undertale, complete with the end goal of destroying worlds. If we think about Genocide Papyrus being your final obstacle, I think it makes sense to paint him as you would the standard hero. Plucky hometown cutie, seeking the glory of heroism, bad guy kills a relative and trashes the hometown, hero has to quest to stop them at the very last possible moment before they achieve godhood and end the world.

Except: he’s not the player in this game. And he doesn’t win.

Sans is a little different because he keeps up with you throughout the entire game, and could’ve acted at any moment to intervene sooner. He’s presented as the lazy one that you should expect little of, but he still makes it clear from the start that he’s not a pushover. I wouldn’t classify him as the same kind of champion.

Genocide Papyrus would be your typical SHOWDOWN, the fight of good vs. evil! Except this time seen from the opposite side.

Sans is just like, continuing to back sass your mom after she’s counted to 3.

I really liked that one, wow.  And that last line is one of my favorite Amethyst moments in the ENTIRE SERIES.  I’m looking forward to where Amethyst goes from here Crack the Whip comes in at my new #7 for Season 3, between Gem Hunt and Too Short to Ride, and my new #24 overall, between Monster Buddies and Nightmare Hospital.

I won’t be doing a stream today.  The real-life American situation is way too stressful right now, and I don’t want people popping into my stream to talk about the election.  (Please don’t bother me about it here, either; I’ve done my part, and I’m going to try to de-stress.)  I’ll try to work one in tomorrow.  In the meantime, the new Minecraft server pledgers are getting whitelisted!  I’ll be sending the rules and IP to you shortly.

Also in the meantime, if you’d like to help me pay my rent and bills, check out my support page!  If you’re starving for more of my stuff, check out this link, which will show you my Youtube, my Twitch, the invite link to our Discord channel, and my TVTropes page!  If you’re absolutely sick of my content and want something else to sink your teeth into, check out my recommended links! I’ll see you all next time for Steven vs Amethyst, in which our plucky hero likely winds up having to beat some sense into our depressed purble.  Thank you all so much for your support :)

whirling in the wind (1/1)

Regina is astride Maleficent, arms at her neck like this is some live-action How To Train Your Dragon and she’s the plucky hero, her eyes sparkling with the energy that had been missing last night and stunningly vibrant like this. Emma hurts and doesn’t know why.

[Swan Queen with some Dragon Queen. Regina goes undercover with the QoD, and Emma meets her every night for a debriefing in the woods- up until the day she disappears.]

read @ AO3

So I’ve already seen people getting pissy that Laura wasn’t more upset about this “break up”, but what that entire sequence says to me is…despite Laura’s obvious and glaring flaws (that the fandom has been chomping at the bit to tear her apart for) she is still that plucky, unlikely hero we all fell in love with at the start

While wanting Carmilla to be her perfect heroic savior could be considered a wholly selfish act, one must remember that Laura is so desperate for a hero because THE CAMPUS needs one. HER FELLOW STUDENTS need help. To me, Laura made it pretty clear she loves Carmilla for other reasons despite her heroics, and this desperate need for Carmilla to just be that again seems to be more about everyone else’s safety than about Laura’s romantic wants

Wanting Carmilla to be the hero again may seem selfish on the surface but I’m choosing to believe that it’s inherently selfless. As is Laura’s quick turn around after Carmilla left. Because regardless of her broken heart and messy love life there are still people out there who need her help. And you can bet Laura Hollis will be damned if she lets her own personal problems get in the way of what the bigger picture has always been

Saving the day