Ok so dance academy au! for voltron not for dance au! From “I bet you look good on the dancefloor” by xShieru ok here we go

  • ok so in middle dance school(idek what they’re called srry fam) keith and lance meet
  • Keith and shiro are brothers
  • lance and keith are actually rivals for best in class
  • then keith and shiro move
  • lance(my poor gay son) is heartbroken but keeps dancing
  • then he goes to The Garrison High School of Dance
  • so it’s high school + dance so 10000x harder
  • hunk, pidge, and lance meet here
  • they are best bros 4 lyfe
  • they get to meet lance’s fam
  • and are honorary brothers/sister(idek pidge is genderfluid so both)
  • pidge is a year younger but so good that she’s graduating w/ hunk + lance
  • when u are graduating the school usually holds a show so you can show spotters/recruiters how good u are
  • CORAN is a recruiter for the world famous dance group Voltron
  • keith shiro and allura are the original three
  • uncle coran gets the garrison trio to join
  • lance is all happy but nervous b/c iTS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE’S DANCE GROUP
  • keith is happy 2
  • lots of flirting btwn klance
  • shallura is a thing
  • hunk and pidge are like klance
  • thEY DO COUPLE DANCES TO PROMISCUOUS GIRL ANd its the ships and everybody loves it
  • keith is smaller than lance
  • lance and keith are equal but they joke about their rivalry
  • lance is the meme king and pidge is meme queen
  • lance loves to speak spanish and dance to hips don’t lie
  • so keith plays the girls part but the two also switch it up depending on how they feel
  • the place they live is an old dance school but they turned it into a house- called the Castle of Lions
  • its called that b/c it looks like a castle but there’s a practice room for everyone with their colored lion
  • everybody does every type of dance
  • lots of mariah carey music, im in love
  • Coran is dance uncle
  • just all around fun pls

Ye fam thats it im in love already pls message me for more headcannons to go along with this, thank good by


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21 omg pls

yes Ma’am :D

21. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

It happens first in 2009, while Phil’s setting up the cameras to film what will be the first Phil Is Not On Fire. The camera turns on, Phil flips the viewfinder, and that’s when he sees it: the gooey eyed, awe-struck look Dan Howell is sending his way.

It’s obvious he’s not used to filming, as his gaze doesn’t drop even as Phil stares into his eyes through the camera lens, but Phil doesn’t say anything when he turns away. He has to hold back a chuckle when Dan immediately drops his gaze, red blooming fresh across his cheeks.

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