Digimon Solo shots!

Some of the best shots from the shoot!!! I love how in character everyone is! Even in the background :)

I am putting some of the digimon up for sell on my Etsy! They are perfect for digimon cosplay!!!

FYI: We had a Mimi, but she was late for the shoot. Typical Princess!

Cosplayers: (please do not delete)
Tai as Me
Izzy is Mo-Sensei Cosplay
Kari is Solo-forever
TK is Tattooed Cosplayer
Bangarang Cosplay members:
Joe is Emily Crossing
Matt is Phil and Sora is Rowen

Photo by M1photo


Finally geared up for sacanime tomorrow~ Gotta get up hella early to catch my bus to school then light rail it the rest of the way there~
And I do suck at making plushies— My custom-made Splash Free Coach Tachibana plushie will be with me and hopefully I’ll take Merharu for Day 2 :^) (I couldn’t find the cream felt at the time orz) if you wanna meet up, I guess this pic will be enough to find me XD

I think its about time for some follower appreciation timez.

Dearest followers,

You make my life/blog complete with your jolly likes and reblogs. Inception is my favorite thing, along with pretty boys and cats because that’s what makes the world go ‘round, my friends, YES. I’m incredibly happy you follow me and enjoy the things that I do. From now on, though, I vow to appreciate each and every one of you that stumbles onto my blog and goes “Hey, this doesn’t suck *follow*”. Because all I wish to do is share some JGL, T-Hard, Cillian, and kittens with you. And also dinosaurs and funny random crap to SPICE IT UP, amirite? SO, in conclusion, LET THE INCEPTION OBSESSION CONTINUE!

Sincerely (with lots of hearts and stuff),

Sade ^_^

p.s. Plushie!Arthur is sitting next to me at the moment, helping me with my AP Gov homework I’m supposed to be doing, and he says hello, along with Plushie!Eames, who resides at Megan’s house. YAAAAAAAY FOR PLUSHIE INCEPTION.

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tmi tuesday! (click the pictures for descriptions)

Anonymous said:

Hey, you said you like Videa Games? What sort of Videa Game stuff do you have, like action figures and shirts? Can we see em?

i got this message a little while ago, and i thought i’d share some of my favourite game clutter. not pictured: the boxes and boxes of games and gaming systems that i don’t use regularly, may other pieces of art i don’t have wall space for, and the stacks of art books and strategy guides that litter my messy-ass bedroom.