mrodofficialThis crazy ride began in 2001 to see the people from all walks of life world wide, especially in China receive us with so much love let’s me know that entering the side door into Hollywood action films is all worth it because we give a voice a stage and a dream machine to the voiceless. I hope we go to China with this franchise soon & thank them properly for their love & support. Mad love to the whole cast & to all the die hard fans Thank you every ticket is a vote for diversity.


“Am I trembling with excitement? Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s not like I’m afraid, but my body has realized before my brain that for the first time, I’m faced with an enemy I might not be able to beat.

drstanakatic: “…at first it’s so amazing to be able to enjoy dreamy afternoon meadows of heather up the other end of the canyon and just by walking less than a halfmile you can suddenly also enjoy wild gloomy sea coast, or if you’re sick of either of these just sit by the creek in a gladey spot and dream over snags—So easy in the woods to daydream and pray to the local spirits and say “Allow me to stay here, I only want peace” and those foggy peaks answer back mutely
Yes.” - Jack Kerouac, Big Sur 🙏🏼 Great thanks to Big Sur. You are a sanctuary. #BigSurMyWay

Как си ми в съня, как излизам в два,
тичам докато спра да дишам
и с въздуха последен аз крещя -
“Ти си минало..не те обичам!”
—  🔝💯👑