incense question

hello my witches!
so i have a bit of a…….. problem…….. with incense.
i am pretty new in my practice (after years of self debate) so please bear with me if my information is off. any and all education is more than welcome!

generally i see incense representing air in everything from spells to rituals, and i love it. my issue though is that every time i use incense, i get a horrendous migraine, to the point of nausea. i have used different brands, different scents, even different shapes. they all do the same thing - cause me unbearable pain. it does not matter the length of time i’m exposed, one minute or one hour, and even having plenty of ventilation doesn’t help.

is there a reason for this? could it be something to do with negative energy, or simply a scientific reason?

and what is another way to represent air that does not involve incense (if i can’t fix this problem)?


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