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Can you make a thread about BTS members with confetti flying around? Can you make a few per member? It's so pretty and the skills of photographer-nims are amazing. Thank you 😄

say no more - Jia 



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Ive been watching the show gypsy on netflix and grangers face claim (at least i think its his face claim?? Sorry if im wrong) is in it and i love it

listen.. idek what show that is but you went ahead and brought up his face claim so i had to go look him up again to make sure he’s still beautiful and..

hey guys, i’m opening my tictail shop!
i’m moving to another country so you can buy my prints only until september 1st! don’t miss out on such a cOoL thing lmao

Как си ми в съня, как излизам в два,
тичам докато спра да дишам
и с въздуха последен аз крещя -
“Ти си минало..не те обичам!”
—  🔝💯👑

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I'm really sorry to bother you on this subject but it's the Underware Discourse™ and I need to get this off my chest. So I'm totally on your side,, they wear at least underwear under their suits, if not also t-shirts and tights or sth because 1) ew? 2) what would Pidge do? WHAT WOULD ALLURA DO??? honestly


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Hello! Pls Pls PLSSS TELL ME JUST HOW MUCH NALU IS THERE IN DRAGON CRY? Are they canon?? Thank u! It's really so awesome that u got to see the movie! Hoping u had lots of fun!!! 😍

i dont know about being canon but its the closest thing possible to cannon xD and thank you i really did have fun ^_^