Guys I’m serious here stop sending those nasty Anon messages this legit upsets me more than the argument

One of my favorite bloggers has been through things like this: drama happens to her, and people send nasty Anon hate to other people in an attempt to “defend” her, and it’s just a huge mess. In fact, it’s happening to her again rn, and it makes me upset.

I’ve been really scared that something like this would happen to me someday and now that it is I literally can barely handle that people who follow me can be such assholes. I can’t believe that some of you guys would do this.

In any case, please stop. This is absolutely unacceptable and creates even more drama. I’m drained enough as it is.

anonymous asked:

OMG dude! McVeigh has a huge fandom on here lolol. THeres some pictures floating around here that would make your heart stop from disgusted shock. All these basic ass white boys who couldn't get any while they were alive got girls wanting they nasty ass dead dicks. At least J was cute to begin with and y'kno not dead LOL

Bruh, i’m not even gonna bother searching for it. Despite the fact that I run a boston bomber account I really hate gore

Yeah, but some of these murderers are ugly as shit so I don’t understand how they have fandoms especially the COlumbine shooters. like ladies pls