okay kids here we go

i have technically been stanning nct since rookies era but there was a slight period where i stopped being so interested in them and the reason was because i was worried that the fandom would turn nasty and hateful, and apparently some people have already begun to do so. i will say this once, we must not be what everyone else expects us to be, we must always be respectful and civilised, i don’t care what the other fandoms are doing, we will not become that fandom. i understand that we all want to protect nct with all our hearts, bc i really do, i really love them, but we will do it respectfully and we will not be delusional and not admit to their mistakes because we will not be that fandom. we will be courteous and considerate, compassionate and cordial, we will not bash or hate, please for the sake of making nct, the actual angels, proud, don’t have us turn into that fandom.


Stop starting on people who don’t ship h2ovanoss because we are supposed to be a community who support the banana bus squad yet you start on fellow bbs blogs that don’t ship this or that. I have had enough because of the drama . Vanoss and the gang would all be ashamed of the drama we are supposed to be nice. so please don’t be nasty your fellow bloggers  these bloggers would agree with me @hajimehaga @bbsconfessions  @ajacksepticeye @evanoss @fongtastic-blog @strawberry-maid @owl-squad @owlbooty @vanoss5ever @vanossislovedeliriousislife @vanossbaeming