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Dance, this is the way they’d love / If they knew how misery loved me


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“there was controversy regarding his qualifications”  ©



Now or Never

 Ship:  Dean x Reader

Rating: Fluff, smut, adorableness from Garth

Inspiration: This Imagine 

A/N: I ACTUALLY DID IT I MADE SMUT I AM NO LONGER A PUSS PUSS /o/ \o. (Thank you all for 200 followers :3)

“This is, uh, lovely,” you said, trying not to regurgitate your breakfast as Garth’s mother in law set down a plate of what you assumed to be…Steak?

You looked to your right and saw Dean had the same expression, except a slightest bit more disgusted. You sniffed the air, the smell of cow heart suffocated you, and the only thing keeping you from bolting out that door was Garth and his Fiancée, giving you that big ol’ adorable smile. You smiled back and took a bite from your food, hoping to mask the utter distaste.

Dean leaned in, and whispered against your ear. “This’ll be the death of me,” you stomped on his foot, which made him grunt and give you a look of surprise. “Don’t be rude,” you harshly whispered.

Garth was right across from Dean, munching on a bloody heart and gave him a little smirk. “What’s so funny, Garth?” You asked, his little smile widened as glanced next to his wife, who in fact also smiled.

“Nothing Y/N, just remembered I gotta get to a few stuff. Errands n’ such.” You looked to Dean, who also seemed oblivious, “Do you need help?” You offered. Garth looked to Dean again, “No, but Dean could.”  

A few uncomfortable glances later and everyone had finished their ‘meal’. You offered to do the dishes, and after a few protests here and there you won, washing blood soaked plates.

“So Dean,” Garth nudged his shoulder and rose an eyebrow


“When are you gonna tell her?”

“Tell her what?”

“You know,” he looked to you then back to Dean. “You got feelings for her, silly.” Dean gave him a look, narrowed eyes, furrowed brows. It was a look that said ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about but I secretly do and I do not want to talk about it’.  

“I do not like her in that way,” he made a grand gesture with his arms to try and emphasise his point. Garth shook his head in disappointment, and gave him a look of sympathy.

“Dean, with your kind of lifestyle, you’re gonna wanna tell her how you feel.” He gave him a pat on the shoulder and a reassuring smile. “Garth sweetheart, could you come here for a second?” Bess called, as Garth was about to leave Dean to his thoughts, he stopped in his tracks. “It’s now or never buddy.”

Hours later Dean and Sam found a motel and booked two rooms, a small one for you and a larger one for the two boys. Of course you only use your room for sleeping, the researching part normally goes down in their room.

“I’m telling you dude, something’s fishy here.” Dean rubbed his scruff in thought, and you had your hands on your temple, making small circles.

“Maybe, but we need solid proof to ice these guys.” You suggested as you stood up and stretched. “I agree with Y/N, we won’t do anything until we see it.” Sam shut his laptop and walked to his bed, making Dean groan “Fine, get some rest then.” You grabbed your own laptop, “Night boys” you waved, walking towards the door and heading to your room.

After showering and getting dressed, you heard a knock on your door.

“Hey Y/N, it’s Dean. Can I come in?” You finished putting on your tank top and leggings as you opened the door. “What’s up?”

“I uh, want to talk to you about something,” he looked flushed, cheeks slightly pink. “Sure, come in.” You closed the door behind him, and watched him circle the room in confusion. “Garth uh, and I talked,” you rose your eyebrow, “And?”

“He uh, said to-”

“Is it about the family?” You asked, walking closer to him in interest.

“No it’s about you, actually,” he gave you this little smile that showed how nervous he was. “What about me?”

He took a deep breath, his chest rising as if he were going to give some big speech. “I-” you crossed your arms, immediately silencing him, “Is this about me disagreeing with you earlier?”

“No, no no, I-” he stopped short and just looked at you. Just looked at how your eyebrows were furrowed and your arms were crossed in anger. He couldn’t say it, couldn’t get the words to come out of his mouth.

“Fuck it.”

He pushed you against the wall and attached his lips to yours, you thought it would be rough and needy, but he kissed you with such care and love that you couldn’t help but kiss him back.

You hands traveled to his hair, silently telling him to go further. “I’ll just show you,” he said as he kissed your neck, possibly leaving marks. His hands made their way to your hips, but before he went any further he pulled away for a moment and looked at you in the eyes, “Stop me if you want to, Y/N. ‘Cause if we continue I won’t be able to stop,” you answered, but not with a yes “Bed.” You murmured, almost instantly he pulled you up and wrapped your legs around his waist, walking toward the bed and gently placing you down.

He kissed you like you were a goddess, as if he and only he could have the privilege of touching you. And when he did touch you, it was like a small fire, igniting sounds of passion from you.

He started with your shirt, pulling it over your head and kissing your chest. You arched your back, wanting more. Obviously he was happy to see that you weren’t wearing a bra. He kissed the valley in between your breast, teasing you, but you couldn’t take it anymore, the sexual tension twig snapped, “Dean, I need you” your moan was low, and so sultry, making him want to take you even more. He chuckled against your earlobe as he traced your still clothed legs, “As much as I want to devour you, sweetheart-” He rolled down your leggings, and went back up to your neck, whispering “I want to cherish every part of you.” He rubbed your clothed core, making you writhe underneath him. “Dean..”

Each moan that escaped your lips, each twitch of your legs or hips made him want to fuck you breathless right there.  But this was all about you, he wanted nothing more than to make you scream his name as waves of pleasure surged through your body.

After what seemed forever, he removed your underwear and ran his fingers up and down your slit. “O-oh my G-God,” you pushed into his fingers, begging for some sort of pressure against your core. He obliged, pushing them in and moving at a pace that wasn’t so slow but not too fast. As his mouth made it’s way to your neck, he curved his fingers, making you go mad. He hit that sweet spot inside of you over and over with each thrust, it would only take him a few more to get you to that glorious high. “M-more,” you stuttered, trying so hard to even form a coherent word.

And there it was, pleasure rushed out of you in sweet and pure bliss. You moaned his name uncontrollably, as if it were the only word you knew. The only word you could even say. He pulled out his fingers, staring at you, and then licked them. It was the most beautifully erotic thing you’ve ever seen.

“What do you want, Y/N?” He said, his voice was

“Enough teasing, Winchester. I want you now.” He grinned at your urgency and quickly started to undress himself, before you could even get a glance at him he was inside of you. “You have no idea how badly I wanted you-” He went started off slowly, kissing your neck, and once he was fully inside, he started to thrust. The stretch made you arch your back even higher, pushing your bare chest to his. “How long I’ve wanted to do this-” his words only added more to your feeling, building you up until you couldn’t go any higher. At this point you didn’t bother to know what he was saying, and what felt like a bubble in your stomach, it started to grow. Bigger and bigger until eventually…


His grunts and moans turned to white noise, and your body shook with pleasure as Dean guided you through your second climax. “Y/N…” he grunted, bringing his hands to your face and giving you one last kiss before he too, came. Once you two were out of your highs, panting heavily and sweat covering the both of you. He fell next to you, bringing you to his chest as he held you in his arms, “I care about you, more than you know.” He murmured against the top of your head. You smiled against his chest and looked up at him, kissing his jawline. Even though he couldn’t, you knew exactly what he was trying to say.

“I love you too, Winchester.”

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m from a foster family, but I really cannot see Brandon and Callie’s romantic relationship going anywhere bc of the family dynamic. Like, I loved them so much in S1 and I think they’ve developed so much in a friendship level/always looking out for eachother, but I can’t see anything going further than that. I REALLY like AJ so far, even tho he’s a bit sketch, and I like the idea of Callie and AJ getting closer and helping fellow foster kids (like w that app and stuff) and just having a lot of common ground to work on. ALSO I am SO hoping for an AJ-Lena storyline where he really views her as like a mentor or someone to look up to and bond with as well.

Another thing that I constantly see brought up by anti-Callie/AJ shippers is the fact that they are just like Callie and Brandon. But (like I said, I’m probs biased bc I’m apart of a foster family) AJ and Callie are not foster siblings. AJ is not being fostered by Lena and Stef legally, he is STAYING with them. Basically like a long-term sleepover until stuff gets sorted. but BRANDON (who I never really got that much into his character tbh) and Callie are LEGAL foster siblings, and soon-to-be adoptive siblings.

yeah, brallie was cute at the beginning, and id love to see them bond more as friends, but a romantic relationship w them would be like me dating my foster brother which is weird as HELL to think about ew omg stop oh god