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Hi! I sorry to bother you with this, but I'm still quite new to this website and there's something I can't understand. What is male privilege? Like I'm a woman in her mid-twenties, so I'm still quite young, but I'm not a teenage girl anymore and I never NEVER experienced any shaming, disrespect or anything about being a woman. I'm working with quite a few men, but they never looked me down. So what? Am I secretly living in Unicorn-town?

hahahahahaah anon you asked the million dollar question


male privilege is tumblr speak for ‘I want to say something unsavory about males so I’ll take out the PRIVILEGE word and throw it around even if I don’t know wtf I’m talking about and assume that issues that are mostly a thing in the US are the same in all parts of the world and we conveniently ignore situation in which that term can be actually applied’.

as in: beats me if I’ve ever seen a popular post about actual male privilege in idk saudi arabia. or pakistan. or places where forty year old guys can legally marry and bed eight year old girls or where you can throw acid in your wife’s face if you think she’s cheating on you. which is, well, actual male privilege in an actual patriarchy-like society, but nah, on tumblr when people blather about male privilege they talk about western societies in which they perceive having a dick makes you more privileged automatically, and the thing is that they don’t know midways. as in, sexism exists and where I come from there’s definitely a lot of it - not necessarily male privilege but italy is still a very sexist country in general - but that doesn’t mean a guy has privilege over me institutionally, which is what tumblr doesn’t get. I mean, if someone hires a dude less qualified than I am just because he’s a dude and I’m not - or decides to fire me rather than him because I’m a woman - I actually have legal grounds to sue them, there is nothing a man can lawfully do that I can’t lawfully do (even if to say one up until the eighties if you killed your wife after finding out she cheated it was called *honor killing* and you got off free… THAT is male privilege), so I can’t say I’m technically treated unequally. and most of what tumblr discourse is, is crap like that - dudes sitting in the metro with their legs slightly opened is not male privilege, but obviously some people make it out to be when it’s the most honestly ridiculous thing on this planet. (just ask someone to close their legs if it bothers you.) guys catcalling you are not showing male privilege, they’re assholes - because you can catcall them back. like, the thing is that there’s a lot of residual sexism in western society and we definitely have to work on it, but right now a dude has more privilege than me just based on that residual sexism, not because the law gives him more privilege than it gives me. (for one, I can vote. women in italy couldn’t vote until 1946. that was male privilege.) and 95% of the tumblr discourse is about things that are issues mainly in the US and which do not apply to the rest of the planet.

tldr: in tumblr speak male privilege is a buzzword that does not mean what people think it means. and you’re not a unicorn, you just come from somewhere without that much latent sexism I suppose ;) I mean I could want to discuss these issues if we were talking about sexism and not supposed *privilege*, but the terms of the tumblr discourse TM are what they are and honestly who even has time or force of will for that.

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