Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

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That kiss definitely tasted of beer and the beautiful acceptance of two people falling slowly in love pls this show is so good

it tasted of beer and martinis and no judgement. it tasted of i’m a little bit scared of this but it doesn’t matter because i want it so badly. it tasted like the feeling of a smile on your mouth over a pool table and a song playing on the juke box that just felt right. it tasted like a little bit of worry and a little bit of thinking too much, but not wanting the night to end for any reason.

it tasted so good and felt like sun warmed skin in the middle of winter. alec’s mouth was soft and it tasted unexpected but at the same time utterly expected. he was warm under magnus’s fingertips, fingers near his ribs sinking into it and it was impossible not to gently chase more of his mouth. it felt like your face is so warm and so is your breath i just want to soak it up, don’t pull away just yet.

night blooms and petals slowly unfurling, blinking eyes open slow to stare up at him and feel him solid under your fingertips. and then magnus heard what that did to him. he heard the thickness of his voice, watched the way the kiss had lowered his eyelids. it was everything he himself was feeling echoed back. the heavy breathing and the chandelier light feeling all too hazy


Egotistical emo kid promises to bind today. Then forgets…

Dating Hae like:
  • it either go two ways tbh 
  • he’d be all fixed up and really nervous to ask you to be his grill and then you’re just like ‘hoe why r u dressed so nicely and why r u sweating so much??' 
  • then he just says it like “Y/N I really like you and dknsksnsowbdibe” and you’re all chill and when he calms down you two talk and boom you’re dating 
  • OR it’d go like 
  • “hey y/n do you wanna see a magic trick?!" 
  • "sure" 
  • "poof you’re now my girlfriend" 
  • "okay DongHyuck" 
  • tbh I see it going both ways -anyways omfg it’d be so fucking fun 
  • he’d tease you a lot how cute -he knows where to stop and he’s actually really soft for you 
  • like he’d always check up on you when he’s out of the country like five minutes later ring ring oh look it’s him again asking if you washed up yet 
  • and the same with him whenever you’re gone you always check on him and ask him how he’s doing and it’s just cUtE 
  • he’s really soft for you like he wants you to be happy all the time and doesn’t want you to be sad ever -but at the same time 
  • "you’re such a bitch y/n" 
  • "I know" 
  • "fuc u" 
  • "thank you Hae" 
  • it’s such a playful relationship 
  • you two are best friends like you do everything together and make fun of each other and just have a lot of fun 
  • "y/n come here I have a secret to tell you" 
  • "What do you want this time" 
  • he leans in real close and then burps into your ear 
  • but it’s all good cause you burp louder 
  • he probably texts you at 3 am just to make fun of something you said before 
  • okay but 
  • imagine accidentally sleeping on his shoulder and him just worrying not knowing what to do but doesn’t move cos he doesn’t want to wake you 
  • and then then he falls asleep after taking pictures to tease you 
  • but the members take pictures of you two and they make fun of you 
  • denies the fact that he likes it, but when you say you won’t do it again he says to do it again lol 
  • he cAnt even beleaf he’s dating you like he’d think you’re an angel and that you own the world or smth 
  • whenever you two fight over dumb shit he’s all like "are we done fighting” and ur just like “ya” and then you’re all good 
  • you two never really fight over anything serious because when one of you guys make a mistake you two own up to it and apologize 
  • like the most serious thing that probably happened was him getting upset you didn’t tell him something first 
  • tbh he just really wants to be number one and wants to be lof by you 
  • like trust is the biggest thing to him and you two would nEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT EACH OTHER 
  • when you visit him when he’s practicing he takes a break and you two sit and he talks about what he did at practice and even though he’s sweating you still get close to him -and then someone would yell “Lee DongHyuck get your ass over here stop making out" 
  • He’d get upset but you’d stay to watch them practice 
  • after he’s done getting clean and you two go out sometimes (more like all the time you visit) and he’s so happy to treat you and you’re like 
  • then he’d say "save your money for our wedding day" 
  • Youd shut up lmao because you’re so embarrassed like who says that y'all only 16 or smth 
  • but you like it 
  • you would scream whenever you two pass by any clothes store and want to buy everything but have no money and you leave before he tries to buy it for you -anyWAY 
  • y'all so soft and nice yet hate each other you kno??? Like it’s so nice to be around him and you think you’re not enough but to him you’re so much more than enough you can look at him and he’d be like ilysm 
  • pls don’t hurt him cos he would never hurt you
instead of “Ask me”, i want you to tell me your story

Tell me about 

  • Why you’re single?
  • How’s your relationship going?
  • What do you dream about at night?
  • The book you’re reading?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Your favorite song?
  • A poem or song lyric that stuck in your head,
  • The cute stranger you saw today
  • Your secret crush
  • What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?
  • Where would you travel if you had a chance?
  • What is your deepest desire?
  • Do you believe in magic?
  • Tell me a ghost story?
  • What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you?
  • What is troubling you at the moment? 
  • Your favorite person?
  • What are you crazy about?
  • What are you excited about?
  • What are your plans for the future? 
  • Anything really.

Flood my ask with messages, i promise to reply to each and everyone.

Okay so imagine

Peridot seeing a couple kissing some place, and she asks Steven what in the stars they’re doing. He explains that they’re kissing, and that it’s a sign of affection. Peridot doesn’t understand that it’s a sign of deep affection, and kisses Steven, and says, “Like that? Is that… is that what humans do?”

And Steven has to explain, all flustered, that it’s for people who are really close, and stuff, and Peri gets really flustered too, denying that she meant anything like that.

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You still believe in Larry right? You're one of my fave larries

of course! i ain’t goin’ anywhere, my friend. it would take a hell of a lot more to break me at this point lmao. and nothing can change what i know to be true, so. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ all we can do is wait for it to play out and send louis our love. in the meantime, i shall be here. blogging about larry and harry and louis. 💞