Just before I start Railen (top) and Rey (bottom) are actually siblings which means Ilya and Eliza are cousins, Early on Railen went adventuring with Irina and her team of Interceptors then later went back to lab work as a biologist, while Rey stuck to life as a Mediator and always stayed a counseling type while sometimes pushing papers for the higher-ups in BLADE. Now, to the kiddies. 

Ilya Welch

“From the moment I walked out into that huge forest and saw the beauty of it all I just knew I had to explore every inch of this world and take in everything it had to offer, there has to be more out there than what’s already been discovered, I know you and Mom are both Interceptors but this just feels right for me…”

Ilya is the son of Railen and Irina, although he was very quiet as a child and this did carry on to adulthood he’d never hesitate to speak up when he knew something and it would always surprise people when he did, he has his fathers compassion, his mothers protective nature and neither of their temper or short wick. 

While helping his father on a simple Interceptor mission before Ilya had joined BLADE he spotted a “cave” near the edge of Primordia he wanted to explore, Ilya pointed at it and Railen just laughed and told him to go ahead, when he reached the exit all he could do was stand in awe at the sight of Noctilum, it’s his favourite place to go and he’s wanted to be a Pathfinder ever since.

Although he’s skilled enough in combat he prefers to hang back as support and assist his team mates, also taking after his mother in that respect.

Eliza Christoph

“I know you and Dad worry about me, and to be fair I am a worry, but I promise I’ll be OK, this is what I want, and it’s because of you and Dad, your work is important and I want to be able to protect people like you, it’s all I know how to do…”

A very hyperactive little girl and an energetic adult, Rey and Phog’s daughter and Ilya’s cousin and best friend Eliza is always a care-free confident person, although she had a perfect aura about her she was never very smart, she barely scraped by in her classes and some would compare her ditsyness to her fathers, but if there was one thing she could do, it was fight. This inspired her to become an Interceptor, she loves her parents more than anything in the world and has great respect for their work, but it was never her strong point so she decided she could contribute to work like theirs by protecting people.

Phog jokes that she takes after her uncle Frye more than him which he adores. Eliza tends to rush in first in a fight and will take anything an enemy has to hit her with and laugh in its face, her somewhat reckless attitude does worry her parents but she assures then she’s OK, and they trust that she knows what she’s doing.


Ilya and Eliza always relied on each other growing up and have remained best friends all their lives, Eliza’s confident attitude made it a lot easier for the shy boy Ilya to make friends with the other kids. They also like to joke about each others height, while Eliza is about as tall as her dad and thus taller than pretty much every girl (and a lot of guys) in NLA, Ilya just managed to out-grow Irina. These two are damn near inseparable. They’re also only a few months apart in age.