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why arent you posting about bts anymore what happened ?just curious

okay so this is just my case and a lot of people can feel different but it wasn’t enjoyable for me to be a part of their fandom for quite some while.. and i was enduring it just cause i still loved them a lot and didn’t want to leave just because of their fandom? but usually when i like something i want to engage with the fandom and just know what’s going on and stuff and i just couldn’t do that with bts… cause 90 percent of bts’s fandom are people with completely different opinions from mine, acting like bts invented every single thing on earth and are just the most original and successful group to have ever existed and i don’t share that opinion…there’s also the fact that before i made my bts youtube channel, i knew there were people like this, but i was able to ignore it.. but ever since i created it, i experienced so many unpleasant situations, people being truly mean and disrespectful.. and i just can’t help it but now everytime i see bts i get actually triggered and imagine all the mean people and all the things they said to me.. what i once loved turned into something completely opposite and i’m just tired of trying to get over it


try no. 2 bc tumblr sucks butt cheeks

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I Too Have a Dream

This morning my son was walking out the door to school and spoke the saddest words I have ever heard him say,

“Mom, I don’t think I will go outside at lunch today because I don’t want that 7th grader to pick on me anymore.”

In this moment I was crippled with helplessness.

This subject is so delicate to touch on.

How do you talk about it?

I want to bring light to this.

Can you teach children how to be tolerant of differences?

Why is the phrase “You’re stupid” even in our vocabulary anymore?

Shouldn’t we replace it with “How can I help you learn?”

We have to teach our children to be accepting of anything they do not understand.

Race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social status.

If you don’t know, ask, not judge.

Break the cycle of bullying.

It is near impossible for the child to tell someone without becoming a bigger target.

“Don’t show weakness” they say.

What is wrong with feeling?

That may be what is wrong with this whole world.

The idea that you can’t open your mind or be vulnerable.

Hold opinions, but not so tight that you won’t listen to others when they disagree.

It is ok to not be the same and still get along.

Isn’t that the dream after all?

We all want to individuals and be accepted.

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Kyogre and Groudon! :D

oh dang this is a long one! this is gonna be hard jkfghnkgfh

Kyogre: Who is your favourite Pokemon of each type?
Groudon: Who is your least favourite Pokemon of each type?

normal: purugly (fav), lickilicky (least fav)
fire is my favorite type so it was hard to pick just one but!!: charmander (fav), pansear (least fav)
fighting: riolu (fav), crabrawler (least fav)
water: poliwag (fav), panpour (least fav)
flying: aerodactyl (fav), mandibuzz (least fav)
grass: ivysaur (fav), pansage (least fav)
poison: stunky (fav), muk (least fav)
electric was also hard bc second fav type: pikachu (fav), galvantula (least fav)
ground: cubone (fav), barboach (least fav)
psychic: azelf (fav), drowzee (least fav)
rock: larvitar (fav), roggenrola (least fav)
ice: alolan sandshrew or cubchoo (fav), avalugg (least fav)
bug: kricketune (fav), buzzwole if that counts (least fav)
dragon: gible and its evo line (fav),  shelgon (least fav)
ghost: girantina (fav), dusclops (least fav)

dark: houndour (fav), pawniard (least fav)

steel: mawile (fav), registeel (least fav)

fairy: togekiss (fav), mr mime i guess (least fav)

sorry !!!!!!

hey everyone


i’ve been pretty dissapeared these last days/weeks, and i feel like i needed to explain myself. i’ve been feeling quite anxious and/or down lately, so i’ve tried to stay a little away from social media (i swear i’ll answer everything when i’m not feeling so bad!! im so sorry!!!! pls dont hate me) aaaand i also have been trying to read a little more (i used to be suuuuch a bookworm and now i just… can’t pick up any book and i’m trying to change that and read again) and try to get my life together. school is pretty stressful too (and well, yea, my main source of anxiety). so that’s my life right now

i’m thinking of starting a bujo (i’ll just stay suuuuper simple to start because i wanna see if it works for me or not) and i’ll try to post more often (maybe not as often as before but i’ll do my best) and be more active here. i’m almost at 2k which is AMAZING and i can’t thank you all enough for that!! :,)

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i just desperately need to talk to someone about tag and jangjun's dancing on weekly idol? that ep with them and weki meki was seriously one of the most enjoyable things i've watched in a long time

YASSS, that episode was really hilarious and  entertaining , i swear im not even being biased at all.  Like so many stuff happened , and I found all of it so fuuuunny that  I literally teared up from laughing so hard lool .  I mean I  was expecting Golcha to do okay on the show but be a little awkward since it is the first show they went too. Im glad that I was  worried for nothing, since the members did extremely well  (exceeding my expectations tbh ).

OKAY , enough of that, JANGJUN , I  expected  him to stand out cause its no secret that he’s hella extra af , but just gotta say  im amazed at how well he danced to weme’s song (cause it looks like he just learned it then ) and his expression was soooooooo priceless, like its so natural and confident (?) lmaaao  his 1:1 battle with yoojung too  was also pretty hilarious .  Id love to see more interaction of these two groups in the future  tbh. TAG on the other hand  omfg boy be doing splits and showing his flexibility too, plus waacking is actually  hard and painful so idk how he can do it so well and fast too. I also love how he was so competitive against lua . 

I really love it and im glad you found it very enjoyable too. please drop by again if you ever just want to talk about golcha  (or yenno dm me ) , cause id love too. 

heyheyhey if im ever annoying (anyone or just u) or if im ever doing something stupid pls tell me bc like i already labour under the impression that everyone hates me and drown in my own insecurity so if u tell me at least i wont have to worry about it and i can try and fix it and yeh pls tell me when i fuck up bc i guaranteed 100% will pls!