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I've hoarded your oblivious!stiles tag, and I just can't get enough of it xD can you update the tag pls with the cherry on top? Without this blog, I probably wouldn't find great sterek fics! Thanks xx

thanks man!

Take A Break by FiccinDylan (1/1 | 11,364 | R)

I was perusing IG and saw this and nearly died.

This was supposed to be some short smut and then it grew and I wrote 11k in a day.


The one where Derek has a problem and Stiles is the solution.

Aka (via lordkirashand in the comments):
Moral of the story: help a cute guy in a bad mood he might let you eat his ass. Lol

Even a lie is a psychic fact by Marishna (1/1 | 1,632 | PG13)

It was nearly the end of his second year living with a psychic who liked to dabble in some witchcraft and a werewolf from a southern Californian werewolf who was baked more often than not.

And Derek, who’d become somewhat of an unofficial fourth roommate.

4 Times Derek Couldn’t Handle Stiles + 1 Time He Had To by Alec_Stilinski_Hale (1/1 | 2,385 | G)

Stiles Stilinski has no idea how hot he became during his first few months in college, finally growing into his lanky limbs.

And Derek.
(I’m shit at summaries soz)

Cupcake by Divinae (1/1 | 2,266 | NR)

Every day Stiles would show up at Erica and Boyd’s bakery for his favorite cupcake.

Chocolate Explosion.

Except the last one was sold one day. Bought by a smoking hot dark-haired man. Any other day, Stiles would had run away from someone so out his league. But that was before they took what was rightfully his.

Turn Yourself Toward Home by fireflystiles (cuddlehazz) (1/1 | 30,06 | R)

Hunter’s took over and four Protected Territories remain to take in Supernaturals. Beacon Hills is one of them. They destroy the Camp holding many Supernaturals, rescuing those inside. Stiles, Derek, and his Betas end up separated from the others taking longer to get home.

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BuckyTony and number 22, pls with cherry on top?

‘Did you just hiss at me?”

“Tony, come on, we’ve really gotta move, we’re gonna be so late for the briefing, Steve’ll have a goddamn aneurism.”

Tony muttered something that was probably rude and snuggled further into Bucky’s chest, nosing open his jacket a little further and burying his face inside for extra warmth.

Bucky sighed and closed his eyes, searching himself to find some semblance of willpower. He was always such a sucker for Tony when he got sleepy, he pretty much couldn’t say no to anything the man asked. 

He was sure Tony knew that, and took utmost advantage.

“I’ll just stand up ‘n’ knock you on your ass,” Bucky muttered sullenly, head dropping until his chin was resting comfortably amongst Tony’s thick hair. 

“Nuh uh,” Tony sing-songed, kissing Bucky’s collarbone and grinning, because of course the asshole knew Bucky was lying. He knew he was in control; a kiss here, and smile there, and Bucky was under his spell. 

Bucky sighed, wrapping his arms tighter around Tony’s waist and snuggling down into the cushions. They’d been lying on the couch for at least an hour now, just watching TV and passing the time. Tony was exhausted and relaxed and pliant, and Bucky would happily stay there with him forever, responsibilities be damned.

But unfortunately, Steve didn’t take quite the same view as he did. And once he got back from the briefing, he’d personally kick Bucky’s ass for ignoring protocol. 

“Nope, sorry doll, I’m not gonna fall for it this time,” Bucky groused, sitting up a little, “come on Tony, I don’t want to face Steve when he’s in a mood-”

Bucky made to move, dislodging Tony in the process- and then froze when he heard Tony breathe sharply through his teeth and flick him across the chest in reprimand.

“Did you… did you just hiss at me?” Bucky asked incredulously.

Tony cracked an eye open, looking sardonically upward at Bucky. “Yes. Now sit down, or I’ll do it again.”

“Oh, the horror,” Bucky said sarcastically- but he stopped trying to wriggle away after that.

One debriefing wouldn’t matter that much, right?

“Sucker,” Tony chuckled a little, eyes slipping shut again as he wrapped his arms tight around Bucky’s waist and smushed his cheek up against Bucky’s chest.

bucky just sighed, and kissed Tony’s hair. “Yeah. I really fuckin’ am.”

Calling Dogblr

Does anybody have dog barking resources? Like how to stop excessive barking? Ciara didn’t bark a lot until after her second heat when she’s literally bonkers. It’s been like since February. We tried rewarding her when she shut up but it didn’t help at all… would really appreciate some ideas or resources

I hope you guys don’t mind me tagging u because you are super cool aaand maybe you have some advice? @doberbutts @crippledhockwalker @doggydayjob @brovgsd and literally anyone who can tell me how to help me get my sanity back

A Shelagh & Trixie friendship in 1963 pls pls pls with a cherry on top

Don’t ask me why I randomly thought about this at 2am and decided to make a post about it because I seriously don’t know (like why am I not asleep? I have class in the morning) but ANYWAY -  if you’re bored, read this and hear me out..

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Well if you can... i will like scenarios of Ren Reiji Natsuki Ittoki Camus Ranmaru and Eichi bumping into her girlfriend s/o who is changeging her clothes pls with a cherry on top ?? <3 Also i loved the last scenario that you made that i asked <3 !

Absolutely, Reader-chan! I honestly wish I got more requests like these, I need to SIN! Enjoy! 

Walking in on their S/O changing

Ren Jinguji

After a long day, Ren took a well deserved hot shower. His s/o wasn’t expected to be home from work for a couple more hours so he did not bother to put clothes on, simply wrapping a towel around his waist as he made his way to their shared bedroom. However, when he entered the room he was greeted by a familiar sight. His s/o, in nothing but her bra and panties, changing in their bedroom. She failed to realize he was watching her until he wrapped his arms around her, causing a shriek to escape her lips. “My lady, you are home early” he whispered in her ear as she tried to desperately cover herself up with the bed sheets in complete embarrassment. Ren obviously has no shame.

Reiji Kotobuki

Reiji thought it would be a great idea to surprise his s/o after getting off work early that day.  He decided he was going to surprise her and take her to a nice dinner. However, as he entered her apartment he failed to see her anywhere. As he wandered the empty apartment he heard singing. He walked closer to the singing coming from the bathroom door, and opened it slowly to only reveal that beautiful singing was coming from his s/o as she was undressing to take a shower. His s/o must has heard the door creak open, because she shrieked as she looked over to him in shock. He immediately covered his eyes with his hands, apologizing as he closed the door quickly.

Natsuki Shinomiya

Today Natsuki and his s/o decided to go shopping. However, his s/o was seeming to take awhile changing into a dress he picked out for her. Worried, he decided to go check on her. As he opened the door,”Are you alright in ther-” but was stopped mid sentence as he was greeted with the sight of his s/o back facing him with just a bra on and (f/c) lace panties. Natsuki, being the innocent babe he is, didn’t pay no mind to her being half naked. “You look so cute!” He said loudly, surprising his s/o as she quickly turned around and slammed the door in her boyfriends face out of embarrassment. 

Otoya Ittoki

Otoya made his way to the bathroom and opened the door without knocking,only to be greeted with the scene before him. His s/o completely naked as she was drying herself off from the water dripping all over her body from long shower she just took. She looked over to the door and immediately blushed and attempted to cover herself with the towel in her hands. “I-I am so sorry! I didn’t see anything, I promise!” Otoya yelled, his face as red as his hair. Immediately closing the door and running down the hall with his hands over his face. 


Camus sighed as he waited for his s/o to get out of the dressing room. He brought his loving girlfriend here to buy a dress for an upcoming fundraiser and she needed a fancy dress to wear. However, she had been in the dressing room entirely too long just to try on a single dress. His impatience getting the best of him, he stood up and immediately made his way to the door and opened it rather abruptly. His eyes widening at what was happening before his. His s/o, in nothing but her undergarments, trying to slip the dress over her wide hips, causing her ass to jiggle from the ongoing struggle. She turned around and shrieked upon seeing the door open. Camus immediately apologized, “ If you needed a bigger size, all you had to do was ask woman.” he said lowly, with a blush on his face and his lower regions tightening slightly. 

Ranmaru Kurosaki

After a long day in the gym, Ranmaru decided to take a hot shower to wash away all the sweat and loosen any tight muscles. When he finished his shower feeling refreshed, he wrapped the towel around his waist and made his way to his bedroom. However, upon entering the bedroom he was surprised to the scene before him. His s/o, let herself into his room and was changing into one of his old band shirts. He stood there mesmerized for a moment with a blush upon his face until a startled squeal escaped his s/o upon the intruder. “tsk, woman! It’s not like I have not seen you naked before!” he sputtered out before leaving the room, blushing even more. 

Eichi Otori

Eichi has always been slightly perverted to his s/o, so when he ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon her changing in her bedroom he took this as the opportunity of a lifetime. “My Angel, do you need help?” He said softly, startling his s/o by the sudden presence in her room. He walked up to her casually with a devious smirk on his face. He gently unclasped her bra and tossed it aside somewhere in the room. He placed a chaste kiss on her lips before he made his move to remove her final article of clothing. 

ok but audrey was with brooke, audrey was in brooke’s room laying on brooke’s bed having a sentimental talk with brooke, getting ready to accompany brooke on a potentially dangerous situation just to make sure brooke is okay and safe. lets just talk about that real quick

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Pretty pls with a cherry on top write about best friend calum returning from tour and kissing you without thinking abt it when u go to pick him up from the airport and then hes like oh shit wait did i just do that??.

u would be so excited to pick up your best friend from the airport!!!!!! you’d been keeping a countdown on your fridge of the days also you’ve been receiving daily snapchats consisting of dorking calum pictures with the countdown “____ days til i see u!!!!!!!” making u smile at each one u open. u would drive down to the airport being super nervous but also super excited to see calum after 5 months. he was the only person who you trusted with everything. he was your home. as he walked out of the doors ur smile grew!!! when calum rounded the corner and he saw u in his gaze he ran as fast as he could towards you, bumping into several other airport attenders. before he reached you, he dropped his suitcase and pulled you into a big hug. you lived for calum’s hugs. he always gave u the best squeeze making you feel safe. you guys were swaying back and forth and in a circle as you two hugged for what felt like hours looking you in the eyes he gave u a quick peck on the lips before giving you another hug. your eyes grew bigger realizing what he just did as you were hugging him. he said “so uh guess we should get a move on got a big day ahead of doing nothing dont we?” and u’d smile still being in shock from a kiss from calum????? and he’d grab his suitcase and start walking with you towards the car, putting it into the trunk before sliding into the passengers seat and you in the drives side with still a look of shock on your face. his jaw would eventually drop. he said “i fucking kissed you didnt i?” and he’d be like “oh my god i dont know what came over me i guess i was just excited im sorry i dont think of u like that” and you’d be laughing and be like “caum its no big deal i dont care i just wasnt expecting it” and he’d be like “wait i mean im not trying to offend you like i’d totally kiss you if you wanted me to kiss you like you’re my best friend and like you’re so pretty i just didn’t” and u would cut him off by cupping his cheeks and planting one on his lips, smiling at him saying “its okay a little kiss once in a while is okay”. 

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Xiumin: …..quadruplets….*the news will never sink in properly*

Luhan: *slaps self cause he thinks he’s dreaming*

Kris: *rolls like a buffalo*

Suho: Oh my…4 at once…*feeling so happy though*

Lay:……….what….?*100% surprised*

Baekhyun: ….are you serious….?

Chenchen:….*nods* I’m impressed….

Chanyeol: WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK??????

D.O:………is this even humanly possible…?

Tao:………………………I can’t even……..*shocked*

Kai: OMG….*completely taken aback*

Sehun: Wait, how the hell did this happen?


Hope you guys liked it ^o^ Thanks for requesting!!

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BUT WHAT ABOUT STEREK FOR THIS PROMPT: derek is accompanying stiles in lamaze class when stiles' water broke and derek is so panicked he only realized he forgets smth when he arrives at the hospital (hint: he forgets stiles bc of course he does) pls w/ cherry on top

*giggles* Okay nonnie, since it’s a Sterek cherry ;)

“I can’t believe you forgot me,” Stiles stares at Derek wide-eyed as he finally gets settled into the swanky supernatural hospital Deaton recommended.

“I mean, I’d find it hilarious if I hadn’t been scared out of my freakin’ mind! We came all the way out here just so I could give birth with doctors who knew what they’re doing and there I was, on a yoga mat, no phone, thinking ‘am going to end up like Bella from Twilight?’ Have you seen that movie, Derek? It scarred me for life and I’ve seen things.”

Derek sighs, and he moves from where he has been nervously standing at the foot of Stiles’ bed to where he can reach him.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, taking Stiles’ hand. “I-I just panicked. I’ve never…I never thought I’d get to do this with anyone, let alone the love of my life and- what? What are you staring at?”

“Nothing,” Stiles smiles, laughing.

“You have that look on your face,” Derek says, narrowing his eyes.

“What look?”

“The look you usually get when I make you dinner,” Derek says, raising an eyebrow mockingly. 

Stiles laughs again, but it’s quickly replaced by a wince as another contraction takes hold of him. Derek wishes more than anything he could take the pain away, but he’s been told it could potentially harm the baby.

He settles, instead, on making Stiles more comfortable, pushing him down on to the bed and running his fingers through his hair. It always comforts Stiles and even now he leans into it despite the pain, humming slightly before wincing again.

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