pls what a cutie

incorrect astro quotes #5
  • Bin: MJ, what do we do?
  • MJ: [frantic] i don't know!!
  • Sanha: you're the oldest!
  • MJ: [frantic screaming] NOT MENTALLY!!


💮 Also, are you seriously still calling me that? I prefer NC.

💮 …But knowing you, you won’t abide to that, right?


J: The box isn’t coming back up. How long do you think we can last?
N: No one’s said that. Let’s not jump into any conclusions.


what if Kuron/the Shiro clone (bc lbr there’s no way that’s the real Shiro) doesn’t actually know he’s an evil clone created by the Galra?? what if it’s some wolf359 alien clone level shit a la captain lovelace and he doesn’t know he’s being used as a weapon against the people he truly and genuinely believes are his friends? what if he thinks he’s the real shiro? and, most importantly, where is THE REAL SHIRO?! WHAT’S HAPPENED TO HIM

Happy Birthday, Shoutarou

! (x)

I always get super uncomfortable when people draw naruto as this uber manly hurly burly GRRRR masculine dude 

cause like have u seen him?

pls don’t forget about this part of him it’s literally the most important thing thank u