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Ok so at the end of the shiratoriwaza v karasuno match Iwa mentions that kageyama's attacks were made possible by tsuki, so Iwa x Tsuki? Iwa may be shorter but he's stronger and ahh I can totally see that work -3- What do you think?


personally i like to think that ever since the karasuno/shiratorizawa match, iwaizumi’s been thinking of tsukishima a Lot, enough that he accidentally gushes abt how great he thinks tsukki is to oikawa one time. oikawa is v surprised, and tries to tease his bff w/ “what, so you have a crush on him now? interesting~”

but iwaizumi paused in whatever he was doing and when oikawa turned back to look at him, his eyes were wide.

“oh my god i hit the nail on the head, didn’t i?”

and then it began: oikawa’s quest to get his best friend a date w/ karasuno’s #11

so oikawa texted the one other person on karasuno whose phone number he has, hinata, and told him to be subtle abt the whole thing. but hinata is hinata and hinata doesn’t know how to be subtle so he sorta just asks tsukki if he wants to go on a date w/ seijou’s ace and tsukki’s like ????????????? wat why him of all ppl

hinata somehow convinces him to say yes and it’s just so excruciatingly awkward when hinata brings tsukki to some nice coffee shop where oikawa and iwaizumi are. oikawa and hinata then proceed to embarrass the hell out of iwa and tsukki and they swear if they go on a second date, no way are these two finding out abt it.

on another note, as a couple i think they’d be rly, rly sweet to each other and protective too like if someone talks shit abt tsukki you can literally feel iwaizumi’s wrath in the air meanwhile if someone insults iwa in earshot of tsukki, he will not show any mercy and virtually cannot be stopped. and they’d play well together too! w/ iwaizumi scoring point after point and tsukki shutting down spike after spike from the other team, they’d be scary to go against!!