pls treat him with care and love

EXO: dating Suho would include

•  so he would’ve had a crush on you for a while but was too afraid to speak up and say anything
•  bc he didn’t really know you that well and he didn’t wanna ruin any possibilities of getting to know you better
•  but working and being around him was becoming kinda awkward bc all he wants to do is impress you
•  so you’d catch on pretty quickly and put 2 and 2 together
•  the other guys TOTALLY being childish around yall bc they know you’ve got a little crush on their mom too
•  it’d take no time for them to set up a little plan to hook yall up
•  which ofc doesn’t work bc Junmyeon ends up shying out of it last second
•  but omg he’d be so sad for standing you up
•  so in the middle of the night-
•  still getting flustered when the members bring you up
•  bc he’s wow like I’m actually blessed to find someone that loves me like that and tbh I don’t wanna jinx it :)
•  but that’s a dang lie bc he’s always talking about how your cute lil hand fits in his
•  and how you press your lips against his neck when you’re sleeping
•  and how you always have a habit of wrapping yourself around him from behind when you’re scared
•  so at this point they don’t even bother bringing you up
•  being kinda shameless around you the longer you’ve been together
•  like trying to make you flustered when he’s walking around your place shirtless and eating an apple
•  being hella romantic and corny when he wants to kiss you
•  like he’ll grab your chin with his forefinger and and give you an Eskimo kiss and then finally pressing his lips against yours
•  he probably wants to grab all over your thighs when making out tbh
•  oml but pull on his hair and he’ll be putty in your hands
•  dad jokes central
•  you can never go a day without hearing him crack up after a joke, even when it didn’t make any sense or when he said it wrong
•  this goes without saying but he’d spoil the heck out of you
•  and going out of his way to show his love
•  having to scold the members when he’s not there bc he actually trusts you to handle them
•  but you’d just end up wreaking havoc when you’re all together
•  and blaming it all on baekhyun yikes
•  but tbh he loves seeing you with them bc he’ll keep thinking of what it’d be like to have children one day
•  him wanting to do cheesy things like dancing and kissing in the rain
•  having lots of playful fights that end up in him tackling you with kisses
•  bc all he wants to do is tease you and he loves how the both of you can act like kids around each other
•  having those lazy days with nothing to do but pressing a kiss on each others lips every now and then
•  and tracing his fingers over your delicate skin
•  bruh he’s so in love
•  pls treat him well and love him and help him take care of those kids bc tbh he’s getting too old 💙

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friends to lovers!au ❁ svt jun



Request: can i request friends to lovers with jun? thank you

I wasn’t sure if you wanted this as a scenario or an au so I did an au instead! If this isn’t what you wanted, I can rewrite it for you as a scenario (jun loses his chill somewhere in this au omg) (:

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  • your mother introduced you to jun while his mother introduced him to you at the age of ten
  • both of you weren’t comfortable with each other at first, it was kind of really awkward
  • neither of you spoke to each other, but jun played the piano for you a lot so he could practice and you wouldn’t be bored being alone
  • the first time you guys had a real conversation was when you both were twelve
  • INCREDIBLE i know, how could u not yet have an actual conversation with someone you’ve known for two years
  • well
  • u both managed to do just that
  • ALSO you know what being 12 years old means
  • a judo club, really. you had no idea what the hell was going on and you just saw a tall man’s naked cHEST oh my god what the fukc can he please put his uniform on PROPERLU
  • junhui’s mother signed him up for wushu
  • which kind of sucks cause like
  • less time hanging out with ur best buddy
  • but it’s okay in the end because now you can use judo for self defense and jun can probably kick someone’s ass
  • going to school together was also really fun
  • you two both rode bikes to school and back
  • the kids in your class thought you two were dating but ?? no ?? have u ever heard of cooties??, gross
  • plus you two are only twelve the kids can chill
  • fast forward to when u two are fourteen years old (rebellious stage as some ppl call it)
  • jun joined the same clubs you did at school even though sometimes those clubs sometimes clashed with his piano and wushu lessons
  • “jun are you sure you want to join informational technology with me?”
  • “UHM yes. i want to learn about computers too, leave me be.”
  • “i’m taking care of the library for volunteer hours. don’t you have piano lessons today?”
  • “there’s a recital tonight. i’d rather hang out with you than play jazz music for gross adults.”
  • jun’s mother came into the library right after that
  • she got pissed when she heard what he said LOL HE’S SCREWED
  • once jun hit puberty he got HELla sassy
  • even u couldnt handle it
  • when you were practicing your judo with jun he got obnoxious and kept talkin g bULLSHIT
  • so u performed an uchi mata on him
  • he was on the floor for seven minutes
  • “keep ur mouth shut little boy”
  • “…u hit me in the balls … . ..”
  • you threw an icepack at him after a few minutes
  • “talk shit. get hit.”
  • his voice changed, wasn’t rlly a surprise to both of u since it wasn’t noticeable at first but it became gradually lower as the weeks flew by
  • he got tall
  • ur both sixteen now and fukc what thef uck jun can u please shrink a little
  • (depending on reader size, difference isn’t much OR IS VERY MUCH)
  • jun quit piano. he was a bit too advanced for his teachers and he got bored; they didn’t give him difficult enough shit to play
  • he still practiced wushu, but didn’t go to those lessons anymore either
  • he did get a job though, good for hi m
  • he took work days on tuesday, wednesday, and saturday so you two still had plenty of time to hang out!!
  • jun was always around you whether you were taking care of the library, putting together a desktop computer in I.T. or practicing your judo
  • you both were stuck together like glue
  • your parents thought you two looked good together
  • . .. u two weren’t sure of ur feelings??
  • like he even tries hard to look good for you even if it’s just you two casually hanging out
  • he styles his hair, picks out the best outfit that you would like and puts on a subtle amount of cologne
  • dude he’s liked you ever since you two became teenagers
  • but since you two are nearly adults, he’s trying to make it really obvious that he’s attracted to you
  • because he knows how you are when a boy likes you
  • you don’t have any idea
  • you just think they’re being nice and you end up being friends with them instead of becoming someone’s girlfriend
  • he liked that about u though
  • cause ur cute and practically innocent to crushes and dating
  • so one day, jun decided to give you a bouquet of flowers
  • “aw, thank you! my mom would love these!”
  • “yA these flowers are for you not you R MOTHER”
  • he grabbed the flowers from you and grumpily stomped inside your house to put them in a vase before going back to where  you stood
  • “i like you, okay? have you really not noticed a thing all these years?”
  • “ ,, . no? ?”
  • jun: internally screaming
  • keeps his cool
  • nevermind
  • “CALM DOWN i like u too gosh ur so annoyin g honestly”
  • “!!?!??as a friend right u like me as a fRIENd you obLIVious sHTI”
  • you didn’t answer him right away and you gave him half an hour to calm down
  • so thats something
  • your mothers are dramatic
  • they both threw a party once they discovered u two were together
  • (so tht is also something)
  • now you two are inseperable
  • your friends seem to always find jun stuck to your side or your back
  • he loves giving you backhugs you’re so comfy
  • when you’re working on something in your bedroom like a project for an extracurricular class, he’s either pressed against your side or you’re on his lap
  • he loves burying his face in the crook of your neck
  • he rlly likes sleeping next to you too because you make him feel warm
  • his kisses are either short and sweet or ,,, dirty
  • jun finds it cute that whenever he goes in for a kiss, you always shyly lean away from him
  • it’s not intentionaL but it happens
  • his arms are almost always around your waist
  • u can’t push him away u just can’t
  • the honeymoon phase weighs heavy on him
  • but as you two get older he gets less affectionate but is still as loving
  • he wouldn’t be as into PDA anymore, he really likes to touch you and kiss you when you’re in private
  • you both are a really dorky couple
  • juN loves you so much
  • he pats your head more often than not
  • doesn’t mind carrying u
  • he thinks ur tiny even though you probably aren’t
  • takes u out on dates that are fun, but relaxing
  • mostly just takes you out to a casual restaurant or a library cafe
  • he loves u and will take care of u pls treat him with love and kindness

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Could I request a Johnny smut. Somewhere in between the lines of forbidden love. How he's a teacher and reader student.

A/N: We’re going to make this college AU just so there’s not illegal minor stuff-

College Professor Johnny right here

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  • Every female student was after him, the young, sharp, and sexy professor, I mean you couldn’t blame them.
  • Your relationship with him started slowly, festering over time.
  • He taught your creative writing class, one that you enjoyed immensely.
  • He always complimented you, asking to see you after class about your work, etc…
  • It was then, your close contact, that you realized how attracted to him you were, turning a bit bashful.
  • He could read you well tho [GET IT? READ LMAO].
  • He totally called you out on it, but admitted he found you cute as well.
  • Everything had to be kept on the DL… When you’d meet, where you’d meet, etc…
  • Eventually, he’d invite you over to his place, so neither of you would have to worry about prying eyes of students or anyone you knew.
  • You’re an adult…. as is he… and he’d kind of convince you to stay the night.
  • You’d do cute things like playing cards and he’d admit you make him feel like a teenager again.
  • There was a wager with the cards tho- if you won you’d get whatever you wanted, if he did he’d get whatever he wanted.
  • Being the gentleman he is, he let you win, putting your wishes first.
  • You think you’d be ready to be more intimate, but you’d be so embarrassed by telling him that.
  • He’d understand you though and badabing.
  • Shit, I mean who knew a professor had time to work out am I right?
  • Whether it was your first time or not, he’d be very careful and gentle, treating the experience as love-making rather than fucking.
  • He’d be pretty vocal, mostly burying his face in the crook of your neck heaving loud pants and muffled groans.
  • — 
  • Later on tho there would be trouble…
  • When your friends repeatedly try to set you up and you use the excuse you have a bf and they want to meet him…
  • And if things were to get more serious with Johnny how you would tell your parents and everyone without getting him in trouble or fired.
[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (JH/JS/WZ)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the performance team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!

A/N: WHOO! And that wraps the Vocal Team up! We really tried our hardest to make each of them unique in their own way, so we hope you like them!


-Scooped ✌️
-junnie :> 


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I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girl’s heart.

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I like, reallyreallyreally need innocent Jack head-canons pls

-loves being held. Bridal style, arm around the waist, arm around shoulders, you name it. He also likes sitting in his lover’s lap, keeping snuggled close to them.

-loves being touched in general. Massages are so soothing to him, and he also loves getting his hair stroked.

-definitely doesn’t like rough sex. He likes it slow, soft, loving, and caring. Quick and hard just isn’t his thing.

-even if it’s slow, he tends to get fairly loud in bed.

-secretly loves getting playfully teased. Name-calling and manhandling is NOT his thing though. He wants to be treated with care and genuine love.

-gives the best and sweetest kisses. He also tends to smile widely while kissing.

i had a nice, long answer to this ready and then tumblr deleted it and i still have a 5+1 fic request sitting in my inbox and T^T i’m sorry i’m kind of slow at answering these lately and writing is hard lately so pls be patient with me. ;___;

warning for me rambling about jikook sex and nsfw things as always

ANYWAY YES i love headcanons about their first time because my general jikook headcanon is that jungkook is shy but jimin is persistent. and this leads to jimin wanting to be careful with jungkook and treat him very nicely and be patient with him, because he thinks jungkook is scared or shy or w/e.

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@omgcp fandom

as someone with very bad anxiety i have a problem w/ something i feel i’m seeing with fan content.

ok. jack zimmermann almost died because of a drug overdose that was a direct result of his anxiety disorder. this event still haunts him, it almost ended his hockey career (and i repeat, almost ended his life!!!!!), and he still (obviously) deals with anxiety to this day. but this isn’t me saying oh uwu protect jack zimmermann uwu

i’m saying that jack’s mental illness portrayed very seriously in how debilitating and deadly anxiety can be. i feel like some fans are not getting this 

how do i say this…. some of y’all are exploiting anxiety disorder like it’s some hurt/comfort trope tag straight out of 2008 the annoying headcanon posts or w/e that treat jack like some poor adorable anxious puppy who can be fixed with cuddles, kisses, and reassurances that eric loves him and pie-baking and uwu ass bullshit need to stop. it downplays how severe and debilitating anxiety can be and it’s just annoying as hell.

don’t get me wrong, pls keep writing about jack and his anxiety, but please, if you don’t have anxiety, be careful and do research so as not to spread false information as what anxiety really is; a very much real and serious mental illness. remember, anxiety disorder is is a not a trope or plot device for neurotypical people or people without anxiety disorder to exploit for fanfiction or fanmade content.

  • tumblr: girls don't want boys girls want [insert random thing here]!!
  • tumblr: don't pay attention to boys!!
  • tumblr: no boy is worth risking your dreams!!
  • mylene cruz: *puts her needs before a relationship with zeke while still treating him like a friend and caring for him*
  • tumblr: i just dislike mylene she's so mean and heartless and she manipulates zeke :/
  • shaolin fantastic, minute one: if i ever see you again i will take your firstborn and sacrifice them to grand master flash
  • shaolin fantastic, minute two: zeke pay attention to me bros before hoes wait a minute we need her song pls get it for me
  • tumblr: shaolin!!! is!!! zeke's!!! bff!!!

The way lay holds the girl’s hand tho. I am not jealous bec. She got the chance to hold hands with lay.i’m more into feeling happy because somehow we can see how lay treat girls and how lucky his future girlfriend and wife could be. Don’t get me wrong but idols have life and someday lay will have that “life” too and in that is the lucky girl he will protect for the rest of his life.

To the future girl who’ll own lay’s heart, mind, body and soul.

Pls take care of him as much as we have taken care of him and you are one lucky girl.

photo© to owner.

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Plz be sad about Ian Gallagher with me. People like to paint him as snarky and sexual and caring et al, but he's probably crumbling inside every damn day. Bc his problems never get priority in his family, and he's supposed to be old enough to handle himself, and no one ever really sees him, and he just feels so desperately unimportant all the time and he starts to believe that he's as worthless as people make him feel. Oh god my heart hurts.

lmfao what does this mean “please be sad with me” like it’s a question? i’m always sad about ian gallagher?

even if you don’t agree with my stubborn dismissal of post-411, the fandom has a bad habit of demonizing ian gallagher. you can’t make an appreciation post without “but _____!” being added, and apparently (i wasn’t in the fandom then) the same was said of mickey pre-s4, as though you can’t like both at the same time. ridiculous! ian has his faults, but they’re human faults. they don’t mean he’s a bad person. he’s just a person. complicated, hurting, multi-faceted. (my least favorite is the “he gives ultimatums!” thing. ooh, i hate when someone wants their boyfriend to show they care instead of tacitly accepting being pushed away repeatedly. ugh.)

  • ian is selfless and selfish. yes, both simultaneously. he gives everything for a family that Middle Child Syndrome’s the shit out of him. he’s constantly pushed aside and dismissed because he’s quiet, and private, so nobody pushes because there’s always someone louder/in more immediate need/more overtly pained. the squeaky wheel gets the oil, as they say. and ian gives and gives and gives, for nothing. - on the other side of that, he’s selfish. when he wants something, he takes it if he can, and damn the consequences. he doesn’t ask for help, he doesn’t ask for advice, he just wants and therefore has to have. he’ll give you everything, but he’s taking everything, too.
  • ian’s confidence is half bravado. he knows what he’s good at and owns it, but what he doesn’t know, or can’t do, he just blusters through until it’s over or he gets caught. that includes relationships, and things suddenly veering off course when he thought he was getting his way but he ended up not (see: season 3). he knows his body is good and the sex is good but the rest of it? the confidence in himself, in his intelligence, in his character? faking it, faking it, faking it.
  • ian deserves mickey. the problem with them has never been that one doesn’t deserve the other, despite people framing that as the problem. consistently. they’re both scared and hurt and desperate and wanting, and they act & react differently, and that’s all okay. they’re human. they’re in love. jesus christ, it’s okay. who the fuck decides if two people “deserve” each other anyway? ian loves mickey and mickey loves ian - naturally, wholly, with everything they’ve got - so they should be together, jeez. i don’t care if you like one character more than another. stop discrediting ian because you think mickey’s a precious angel or something. they’re both trash, get over it.

basically, people warp ian’s flaws into huge animalistic vicious evil qualities, and they’re not. he pushes, he gives ultimatums, he pushes away/lashes out, he’s cruel mean unreasonable bad. he wants because he loves, he needs validation that that love isn’t misplaced, he tries (sometimes poorly!) to protect people he cares for (sometimes, wrongly, from himself), he’s scared giving loving emotionally-driven trying.

he doesn’t always do the right thing, because he’s fucking human. good god, leave ian gallagher alone.