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I’ll see you tomorrow

I’m not sure why I feel that need to post what I have been writing lately but here I am with another drabble that I wrote in resonse to phansexual-neko prompt.

Summary: basically the prompt

Warnings: a bit angsty

Dan was seven and looking had the words stamped on his wrist. He didn’t know what they meant but he knew they made him sad. When he asked his mom she said they meant remember happy times and thinking of sad ending. Not that her words helped. He nodded his head and pretended to know what that meant.

 Dan was twelve and was mesmerized by the phrase on his wrist. He now knew why they were supposed to make him sad. He would only know who his soulmate was after their time was through. He didn’t believe in soulmates though so he still wasn’t sure why the words made him ache. How could he believe in soulmates when he wouldn’t know who they were till they were dead?

 Phil was 22 and everything Dan had ever wanted in a best friend. He knew that the words on Phil’s hip made him sad like the words on his own wrist made himself sad. The difference was that Phil knew why they made him sad. He believed in soulmates. He knew that the word “goodbye” written on his hip really did mean goodbye. Goodbye to the person he was meant to spend his life with.

 Dan was 22 and still didn’t believe in soulmates, but he did believe in love. What else could the way his heart leapt and stomach turning mean. He was in love and he wanted it to stop. How could he love his best friend? The one who wouldn’t let him say goodbye. It was always “see you tomorrow”. Why did those words make him sad? Why did the 28 year old man child make him remember the best and dread the worst.

 Dan was 23 and he hated the words on his wrist. They were mocking him. Dan was all alone in the flat he had shared with his best friend crying. That’s not true, he was balling. It was his fault, he had to tell his best friend goodbye. What had Phil responded with? He had said the words that had made him sad when he was seven. He had mumbled “Ill see you tomorrow”. Dan now knew why they mad him sad. They meant a promise that couldn’t be kept. How could Phil keep his promise in a casket? But after all that Dan still didn’t know what his mom had meant.

 Dan was 28, the same age as Phil when he had died. He knew what his mom meant now that it had been five years. Dan saw his best friends name on his grave stone and remembered the good times. But he also thought of the sad ending. Dan now believed in soulmates. What else could his best friend have be. You’re supposed to love your soulmate forever and Dan would. He still loved Phil even after he had broken his promise.

I don’t really like this but maybe you will. I really wish I could get myself to write longer stories.

Shiro Headcanon

So this might be a little long but I have to say something

Do you know what waardenburg syndrome is? (tell me if I spelled that wrong)

If you don’t, it’s a genetic mutation that can effect all types of things, from face width, to eye color, to hair growing in white in some places.

You see where I’m going with this.

I believe Shiro has Waardenburg Syndrome! And I honestly thing that’s awesome :O

Hang on I shall include some pictures of kids whom have the white hair thing

(Got these from googling, if you know the source pls tell me)

But look at those kiddos! They have the white hair like Shiro!!

Now some might say “well it’s a genetic not a disease so you can’t develop it over time so why do Shiro’s old pics + first so Shiro have all brown hair?”

That brings me to the second part of my headcanon, Shiro dyed his hair cause he was teased for it. (I’d like to think even the strongest of heroines can have insecurities)

And when he got kidnapped by aliens whom don’t have hair dye he had to let his hair grow naturally and is managing to accept his cute lil tuff ^-^

vanitazz  asked:

Pls write a second part from the secret <3<3<3 I love it

Title: The Secret Part two
Author: Admin RCN
Chapter no/One Shot: Chapter two.       Read chapter one
Original imagine: (x)
Character: Pietro x Reader
Notes/Warnings: Sorry it took so long. We get so many requests and try to write them oldest to newest :3 Sorry about the spelling BTW. it’s not telling me if something is spelt wrong and I am terrible with spelling aha

Pietro sat in his chair awkwardly. He kept taking out the engagment ring box and putting it somewhere else. He thought about putting it in the champagne but that would be too cliche. He thought maybe just getting down on one knee at the end but that would be boring. Maybe put it in the cake at the end? But what if you don’t want that specific cake? He was about to get it out of his inside suit pocket once again to try another idea but just before he did, you turned. He quickly stood up and walked around the table to pull out the chair for you.

“Hi! Don’t you look handsome.” You smiled, sitting down and thanking him. You looked around the restaurant and all the happy couples doing things like feeding each other and linking their arms as they drink their wine. It physically made you cringe. “It’s really sweet for you to bring me to the most romantic and expensive place in New York, but the amount of cringe in this one room is astounding.” Pietro chuckled and looked around too. Your hatred for soppy romantic things was one of the many, many things he loved you for since he hated them too.

“I wish you let me pick you up tonight instead of meeting you here.” He said, reaching across the table and held you hand. You gave him a smile before answering

“I don’t mind making my own way here, Pietro. Besides, I had get ready at work anyway because I only finished about an hour ago.” Pietro didn’t seem convinced so you changed the subject. “So, what’s happening in the life of my favourite man”


“I do wish you let me pay for at least some of the dinner, Pietro.” You said in mock sadness as you walked around the park arm in arm. You felt his body vibrate as he chuckled and once again, denied your request.

“If I let you pay what sort of gentleman would I be?” He continued to lead you through the park and, even though you had never been here before and it was now well past 10Pm, you felt perfectly safe with him next to you.

“Where are we going?” You asked when you realised he wasn’t just casually walking but was actually leading you something. He pointed up ahead where you could see a dimly lit, large pond with a cute little bench with a black lamp post lighting up the little seating area.

“This is so adorable!” You squealed, letting go of Pietro’s arm and walking as fast as your heels would allow towards the bench. You loved places like this.

Night time was your favourite time of the ‘day’. And the fact you could hear the slight waves bumping into each others and the wind rushing through the tree branches made it even more perfect to you. You took a deep breath of the cold, winter air before sitting down. You were too busy watching the dimly light water to notice Pietro standing behind you until you felt something warm being hung from your shoulders.

“I don’t want you to get cold.” He said, answering the look you gave him. You wre about to protest and say he’ll get cold but you knew there was no point in arguing with Pietro over silly little things like this.

“There is actually a reason why I bought you here today Y/N….” You looked at your boyfriend and knitted your eye-brows together. He sounded nervous. He never sounded nervous.

“Oh my Gosh!” You breathed as Pietro got down on one knee. You had a feeling that he was going to propose tonight when he asked you to go on this date with him. But actually seeing him on one knee? Nothing could prepare you for that.

“Y/full/N, will you do me the honour of being Mrs Maximoff?” He opened the small box and finally revealed the same ring he and Wanda had picked the previous night. He looked up at you hopefully, a slight gleam in his eye as he watched the smile on your face continue to grow.

“Yes.” You said. You didn’t want to say too much because you were scared if you did, you would cry. That would be far too cliche for your taste. He slipped the ring onto your finger and stood up. You stood up too and before you could do anything else, his hands were on your cheeks and he pulled you in for a loving and slow kiss.

“Mrs Y/N Maximoff.” You said once the kiss ended. “I like it.”