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Imagine RedK Kara but Lena responded nonchalantly like "ikr I hate myself too" "Um yeah I gets that all the time" "yeah I notice that too but thanks for telling me" "Kara im sorry for eating your last potsticker that day if that make you so angry rn... wait you didn't know? shit..." "Kara can u pls tone down a little i cant concentrate on my works" and Kara was like wtf and left in confusion

YES! And finally Kara just gives up and collapses on Lena’s sofa like it’s a shrink couch.

“You know im kind of going through a moral crisis right now, so if you could actually notice, that would be great.”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, these reports have got me swamped, maybe we can talk about it later.”

Lena doesn’t even look up and Kara is so annoyed!

“I always thought being a super villain would be easy, but own girlfriend won’t pay attention to me. How am I supposed to instill fear if people don’t even notice I’m evil?!”

“You know i love it when you get kinky, but please, sweetheart, it’s tax season.”

Kara sighs.

“Fine. I’m calling Alex so she can reverse this. Being evil is for the birds.”

And Lena just smiles as Kara flies out, because her and Alex’s plan worked.

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do you think they will use their current rings if/when exchanging vowels? and if there are vowels do you think they'll say their own?

I hope they’re gonna use their engagement rings as wedding rings coz seriously ROBERT GOT BACK INTO THAT LAKE TO GET AARONS RING haha so yeessss pls I would love that!!! Yes I think they’re gonnasay their own vowels I mean they have to right? I wanna hear Aaron say how much he loves Robert and how Robert saved him and I want Robert to tell Aaron that he’s enough that he’s all he wants forever hjladjksajkl now I made myself cry *sobbing*

Ask me stuff I need distraction!!!

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Amelia!!! Hi!!! Okay so malec has fucked me up. They were so cute this last episode??? Mr. Magnus "I'm not going anywhere" bane and mr Alec "how do you know when it's the right time" lightwood! Like they scenes were so great??? For once Magnus feels all special and loved and I'm shook? Are there any other characters you love? I have a soft spot for Simon and Maia together. And unpopular opinion alert: I love clary fray. 😬😬😬😬😬(pls don't disown me)

They were the cutest! I love that we got to witness both Magnus’ and Alec’s insecurities. Magnus is so scared of finding someone special again, he can tell that he is already falling for Alec (at least, imo) and he is afraid of it. Alec was insecure about his own innocence, afraid that Magnus would think he was immature or different because he hasn’t been with anyone before. I think that both of them portrayed their insecurities really well, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!! :D 

My absolute favourite character is Magnus. No doubt. Harry plays him with such grace and intelligence, and I love love love Magnus Bane. Isabelle is amazing, smart, and I love her ease with who she is - that shit is inspiring.
I have a soft spot for Jace, and Luke… Luke is just so pure and good and kind?! Jace has been through so much and has only known pain for most of his life, so I just want to hug him. (There are too many good characters and this is getting too long!!)

I would never disown you lovely :D <3 Clary (at least in the show) is such a cutie, I wouldn’t blame anyone for loving her ^_^ 

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(Same anon;;;) idk I honestly haven't looked at your blog that throughly yet but that's actually mostly the vibes I've gotten from studying your art (I also hope you're not offened by some of my replies) pls tell me which ones I got right and which ones I got wrong~

OOOH this one was really interesting, cuz u actually tried to guess stuff!!
(they sent it by part)
First name: Dan (my first name is actually Dania, but I dont lean towards my female side a lot so I prefer Dan) ✔
Nickname: (In my head I either call you Dan or Danny boi tbh) 
Age: I’d think from somewhere between 20-24? (I’m 21! so ✔)
Gender: I’ve always thought in my head that you were FtM? So male. (I’m actually genderfluid! but I lean towards the male side a lot more) 
Sexual Orientation: idk, I’ve always gotten a kinda bi or “leaning towards females” kinda vibe from you?? I also kinda pegged you as ace? (maybe if I searched and studied your blog beforehand I’d know more of these but that’s less fun–)  I’m Panromantic actually and u can see me be lovestruck towards anybody, and you are very right I am asexual! ✔
Nationality: Now this! I don’t know! Mexican??? American??? (I’m 100% Mexican♥)
Relationship Status: Single–¿¿  ✔ (honestly I’m glad thats how it is)
Likes: Game Grumps, Ososan, equality, drawing, and good games (heck yea)
Dislikes: discourse, asshats, anyone that stomps on equality of people, unhealthy ships and spoilers ✔  (heCK YEAH)
Random Fact: I…I feel like you like the hipster aesthetic? And fall hipster aesthetic, Thick glasses, beanies, boots, over jackets, fingerless gloves, pop/rock and coffee????
(I actually dont!, my fav aesthetics are more pink and ghosty or pixel art)

ya did a good job, thanks a lot for taking the time to do this!! love u!! ♥♥


Boy you got me


(i apologize in advance for this probably stupid post bc im more just vomiting all my thoughts onto this and idk if it even makes sense,,) 

so i’ve been thinking and…

this scene was obviously great. i cried at it, you probably cried at it. everyone cried bc fucking finally dazai acknowledged akutagawa jESUS FUCKING CHRIST. its pretty funny too, how getting noticed by precious senpai made him faint (akuchan u dork,, i love u) but like…. how does akutagawa even feel right now?? 

no like seriously, i really am wondering how he feels now. it doesnt seem to be addressed in his later appearances after this chapter (and if im wrong pls feel free to tell me bc im not bothered to go through the other chapters rn tbh). he’s literally been working so hard just to gain dazai’s approval, he’s gone through hell for this. and now he finally got to hear the words he’s always wanted. and yeah thats great and all, but like…. what do u even do when u finally get the one thing you’ve spent all ur life working towards??

idk like… is he at peace with it?? is he fine now?? i honestly cant imagine that after everything he went through, he’ll just be Super Fine™ now. like ‘aight u told me im stronger now thats all i needed kthxbye’ idk i just dont feel like thats something you can just get over so quickly, even if he got what he wanted. 

akutagawa seems to be constantly improving, so i feel like he’s just gonna need to gain dazai’s approval again and again. 

or maybe im completely wrong, who fucking knows. not me, clearly. anyway, thats all i wanted to say bYE

            Missing Scene: Spoilers for 10x20. “Hot Topical”

           “Hi, welcome to Hot Topical. Just wanted to let you know, we got a great promotion at the moment. It’s buy one, and get second at half off.”

           Castiel thanked the female employee as he made his way into the store with Dean right behind him. It was actually a stroke of luck that he found out about this place for young people. Two teenagers had been talking about it when he was looking inside the Gaps store, after commenting on how it was all “mom clothes”. He was sure Claire wasn’t into looking like a mom, considering she likes to dress up in leather jackets and jeans.

           “So what are you getting her?” Dean asked him, staying close. He seemed fidgety.

           Castiel scrunched his eyebrows together, deep in thought. “I’m not sure. There are so many to choose from.”

           “She’s turning 18 right? So get her clothes.”

           “What do you suggest, Dean? You were her age once.” Castiel asked in sincerity.

           Dean gave him a look. He remembered that face as the “I can’t believe you said that” look.  Usually this meant something had offended Dean.

           “Doesn’t mean I was a teenage girl, Cas.” Ah, so he was right. Dean was offended.

           “Of course, that’s not what I meant. You had different tastes. Manly tastes.” Castiel tried to save the conversation.

           “You can say that.” Dean winked at him and smiled. 

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150114 Sukira Phone call to Eunhae

Wook: U havent gone to bed?.. U said u go to bed?
Hae: No I dont.
Wook: Leeteuk recommended u yesterday ( to play this game). The writers were saying they thought Teuk would recommend Hyuk though
Wook: So who would u recomemend for tomorrow?
Hae: Who else did it?
Wook: Teuk and Kang, u are the third
Hae: then ofcourse tomorrow will be Hyuk
Wook: You know whats this about right?
Hae: No I dont. Plz tell me, Im curious so cant sleep. Hurry. Pls. So curious, seriously,alot, really.
Wook: Ja, Donghae dont be like that!
Wook: Lets try for practice game!
Jjajang vs Jambong!
Hae: Jambong!
Hae got it right.
Wook: we match.
Hae: Ofcourse …*…* why we must do those games on Sukira , like testing how we doubt about each other..


Wook: what were you doing, Donghae sshii?
Hae: Me? I was with the ugly one.
Wook: Ah you are with Eunhyuk?
Hae: yes.
Wook: What the..
Hae: Cause our dorm got no mire stawberries so I went up to the above level to get some strawberries.
Wook: So please lemme talk to Eunhyuk
Hae: Eunhyuk?
Wook: Yes..
Hae: But.. He is too ugly now though…
Wook: Its only the voice..
Hae: The voice is also ugly though. Wait a min~

Hyuk: Hello~~
Wook: ey heyyy
Hyuk: Sukira~
Wook: Eunhyuk sshii, maybe you do it today also? Not wait till tomorrow?
Hyuk: Do what? You should do it differently why did you keep make us stick to each other like this?
Wook: Then why were you guys end up to be together?
Hyuk: Its him who came up here, I was resting.
Wook: Because we have lots of members so actually two of u doing together also okay.
Hyuk: Ah we should do it seperately , what are you talking about Ryeowooksshii it makes me sad.
Wook: So now lets do telepathy game with me.
Hyuk: No, tomorrow! Tomorrow!
Wook: Ah no I mean with Donghae,
Hyuk: Ah with ..Donghae. So what should I do now?
Wook: Eunhyuk do u wanna try?
Hyuk: Maybe I try one game?
Wook: With me? Then tomorrow there will be no more practicing game for u okay
Wook: Kyuhyun vs Yesung? Yesung!
Hyuk: Kyuhyun! What, what was that..
Wook: What did u choose?
Hyuk: Kyuhyun!
Wook: Ah u chose Kyuhyun? Yesung is probably listening now though
Hyuk: but what that with Kyuhyun and Yesung?
Wook: I dont know its just the telepathy game if we get it the same. I chose Yesung though.
Hyuk: Ah Yesung must be mad at me about this again ah…

Wook: Ja now please lemme get back to Donghae,
Hyuk; So I will do it tomorrow?
Wook: For Eunhyuk we will do it tomorrow.
Hyuk: For me today I need to take care of the animals so very tired now
Wook: I saw the photos. Try to PR for that if you want to!
Hyuk: i couldnt now because of 타방송(?!)* idk how to explain this*
Wook: Ah okay.. Well atleast we know Eunhyuk will be in.
Hyuk: I came back after recording with the animals so please anticipate!
Hyuk: So I will let u get back to Hae now!
Wook: Ja now Donghae needs to do telepathy game with me see whether we can match the answer.
DongHae: Dont want! I hate it! I dont do it!
Wook: donghae, u cant be like that..

Wook asked and Hae recommend a song to be played next in Sukira.
Wook: Okay then now we will play telepathy game! Its about members. Leeteuk vs Eunhyuk? Eunhyuk!
Donghae: Leeteuk!
So he failed : (TRANS)

*prays that they'll finally show the SDR2 characters in the next Future Arc episode*

Its been 4 freaking episode what the hell is wrong? The boats should be on the island at this rate right? Or they already went there and just leaving? If they already went there what happened to hajime and the gang? Or maybe some powerful mudahfuhking event got them on a snail’s pace to get there(what if komaeda is alive and is using his luck or smth)? I need answers dammit