pls take youtube away from me


Please do not reupload the FIRE MV here on tumblr. Reupload means you download the video and upload it as new video here. Pls don’t do that, it’s taking away from the MV views that Bangtan needs.

Much better to just share the youtube link here. Also once you view it here that only counts as one view. You need to open it up in youtube the next time.

As usual pls prioritize the video on ibighit channel. Viewing it on 1thek is ok too just prioritize the ibighit one.

For regions where the MV might be blocked you can download third party browser extensions to change proxy. If anyone has a tutorial pls tag me.

The audio version of the album might be uploaded here but pls pls pls if you will listen to FIRE pls watch the MV instead.

Thank you ARMYs!! Teamwork makes the dream work :)