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Tablo  Starters
  • "Some call it pain, we call it sarang."
  • "This is my home, leave me alone."
  • “I'm sorry that I'm both your umbrella and the rain.”
  • “What is nothing to you, can be love to me”
  • "It's time to sever my brain from my heart and soul."
  • "You wish me well, I wish you hell."
  • "They say that time flies, but you keep breakin’ its wings."
  • "Would I have the right to happiness?"
  • "We are all afraid of pain."
  • "Everybody hates me, but you love me and I love you."
  • "You have been with me for a long time, but do you even know who I am?"
  • "Though I can’t make you smile, I’ll never make you cry."
  • "Don’t act like you know me cause you recognize me."
  • "I guess I'm all alone again. "
  • "I'm the question to all answers."
  • "One day, I will become your happiness."
  • "When the face in the mirror doesn’t please you, turn it into a canvas."
150409 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio
  • Survey - Who would you invite to your wedding?
  • 39% People I see at least once a year
  • 33% People I may not meet often but keep in contact with
  • 18% Everyone
  • 10% Close friends I meet regularly
  • Simon D: I’m not thinking of marriage lately
  • Gray: It feels like it is so far away
  • Tablo: What do you mean it’s FAR AWAY? It’ll happen quicker than you think.
  • Gray: Really?
  • Tablo: You don’t know. Gray, do you have a girlfriend?
  • Gray: (really quickly) No
  • Tablo: Hhahahahahaha
  • Simon D: Your voice. No~ (imitates Gray saying it quite shyly/quietly)
  • Gray: I’m being mysterious
  • Tablo: Okay. Gray doesn’t have a girlfriend. Loco, do you have a girlfriend?
  • Loco: (quickly) I don’t have one.
  • Tablo: Ah. The two of you responded really quickly.
  • Simon D: Ahh, that person would be really upset (at them denying it so quickly).
  • Tablo: Isn’t there someone with potential?
  • Loco: There’s always some because I’m a lonely person.
  • Gray: oooooHhhh
  • Tablo: Simon D, are you really not going to get married?
  • Simon D: EH?! I have to married. I want to. I really want to get married lately because I love children.
  • Tablo: Oh? Who do you want to marry?
  • Simon D: Well out of all my girlfriends…
  • Tablo: I actually got married twice. The first time to-
  • Simon D and Gray: (interrupts) HIP HOP!
  • Tablo: To HIP HOP! Married to the game!
  • Gray: We could all guess what you were going to say.
150710 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Tablo Ahjusshi

All three are singing

Tablo: Wait… wait, for the one year that we’ve been doing Weekly Ssam D there have been times where we’ve sung but today, Ssam D is working really hard at it. STOP IT!!!

Simon D: I originally do well


Simon D: I’m only singing it properly, why are you like this to me?

Tablo: I’m saying I GET IT!!! You get me, I’m saying I get your point. You rap well

Simon D: Tablo! Tablo!

Tablo: sing well and you’re good looking as well

Simon D: Ahjusshi! Ahjusshi please-

Tablo: AHJUSHHI?!!?!?!

Simon D: You are an ahjusshi though


Simon D: You have a wife and kid


Simon D: Well you look like an ahjusshi

Tablo: Okay

Gray: Blo-hyung, sing us a song pwease (aegyo voice)

Simon D: Sing us a song pwease (aegyo voice too)

Tablo: Ah okay well I really don’t want to but after listening to the advertisements, I’ll sing Kim Jong Seo’s ‘You Do Not Answer’.

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150710 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Weekly Ssam D & Gray

Topic - Karaoke

  • Both Ssam D and Tablo can’t drive and always get a taxi
  • Jay wants to swap with Ssam D and Gray and do Dreaming Radio instead of SMTM but Gray said he doesn’t want to
  • Ssam D would do SMTM if he was Loco’s age but he enjoys sitting down and talking on Dreaming Radio since he isn’t
  • Gray and Ssam D used to go to the karaoke rooms a lot when they were younger but not much anymore
  • Gray relieves stress when he is performing on stage
  • Gray guessed ‘Some’ was the #1 karaoke song of 2014 while Ssam D guessed ‘Eyes, Nose Lips’ (actual rank: #3), the #1 song was Lim Chang Jung’s A Glass of Soju
  • Tablo apologised for there being no hip hop track in the Top 5 despite it being the recent trend
  • When predicting the top songs for 2015: Tablo predicts a song from IU, Ssam D predicts Bae Bae by Big Bang but then suddenly Tablo says Genius Nochang’s ‘All Day’ will do well (Tablo features on it) and Ssam D says Jay Parks ‘On It’ will top then Tablo brings up Ugly Duck’s ‘Whatever’ but Ssam D said ‘that’s really whatever’ when asked if ‘Whatever’ would do well

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150409 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Weekly Ssam D & Gray (with Loco)

Topic - Invitation

  • When the fans screamed outside the studio, Tablo jokingly asked if EXO came
  • Gray collaborated with Loco for Just Do It because he had only produced for Loco but Loco had yet to feature on his own song (pls Gray you have like 2 songs). Loco said he would do it immediately when Gray asked.
  • Tablo said “AOMG is really the best crew. A few days ago Illionaire came, Dok2 and The Quiett. When we asked who they wanted from AOMG, the first name they said was Gray.” When he asked who Gray wanted to bring to AOMG, he said Dok2 because he feels like he’ll earn a lot of money even just being next to him. Simon D wanted to bring Beenzino and Loco said he’d bring The Quiett.
  • 1 minute after Gray uploaded the photo of his gold watch, Dok2 text him even though they weren’t regularly in contact saying “Yeaaaaaaaah hyung, yo hyung, you bought a watch? Yeaaahh. I have three of those.” (Tablo, Gray and Ssam D imitating him throughout)
  • Simon D imitating Loco and The Quiett, saying they speak similarly (kind of timid)
  • Gray: “I thought Loco was really innocent but when he drinks, woooow, 180 degree change. He’s like a different person.”
  • Among the many, many, praises Tablo showered Gray with he also had to praise his favourite Ssam D. He said to Gray and Loco “I don’t know who your representative is you’ve really met a good one.” Also to the two, “Your representative is really good looking.”
  • When Tablo introduced the topic as ‘Invitation’ he said “I thought Gray would recommend Uhm Jung Hwa’s ‘Invitation’ (he didn’t). You seem to have put some thought into it today.”
  • Tablo said he didn’t get an invitation for Ssam D’s birthday party. Ssam D said he didn’t have one but they all concluded it was a party when Loco mentioned they all gathered together. Ssam D told him not to get upset over that.
  • Ssam D doesn’t invite people to parties if their relationship is ambiguous, neither does Gray. For his birthday in 2014, he just said anyone could come and asked why Tablo couldn’t make it (he had other schedules).
  • Tablo wonders why those in AOMG send him messages and selfies when they’re America like they’re teasing him when they say “Hyung, you can’t come can you?” “It’s REALLY FUN here!”
  • Tablo and Simon D told Loco to get himself together because he was speaking strangely
  • AOMG is #1 in event invitations.
  • Loco did one shot of an entire soju bottle. Tablo said that’s the only thing listeners will remember from the entire segment and thus called Loco charming and cute.
  • At this point, they’ve called him cute 5 times.
  • Ssam D wants people to call him for events because about 70% of the calls ask for Gray and Loco. Ssam D says he won’t do any activities other than Dreaming Radio until his album is out.
  • When Park Jinyoung (JYP) invited Epik High to his house, he randomly started to perform ‘Behind You’ on his grand piano. Tablo thought he was joking but he performed the entire song, he said he liked it but that the piano made it cheesy.
  • Tablo said it felt like it was Loco’s first day at work compared to Gray and Ssam D
  • Loco doesn’t swear much in his daily life and songs. Except one time the time he was doing the “Nikamolleuge-eeee” part of You Don’t Know and ended it with “Motherfucker” (Ssam D censored himself using ‘motherfather’). Everyone got surprised because they thought Ssam D would swear on the live show.
  • Ssam D got shocked when he swore on live radio before
  • Gray used to live in a rooftop room
  • Tablo asked Gray if he had a girlfriend (he also asked the same question 20 minutes before)
  • People say that Loco looks like UEE and Sohee but Tablo found it too much to say Loco looks like UEE.