pls stop rapping


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

Namjoon is just climb climb climbing up to fill that bias position

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Show some respect pls, show them love NOT HUNT THEM DOWN like this!!!

Jin & Jungkook was chased by a fan in Sweden. Suga was said to had tried to speak english to tell some fans to stop following them. >.<

[Clarify] Jin shirt was ripped by its design, not by the chasing fan. The pic of Jin with ripped T-shirt was at the Sweden airport (before the chasing incident). Stop the wrong fanacc as well pls TT

Blame the one who’s wrong only, don’t put it on the whole country or the whole fandom. Be wise! 

Cr: chuwnu

Today isn’t just any other ordinary day. Oh well…Jimin in Buzzfeed, Jessi x BTS SKT CF, and RUN Jpn version MV. So, yeah it’s one of those days where chill doesn’t exist.
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  • Someone: it's so unfair, maknae line always get everything, they also get spoiled too much, it's all rainbow and unicorn for them, you must be happy cuz they dont have any haters
  • Me: .... Okay. That's sounds fake, but okay..
Bangtan reacting to The Ark (a pre-debut girl group) covering Boy In Luv

*gets ready*

jhope and jimin:

v and jungkook:


rap monster:

and there’s


ARMYs : The boys don’t care abt intl fans :(

BTS : *tweet everyday, posts a lot pf videos on their YT channel, study english hard just to speak it fluently because they know that most of their fans will understand them if they speak english, do concerts in english so the fans can understand them without a translator, do an highlight tour instead of spending time with their family during Chuseok*

BTS : *post something on the fancafe, tweet in korean*

ARMYs : See? They only care abt kfans :(((((


pLs stoP woNwoO


Extremely accurate review of Big Sean’s new album by Theneedledrop