pls stop hoseok


Show some respect pls, show them love NOT HUNT THEM DOWN like this!!!

Jin & Jungkook was chased by a fan in Sweden. Suga was said to had tried to speak english to tell some fans to stop following them. >.<

[Clarify] Jin shirt was ripped by its design, not by the chasing fan. The pic of Jin with ripped T-shirt was at the Sweden airport (before the chasing incident). Stop the wrong fanacc as well pls TT

Blame the one who’s wrong only, don’t put it on the whole country or the whole fandom. Be wise! 

Cr: chuwnu


Request: hey could you please do a bts and exo reaction where they are rich boys and their crush/s/o is like us and one day their crush or s/o shows them what we non-rich people do for entertainment like showing them video games, junk food and stuff like that. sorry don’t do this if you want this request is stupid.

admin k: aw anon :’) there’s no such thing a stupid request! thank you for requesting! (i will be doing the exo one separately)


skeptically tries the junk food you hand him because he isn’t picky when it comes to food

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*after taking him to one rap battle in the town square*

“yoongi don’t do that your parents will kill me”

“fuck what they think”

“yoongi pls stop”

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“hoseok-ah, want to hang out today?”

“sure. what do you want to do?”

“let me show you the life of poor people. cheap entertainment, cheap, greasy fast food, and the joy that is public transport, especially in rush hour. it’ll be great.”

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“do you really expect me to lower my standards like that?”

“come on, namjoon, it’ll be fun! besides, you lowered your standards when you asked me out!”

“… touche.”

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is all cute and flustered when you take him to a burger joint and he doesn’t know what a single item on the menu is

“do they have foie gras?”

“foie what?”


“no. you’re having a triple cheeseburger with curly fries and a shake. or do you want soda?”

“pinot noir, domaine de la-”

“do you want coke or a chocolate shake?”

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“taehyung-ah, it’s almost time for you to go home”

*ignores you and continues gaming*

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“can i take this… what is this? playstation? can i take it home with me?”

“… you can just buy your own…”

“oh. that’s right. i’ll buy one on my way home.”

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“[Name]-yah, what’s dabbing?”

*shows him a dab* 

“only cool kids do it, so you can’t do it”

once you show jungkook how to dab it’s game over

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Watch on

Jimin being cutie to Hobi <3


I truly mean it when I say I ship Jimin with every member.
First of all, I really love Jimin but it’s taken me a while to figure him out actually. I’m not sure if it’s because he joined the group late, or if he’s naturally like this, but I noticed that Jimin is always willing to put himself at the expense of others (esp Bangtan, but even his fans), whether it be for comedic purposes, for comfort, or just for others’ needs; he is just always very giving and so very forgiving. (and how beautifully heart-breaking is that ;-;)
Sometimes it almost seems like he’s the maknae more than Jungkook because all the members dote on him and make fun of him constantly, and they certainly do love him and cherish him as they would a youngest.
For that reason, I think people wonder if Jimin is ever being taken advantage of, or is intentionally being hurt by his members, (ex. Jungkook, which would be worrisome if it were true, of course) but that’s when I just want to say that we as fans need to trust that Bangtan is a family and that they’re going to love and protect each other no matter what.
Yeah I know Jungkook can be a ball of sass but I genuinely think that it’s a part of their dynamic that they feel comfortable enough revealing, because they trust that everyone knows that Jungkook loves Jimin just as much as anyone else. That actually goes for everyone.
Sometimes I get worried too that the members are going too far with their jokes towards Jimin and I wonder if his insecurities ever get the best of him. But then I look at these photos and remember that the members know him better than I do, they certainly love him more than I do, and they treasure and value him like only a family can.