pls stop girls

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Yeh Mina get it girl! So then, out of that circle of friends, are there any girls you'd pair with Mina?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a good question!


u ever hear a song thats just so fuckin good for ur otp but then the artist has to go ruin it and put in some obligatory random “girl” or “boy” and ruin the whole thing by gendering it & makin it a cishet mess

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child

Heechul’s love for his fans

 Whenever I give my signatures sincerely during fansign events, it takes a lot of time and many times I was unable to give my signature to a large number of people. (T/N: Heechul said on Knowing Brother that his signature is pretty complicated so it takes him a lot of time to sign CDs and his hand starts hurting a lot)

Which is why I’ve changed it to fan picture events! I’ve changed it to taking selcas with each fan instead. When I did that fans expressed that they really liked it~

Moreover early on in my debut days, fans used to buy me very expensive gifts which made me feel uncomfortable. This is why I said on the radio “Everyone~ you can only give me letters, don’t give me gifts. You only need to give us and our songs your love~”

Instead of receiving expensive gifts, I would rather receive the love of our fans.

I can’t stand going through the Degrassi tag and seeing people hate on Esme… SHE HAS A MENTAL ILLNESS. Im sorry but Maya is not the only one who is going through things..don’t get me wrong I love her…but Esme is so fucking complex and consistent. Part of her mental illness causes her to be “obsessed” with Zig, and constantly worry she’s not good enough, or second guess herself. She’s not crazy! She needs help. You can’t give one character with a mental illness all the spotlight and sympathy and turn around and say you hate the other for actions they can’t control. Pls stop hating on my girl Esme and give her a chance.

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Reasons why you ship steggy, go!

I think the main reason for me is the way Peggy was able to humanise Steve? Like, the title of Captain America would be intimidating to anybody, esp. for somebody who was dating the man - to constantly /not/ feel like you were overshadowed by him. Peggy to me, was someone who held very strong moral values of her own, and wasn’t swayed by what anybody else thought irrespective of who they were. That’s why a lot of people, including myself /and/ Steve admired her so much.

Peggy Carter believed in Steve before he was Captain America - she believed in the little guy who stood his ground and fought to do the right thing. It didn’t matter that he eventually became Cap, she had fallen in love with /Steve/.

And I feel like she was one of the only people who could ground Steve, keep him from not becoming his title, because that responsibility can go to /anybody’s/ head - and I feel like Steve would appreciate that - somebody who /could/ and /would/ say ‘no’ if something he suggested, or did, wasn’t necessarily the correct choice. So basically what I’m trying to say, is that they are unreservedly /equals/ and balance each other in a way I feel like, nobody else could.

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