pls stop ed

honestly @ the gotham fandom talking abt who ed should end up with

Can we talk more about the fact that MPs are receiving a 10% pay increase despite the fact that wages for ordinary people have been frozen for the last 4 years?

Whilst my mother, a teacher, hasn’t received a pay rise since the Tories got into power (where she used to get a small percentage increase every year), and doctors, nurses, firemen, you name it! Have had their pay frozen, whilst MPs help themselves to a nice little 10% extra! So what’s that, another £7000 pound a year on average pretty much?

It’s disgusting, truly. I can barely think about it to be honest, without bile rising in my throat, a nasty taste left on my tongue. Sure, some of them reckon they’ll donate it to charity, not that we’ll know if they ever do decide to do that. But most of them believe they deserve it.

“We’re all in this together” my ass.