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I don't support Le Pen AT ALL but every time you talk about her you sound just ignorant. pls stop.

anon, let’s be fucking real

  • marine lepen is with the front national
  • the front national is a fascist party
  • her and her father are tied to holocaust deniers
  • they are fascists
  • she’s anti euthanasia and her instance of abortion repels me
  • tbh everything about lepen’s politics repels me
  • she’s pro death penalty
  • she’s anti eu
  • she’s anti everything I stand for

in another world I’d ask you what about the stuff I say about lepen - ie that she’s a menace that has to be absolutely kept off any position of power and that her politics are shit - is ignorant, because anyone who isn’t on that side of the fence would see that her politics are shit, but thing is: she’s a fascist and I don’t give a single fuck about respecting fascist ideologies so you can absolutely forget that I’m gonna stop trash talking her and you can absolutely forget that I might reconsider any of my stances on lepen -

BECAUSE SHE’S A GODDAMNED FASCIST. clear? clear. if you don’t like it the door is open, no one is forced to follow me. thank you and have a good day, and good thing at least you don’t support her.

and friendly reminder that while the us-centric ****left wing**** stuff that goes around on tumblr is abhorrent to me (that’s not even left wing but nvm) I am not a right winger, I’m actually more left-leaning than a lot of leftist tumblr assumes is far left and I do not in any way whatsoever respect fascist/nazi ideologies and people who support them nor I feel obliged to give them the benefit of the doubt or something, because to me that shit is abhorrent and that’s where I draw the line. thanks and have a good evening.

Okay this is quite literally why I hate having This Discussion on my blog considering how my inbox just imploded a little. Let’s just peel back the door of reality for a sec and say Your Fave Is Prob At Least A Little Gross. Yes, you too, your Unproblematic Fave probably did at least one (1) gross thing in his life

Tbqh I don’t know who is and isn’t a Tr*mp supporter when we’re talking hockey players. Considering how there’s varying degrees from “We should be chill and love everyone and respect the government” blind complacency to full-blown “I wanna suck Tr*mp’s dick” love. Where we draw the line is up to us, but there’s kind of a reason why I don’t go digging through players’ social media

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gOD DAMN i love ur fuckin art jfc it's perfect pls don't ever stop arting. it so good ❤️💯💯💯💯‼️👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌🏾👌🏿😫🤤🙃🙂😍🤤😭 u making me have kon el feelings god damn u draw him so gooooooood wooooooooo yassssssss b amazing 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

ILL GIVE IT MY BEST ♥ tysm anon T T ♥♥♥

also if dc doesn’t give kon the love he deserves SOMEONE’S GOTTA 

Dear Fandom of Peaky Blinders.

@burgessinthestreets . Pls stop thinking you’re in some big gang and can call the big shots on all Peaky Blinders fics, imagines, gifs, and edits. It’s honestly off-putting from a reader’s perspective. This is literally all petty shit you’re getting yourselves into. Like… I’m sure you have a life outside of tumblr. Go fucking live it. Literally - LITERALLY - no other fandom has this problem. This is literal bullshit.

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