pls stop

  • Readin hannigram fic:👍
  • Readin hannigram fic when out of nowhere jack crawford shows up and is mischaracterized as a complete and total bastard with no redeeming qualities who yells and bullies will graham for no real reason:👎
What The Signs Need To Stop Doing
  • Aries:fighting
  • Taurus:acting like you're attacked all the time
  • Gemini:talking
  • Cancer:stop caring about everyone else's opinion
  • Leo:I'll come back to this later...
  • Virgo:being an ass
  • Libra:flirting with everyone
  • Scorpio:being afraid of opening up
  • Sagittarius:falling in love so easy
  • Capricorn:yelling
  • Aquarius:talking about aliens
  • Pisces:smoking weed