pls stop

A message to the Sherlock fandom:

I opened up Tumblr to this… lovely… barrage of anons. 

I’m sorry you don’t care for what I ship, but: let me ship what I want

Let me repeat it for the people in the back, front, and everywhere: Let me ship what I want.

Sorry that you have to resort to attacking bloggers based on their choice of ship. Sorry to hear that you think I’m homophobic. (I’m not. I just happen to like Molly and Sherlock together and none of that is homophobic, coming from a asexual/biromantic person). Go ahead and block me, it’ll help the negativity surrounding my blog. I don’t send death threats to you, so why would you do that to me? I don’t need people telling me who or what to ship. I’m good on my own.

I don’t need people telling me what I should/shouldn’t ship. I’m perfectly fine on my own.

So this is a message to the Sherlock fans: don’t send hate. If you want to argue a ship, at least do it with respect. Wishing people would die because they don’t share the same opinions as you is, quite frankly, ridiculous, sad, and horrible. 

Anons, if for some reason, you’d like to continue this ‘conversation’, do it off-anon so that at least it will be private. Please stop sending hate, and let me enjoy the show in peace.

Sending love to wherever you are,

13 December 2016.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. I don’t get why people always comment that T'Challa forgave Bucky, unlike Tony. Like, let’s ignore the time span and different situations and just look at why. What, exactly, would T'Challa forgive him for? Bucky didn’t kill T'Challa’s dad, so why are y'all talking about forgiveness. Not to mention, up until the exact moment T'Challa found out Bucky didn’t actually bomb them, he was hell bent on killing him and had days to think about it. Tony had much less time to process this, was in a much tougher situation, and the Winter Soldier actually did kill his mom AND dad.

Along with that, I think a lot of people misinterpret the end credit and bunker scene too. T'Challa wasn’t ‘forgiving’ Bucky and wasn’t renouncing himself for going after Bucky for (not) killing his Dad. I believe his vengeance monologue was about allowing vengeance to blind him so much that he was about to kill an innocent man with very little details. He wasn’t ashamed of being angry, he was ashamed of being blinded. (Idk that was just my interpretation. Not the helping Bucky part, but the vengeance part)

Tl;dr: This is not a T'Challa hate post. T'Challa didn’t forgive Bucky because there was nothing to forgive, ya dingus.