pls someone write this

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I still cannot believe 75. Going by Kaneki's mind logic: Hide wouldn't want to see him nude (exposed, vulnerable like usual hallucinations) He had Hide hand a shirt over to wear rather than poof! make himself suddenly clothed. Also he wants Hide to compliment him and for them to live on together side by side. (also referring to Munou he also doesn't seem to mind Hide touching him and all?) chapter 75 could easily be turned to smut or body worship??

yeah hide’s a real gentleman haha ;; but yeah he def doesnt mind hide feeling him up haha


someone pls write a fic

so imagine if deadpool and the winter soldier were besties. like bucky was too scared and fucked up to come back to steve so he became a mercenary because killing is the only thing he is capable of (at least he thinks so). and once wade and bucky were tailing the same target and bucky killed a target first with fast clean shot and deadpool was like “WTF MAN THIS WAS MY GUY” and somehow they got along and became good friends.
deadpool and the winter soldier started to work together and after year or two after their first meeting they are having their first mission in new york as a team. and of course deadpool meets and falls for spidey while bucky trying to avoid avengers. and one day wade is just so sick of it he literally blows up few buildings to get avengers’ and especially cap’s attention. and then bucky has only two things to do: to let avengers take wade or to face his long lost friend/lover steve.
i have this idea in my head for a really long time and it would be sooo great if someone wants to write it

au where rin cries at all of their friends’ weddings and so at his with haru he’s determined not to cry because everyone kept making fun of him at the last few and he wanted to prove he’s a “man” but when he sees haru that days he just ends up bawling out his vows before kissing the man he loves and haru’s crying too and right before rin pulls back after kissing haru he quietly teases haru for crying and haru just shuts him up with saying “forever now, right” and that only makes rin cry more and they like are just gonna be there for each other forever and i’m really emotional rn

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Makoto accidentally finds Haru's sketchbooks. They're all full of MakoRin drawings. At first, cute ones, like them holding hands or Mako kissing Rin's cheek - drawings that seem they have been done when Haru was a kid too. Looking at newer sketchbooks, he finds more detailed ones, like Makoto coming out of the pool or Rin removing his shirt until there's nothing more than really detailed MakoRin porn.



imagine sam trying to flirt with t'challa by teasing him, and it’s all cat jokes and jibes and a dozen of innuendos thrown in there for good measure, while they spar while they have dinner all the damn time and everyone is like ???? how dare he talk to our king with such disrespect??? but t'challa not only doesn’t mind but he enjoys it more than he’s willing to admit and he only responds maybe three out of ten times but when he does he leaves sam speechless, all hot and bothered wondering whether t'challa is serious or not because he smiles all sly and cat-like and that playful glint in his eye makes sam wish this back and forth teasing game would be over already

then one day t'challa is showing sam a private room in a high point in the palace with an amazing view of the city and he says that’s where he likes to go as an escape when he needs some time to himself, and sam listens quietly without interrupting and at the end t'challa says nods towards the stairs and says “let’s go down” and sam grins and goes“okay but you first” and t'challa looks at him for a long moment with a cryptic little smile on his face and simply says “okay” and sam has to look away because he feels his whole face heat up under t'challa’s gaze and damn he’s sure he’s gonna spontaneously combust one of these days

that night when sam goes to bed there’s a knock on his door and he opens and sees t'challa there who smiles and says “i’m here to make good on my promise” and sam is a little speechless staring at him in surprise when tchalla finally makes the first move. he steps closer and puts his hands on sam’s waist pulls him close and kisses him, slow and gentle yet firm in a way that it makes sam’s head spin and he thinks his insides are being set on fire and all the build up was worth it because it’s finally happening and it’s better than he ever dreamed it would be

I love love love Star Wars Aus, and I’ve seen quite a bit of jedi Levi and I really love the thought of jedi Levi/padawan Eren (like in wonderful fic series the Force Shall Free Meseriously go read it) but what about an AU where Levi is a morally dubious bounty hunter? The kind who shoots first (see what I did there, lol) and will follow where the money goes. And then he meets Eren, the little shit, a gifted young pilot who has a bad habit of getting himself into trouble, and Levi throws him a bone and helps him out and somehow ends up letting him tag along with him (and it totally has nothing to do with the fact that he has an amazing ass, nope definitely not)

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prompt anon here! Levi's lying on a bed and Eren is sitting on heichou's lower back and he masses Levi's back, following the traces left by the straps of the 3DGM with his fingers, and at some moment he bends over and kisses Levi's nape and Levi goes "Eren (눈‸눈)" with a "im not in the mood" intonation, and Eren is embarassed and he continues his massage, but then heichou turns round and gets on his back and he draws Eren's face to his and kisses him and they fall asleep into one another's arms


what do i need to do to get a fic of mason and brett dating and liam being very jealous and then he thinks its because he likes mason a lot and has a crush on his best friend but soon realizes that he also has a crush on brett and then liam confesses his love to mason angrily and mason is all confused because he likes liam too but never thought he had a chance and then he’s afraid that this will ruin his relationship with brett but ha no brett also digs liam and then it just ends up with brett/mason/liam in a poly ship