pls someone write this

greek gods that are capable of asexual reproduction? it's more likely than you think.

just imagine. demigods with 2 moms. demigods with 2 dads. the possibilities are endless.

A Drive AU where Heart, Brain, Medic and Chase survive the final battle but it takes them so much energy that, insted of turning into cores, they become mini-Roidmudes. And because they are so cute (and honestly can’t be left on their own) Shinnosuke ends up taking them home with him. And since then the mini-Roidmudes keep following him around, even into battles, hopping on top the shift cars/bikes. Shinnosuke takes care of them (because Gou still tries to smash them whenever he isn’t looking) and every time he gets hurt, they scold him in their cute little voices (except Chase whose voice is still as deep as a sinkhole). And this goes on for over a year until one day Shinnosuke wakes up and finds four not-so-tiny-anymore Roidmudes in bed with him and he’s so embarassed (and it doesn’t help when Heart says “we’ve already seen everything”). And he thinks things are going to change now, but they stick around because they’ve come to care for him and each other like a family (night time becomes a problem because they all try to snuggle into bed with Shinnosuke like they used to do when they were small but there’s not enough space)

so imagine if deadpool and the winter soldier were besties. like bucky was too scared and fucked up to come back to steve so he became a mercenary because killing is the only thing he is capable of (at least he thinks so). and once wade and bucky were tailing the same target and bucky killed a target first with fast clean shot and deadpool was like “WTF MAN THIS WAS MY GUY” and somehow they got along and became good friends.
deadpool and the winter soldier started to work together and after year or two after their first meeting they are having their first mission in new york as a team. and of course deadpool meets and falls for spidey while bucky trying to avoid avengers. and one day wade is just so sick of it he literally blows up few buildings to get avengers’ and especially cap’s attention. and then bucky has only two things to do: to let avengers take wade or to face his long lost friend/lover steve.
i have this idea in my head for a really long time and it would be sooo great if someone wants to write it

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Makoto accidentally finds Haru's sketchbooks. They're all full of MakoRin drawings. At first, cute ones, like them holding hands or Mako kissing Rin's cheek - drawings that seem they have been done when Haru was a kid too. Looking at newer sketchbooks, he finds more detailed ones, like Makoto coming out of the pool or Rin removing his shirt until there's nothing more than really detailed MakoRin porn.



au where rin cries at all of their friends’ weddings and so at his with haru he’s determined not to cry because everyone kept making fun of him at the last few and he wanted to prove he’s a “man” but when he sees haru that days he just ends up bawling out his vows before kissing the man he loves and haru’s crying too and right before rin pulls back after kissing haru he quietly teases haru for crying and haru just shuts him up with saying “forever now, right” and that only makes rin cry more and they like are just gonna be there for each other forever and i’m really emotional rn

Derek willfully participating in a princess tea party for Allison and Scott’s daughter

Derek having no problem at all doing the funny sound effects for a children’s book as he reads goodnight to Boyd and Erica’s sons

Derek teaching Isaac and Lydia’s daughter to howl

Derek helping his and Stiles’ son make mudpies in the backyard

Derek letting the pack’s respective kiddies climb all over him like a jungle gym and then chasing after them, pretending to be a dinosaur

Derek being really good with kids *_______*

also, i wanna write angsty teenage dan who seems really uncaring and tough at school, like. dan who wears eyeliner and leather jackets and smokes and is generally seen to be the most metal person at school. and somehow he ends up with arin, some kid in the year below who spends all his free time drawing in his lil sketchbook and avoiding bullies. who gets made fun of for liking anime and wearing pink and is constantly teased about being gay. and at first people think dan’s doing it for a joke, that he’s pretending to like arin as part of some elaborate prank which will result in arin getting embarrassed in front of the school when dan reveals he faked it. but it never comes. they keep kissing in the corridors and it’s the first time anyone’s seen danny smile, that they’ve seen him show even the slightest bit of care towards anyone or anything. and it’s to this kid that nobody dares to bully any more, because danny still looks tough as shit.


where Wade is a gamer who doesnt show his face and Peter is a “"daily vlogger”“ (who doesnt rlly upload daily)

where Wade one day watches Peter’s video where he apologizes about not uploading daily cuz he was playing a game and Wade decides to fake spoil him of said game

where Peter gets frustrated about suddenly being spoiled and decided to check Wade’s channel out, and finds out he’s called “Deadpool” by everyone and is playing the same game as he was

where Peter gets a gaming channel cuz ”“someone”“ thought it’d be a good idea

where both of them play co-op games

where Wade shows up in Peter’s videos with a mask he made

what do i need to do to get a fic of mason and brett dating and liam being very jealous and then he thinks its because he likes mason a lot and has a crush on his best friend but soon realizes that he also has a crush on brett and then liam confesses his love to mason angrily and mason is all confused because he likes liam too but never thought he had a chance and then he’s afraid that this will ruin his relationship with brett but ha no brett also digs liam and then it just ends up with brett/mason/liam in a poly ship

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prompt anon here! Levi's lying on a bed and Eren is sitting on heichou's lower back and he masses Levi's back, following the traces left by the straps of the 3DGM with his fingers, and at some moment he bends over and kisses Levi's nape and Levi goes "Eren (눈‸눈)" with a "im not in the mood" intonation, and Eren is embarassed and he continues his massage, but then heichou turns round and gets on his back and he draws Eren's face to his and kisses him and they fall asleep into one another's arms