pls sit on my face

seraphicsteve  asked:

i took a page from your book and got on okcupid to laugh at fuckboys and tl;dr this dude's like "come sit on my face like a throne" and katie. pls. i need a quirky one liner about thrones that doesn't include the iron throne because i'm pretty positive this annoying douche would totally turn it into a dick joke.

tell him you’ll sit on his face like a porcelain throne and shit into his open mouth 

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Credits to Tanemura Arina and Bandai Namco. Original picture

Yes to Kyohei Rikudoh in Christmas uniform! I’ve redrawn Kyohei Rikudoh (as you can see above in the OP) since I’ve never drawn anything about him so here he goes, even tho no one asked for him!

Hurray to procrastination!

Merry Christmas everyone~!


my bed hair looked p. fabulous this morning

that thing that happens where you’re reading a really fucking good fanfiction and you have to put a hand over your face because you basically lose control of your mouth muscles, and you make all these mouth shapes that you don’t mean to make, and you just sit there like biting the shit out of your hand bc your mouth is no longer under your control bc the fanfiction is literally that good