pls sherlock

  • Me when I'm not home: omfg I have so much to do when I get home, and so many essays to write not to mention all the studying I have
  • Me when I get home: oh cool 115k word fic, lets read it all in one sitting

We need to get #norbury trending on twitter. it’s literally the next step in this ARG: we’ve been told by dymm, but were we listening? No. So now it’s time to listen. 

We’re going to change our icons to images of Vivian Norbury to make it even more noticeable just on the off chance it makes people pay attention… I will also be making some art in preparation for this and anyone is allowed to use it as icons/whatever else so the message spreads as far as possible.

Sunday (26th), 2PM-8PM GMT: it’s time to synchronise our efforts and yell norbury with a combined effort, as we can’t do this alone. If you need to make a new twitter just to join in, do it. Don’t use the twitter connected to real life if it makes you uncomfortable (heck, even I made a new twitter to accommodate this more, so I can’t fault you for doing the same). We need as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. 

Alternatively, if going to twitter makes you uncomfortable, then we need people to get the media involved on this. If you have any connections with people, then please do try and get them to cover this as we need to make as much noise as possible and this is really the only way I can see the BBC paying attention to us. We tried complaining as individuals, now let’s do it as a group - just to see how loudly our voices can carry.


Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade movie but instead of indiana jones and his dad its john and sherlock

pls consider: adrenaline junkie archaeologist treasure hunter Dr Watson and bookish dorky medieval literature professor Holmes who gets begrudgingly roped into John’s adventures who save the holy grail from the nazis and fall in love

Avengers: Infinity War
  • Cumberbatch: We need to infiltrate the heart of the city before Thanos get's there.
  • Downey JR: I agree, that would be pretty bad.
  • Freeman: No shit Sherlock
  • Cumberbatch & Downey: *Awkward glare*
  • Cumberbatch: (Whispering) not now John, I'm under cover.
  • Martin Freeman needs to say the "no shit Sherlock" in Infinity War I stg.