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  • Steve when his kids are there: hey dipshits! Let's hustle! Hurry up! We don't have all day!
  • Steve when his kids aren't there: I wrote a book on why my kids are the best here let me read it to you

Hey!!!!!! I’m in the process of compiling a list of book bloggers to receive physical ARCs or digital copies of my upcoming poetry release for reviews! hmu if you have a book blog, know a book blogger, post about books regularly on tumblr or instagram, or even just review regularly on goodreads! shoot me a message with your email & where you’re active and we’ll go from there. <3

Hey, guys–?

I need your input on something. If you could be so kind and tell me three things you associate with Finland, I’d be eternally grateful. And by Finland, I mean the country, not me. I’m not interesting enough for most of you, I believe, so I think it’s fair.

This can be anything, really. I won’t be offended, be honest. I promise.

–It’s kind of important to me, and I never really speak up, as you might’ve noticed. Consider this as my attempt to reach out to you.


witch’s familiar, a super-rushed 8-page comic about a human named November, a crow familiar named Hemlock, and a witch named Moira, in which Nov gets her phone stolen and they both… get their hearts stolen? By? Each other? It’s gay. That’s all that matters. 

November belongs to @seasideleaside!!!!!