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a note to manic panic users

today i bought one of manic panic’s flash lightning bleaching kits and things went bad

after mixing the developer with the powder and mixing it around i had to step out of the bathroom for a few seconds as usual because the smell is so strong and when i came back into the bathroom to start mixing it up again, the bowl was starting to heat up and eventually started smoking a little

it ended up getting so hot that you couldn’t even hold it and it ended up bubbling up basically boiling in the bowl

when i went back to the beauty store i get my stuff from to get a different kind of bleach and the manager said that she was going to call the manufacturer to see if there was some kind of issue and that it may end up being recalled

so please, if you have a bleach kit in your house or are planning on getting one do not use a manic panic bleach kit

there may be something wrong with them right now and if you put that on your head you could get seriously hurt

stay beautiful and most importantly stay safe

anonymous asked:

I wanna thank you for not posting anon shitty anons. The hate is enough already and I love your blog so I'm glad I wont see any on it. Also one more request to your fellow bloggers, pls reblog this if they are sad but not hateful and not completely faithless in the show so I can know who to follow because I dnt want negative ppl making me miserable.

Welcome, Anon. With the exception of a couple, most of the messages have been positive, if cautiously so. Which is nice. There’s enough drama and gnashing of teeth going on. No need to add to it. 

But you heard them, other Castle bloggers. Reply/reblog so they’ll know who to follow. I’ll also say, Anon, that if you’ll send another message I’m happy to point you in the direction of a few of them. :)

official crop top jonghyun challenge thingy

hello yes! given the alarming dearth of fics and fan art featuring jonghyun in a crop top i have decided* to rectify that situation with A Challenge

rules: for both fics and fan art: it must feature jonghyun in a crop top

for fics: jonghyun must be a main character or major side character. other than that it’s completely open-ended so if you wanna write about crop top astronaut jjong on an intergalactic mission, be my guest! drabbles and longer fics are both welcome!

no minimum or maximum word limit, altho i will sideeye you pretty hard if your fic is one sentence long

there is no limit on the number of submissions per writer/artist

deadline: nov. 7, but if you need a little extra time, just msg me. i’ll also try to reblog late entries, but they just might not make it on the masterpost

to submit: tag as “crop top jonghyun” and i shall find. if you don’t see me reblog it within a day or two, please msg me to make sure i didn’t miss it. (i don’t entirely trust tumblr to work properly when searching tags)

other guidelines: please include any pairings, the word count, rating, and content warnings at the top of any fics

other suggestions: consider making one or more of your characters queer or trans in some way 😏

*(i was gonna wait for reader opinion and then i remembered that this is my blog and i do what i want)

oh and pls reblog so ppl will see this! thanks babes! 😙

overtherainbow-indiagonalley  asked:

Provided there is the offer and consent, What are some pointers for being a good guide?

Oooookie dokie quick basic general guidelines (hah, get it, guidelines–no pls stay don’t leave meeeee) 

Anyway. Puns aside. 

  • Listen to us (the people you’re guiding) first and foremost. Obvious one but always bears repeating. 
  • Offer your arm as if you’re some chivalrous old-timey dude walking a lady home–some ppl like to hold the shoulder of the guide, but offering the crook of your arm to hold onto is usually a safe bet if you’re strangers. We’ll say if something else would work better. 
  • PLEASE tell us if/when there’s a step, kerb, whathaveyou that would suck to not know about. I think we can all agree that ankles are better uninjured. 
  • If you need to steer us around smth and you can’t walk in a natural way around it–if you have to cut rlly close to it or do a sharp turn or smth–don’t just yank us over if you can help it.
    I understand that that might be necessary if a bike suddenly swerves, but say we’re in a crowded place and there’s a bike rack up ahead and the only way to avoid it is to sharply turn as we come up to it–SAY that we’re doing a sharp left or w/e. (Man I’ve literally had my arm yanked out of its socket bc of this shit so PLS.) ((Yes EDS didn’t help but still. It sucks for everyone alright.))
  • If you’re guiding us somewhere and then leaving, let us know when you leave. Bc otherwise chances are we might continue talking to you. But you’re no longer there. So we’re talking to ourselves. Which is fine and all but like. We thought we were talking to you, y’know? 
  • If you have to step away to get a door, let us know. If you have to step away for any reason, let us know. It’s easier than us trying to guess what’s going on.
  • I know I appreciate it when ppl just say “hey, can I ask how much/what kind of vision you have so I can be a better guide?” Or even “what kinds of things would you like me to tell you about when we’re walking to make it easier for you?” Bc some days I’d appreciate someone telling me “hey there’s a person in front of you, just walk a lil slower” but other days my vision is good enough to see the blur of a person so I don’t need that. Blindness is different for everyone and for many of us it’s changes day by day, so recognizing and acknowledging that is great. 

I can’t think of anything else rn–if @transgirlsamwinchester@theloneviolist, or anyone else in the blind/vi community that follows me wants to add anything or w/e they can? Otherwise if I think of other stuff I’ll reblog this and add to it myself c: 


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