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Genre: mild fluff, 2012 angst (im back B)

Word Count: 1.7k (this is long for me)

Warning/s: swearing

Summary: based on 2012 by Katherine and Eden ( @phanstoria).  Their relationship was a candle. Dan decided. It lit up the darkness and glowed brightly.

A/N: tysm for @phanstoria for making a heartbreaking wonderful song!! i’m not used to writing 2012 angst soz if this is bad lol. Happy New Year!! Last fic of the year wow :’) hope you guys have a wonderful 2016  ahead :D also: ~ means flashback and - means present ^^

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How I’m Feeling

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I’m tired of all the misogyny I see perpetrated by black men towards black women. Especially online. Why are expected to march for black men who, as a collective people and culture, are abusing, disrespecting and overlooking black women? Black male patriarchy is a poison to black women and it needs to be talked about more often. 

I will not be a footstool to negroes that post memes about how worthless I am while praising non-black women and mixed women. 

I will not fight for these negroes who refuse to date black women because we’re not their “preference.”

I will not support black male artists who refuse to put brown and dark skin women in their videos. Especially when it comes to love interests or the “main girl.”

I will not give passes to the so called “good” black men who may not down us but REFUSE to check their peers/fam/friends/associates about their misogyny and disrespect of black women. (the “I love black women” types who won’t fight for us).

I will not consume media by black male writers, producers and/or actors who promote problematic stereotypes about black women and black love. 

I’m being selfish this year and it’s going to be about me and promoting the positivity within black womanhood. I refuse to be the mule who carries not only my own burdens but also the black man’s… if they wanna support us, for once, then it would be great to have black male allies who are willing to LISTEN, learn and take action. If not, bye.

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NAME:  lol no, i still hate my name so either call me V or Vivi.


SEXUALITY: Bi. I love my men like I love my women.

TAKEN OR SINGLE: Single and crushing like a fucking loser. SIGH.


  • I love sleeping.
  • I literally learned how to read in english with archie comics. my cousin taught me to read in english with them.
  • I have no fucking clue what i am doing with my life but i’ve been taking this year as my selfish ME year and i’m loving it #bitch mode activated 

RP EXPERIENCE/HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): fuck if i know. like 13? 15?? 

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: tumblr, twitter. 

BEST EXPERIENCE: finding the riverdale fandom, even if it’s dead af atm. mainly because that was the nicest and most opening fandom i’ve ever been in and fuck me have i been in so many fandoms. 


FEMALE OR MALE: males. i have tried to write females and ironically enough, i just can’t do it. kudos to all my homies that do. you’re all the reals mvp’s.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst and fluff!! I only save the smutty stuff for those i have an awesome ooc connection with since i tend to just get MEH about writing it but if we’re close ooc, believe me the smut will happen.

PLOTS OR MEMES: Plots. Memes, to me, are good for keeping the plots alive and breaking the ice when trying to plot something out with another person. 

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: lmao both. i have my days where i write paras and days where i can’t word so one liners it is.

BEST TIME TO WRITE: Late at night. Don’t ask me why lmao

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Considering the plethora of muses i have? lol yes, i do have some things in common with them… mainly being we’re all nice assholes :)

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1. Chica by @kaindycandy Sorry senpai, I just had to draw her X3
2. Mangle by @ceciil She’s so cute! I caaaan’t 💕
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Hey guys, as you know, i have a series where i edit funny quotes onto 5sos stills. they take me fucking FOREVER to do, and i found this acc on twitter that stole all of them. these are just a few. ive tweeted them MANY times asking if they can credit me but they never do. the account is magicallycth. can you guys please help me out and ask them to credit me? normally it wouldnt be that big of a deal to me, but each edit takes me such a long time and seeing as how this person just saves and uploads the pics and gets so much attention, its pissing me off. luke also follows this person and if he acknowledges any of the edits then i want ppl to know it belongs to me. sound selfish and bitchy? idc. if you dont have twitter, its ok, but can you please reblog so your followers that do have it can tweet the acc? thank you guys so much if you do. i dont want you guys reporting them cause then that would mean theyd get suspended and the acc has over 16k followers and i dont wanna be the reason they lose it all. just tweet them for now but if they dont credit then….. idk what ill do.