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7-Eleven AU

Ok so I was inspired by @blessedkeith and their library au, and when I offhandedly said I should make an au based on my job, they were immediately invested, and what’s a girl supposed to do?

So under the cut is Part 1 of my brand new 7-Eleven au that I have been working on all day with them lol

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jehan sitting on grantaire’s chest, his hand in their lap, doodling vines and flowers and little demons and the like

moving up along his arm when they run out of space, making ladders leading up to the sun out of his scars, sticking their tongue out while drawing very small details

grantaire ends up shirtless and asleep, and when he wakes up jehan is curled on the floor, ink smudging their hands and face. he looks down at his chest and jehan has just made this entire civilisation of little demons and elves covering his chest and arms (and face, but he can’t see that) (there’s one on his cheek planting a nervous kiss on his lips)

So earlier I couldn’t think of what to draw and @precious-flower-child suggested tiana!

I was reminded of the post created by @vacker of not having the vackers be white and I had to draw it too.

Also short haired Biana cause dang she looks cute as frick


Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

hiiiiii so i’m looking for some more explicitly multifandom blogs to follow?? it’s getting hard for me to sort through blogs that are just one or two fandoms each haha, so i wanna follow a couple that post a bunch of different things!

so, please reblog this post and tag the fandoms that you post the most often?? and i’ll check your blog out?? thank you!!!!!


My senior project was on addiction. How it develops and how it effects those who suffer from it. I hope these images convey the message I was trying to bring across: I’m not saying to live your lives without ever touching drugs, but be aware of the dangers and the risks of using these substances so you can always be safe and in control.