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I know it’s unbearable
the affliction, the anguish
it lacerates your heart
leaves your knuckles bloody
your knees throbbing and aching from begging
put your fists down wounded warrior
calm your staggering breaths
uncross your fingers
lay down next to me
the world is cruel and the pain is searing
bring all your struggles and strife
place them on the nightstand
dry your tears
give me all your fears
I’ll lock them in a cage
interlace our fingers
interlock our legs
you can breathe here
there’s no need to fight
my brave soldier
you are safe
you are home
—  safe haven // cc
nora's fave olicity smut

sooo once upon a time one lil anon who was sick (i hope you’re better<3) asked me for some smut and I really wanted to put together all the smut I love (which is a lot) for all of ya thirsty people and myself

okaaay this first ones are my ALL TIME FAVES like I will reread them until the day satan rises from hell looking for me to take me with him to the place I belong

this is some of my favourite smut! it means  that they are on my special folder from hell where I keep all the good smut (not all of them that would be a lot smh this fandom is so talented)

aaaaaaand for those who are trash like me please try Smoaking Billionaires it’s like a drug  i am fucked all of these fics are super hot 10000/10 recommend

so that’s it :) and remember, if you have read or will read at least 50% of this list you need jesus and I love you

 ((@silverkitsune​ tumblr wont let me reply so i have take a screenshot like some kind of animal))

Alrighty so there is:

Captain Jewels, CC-6859. HIs name comes from that he has a genetic mutation making his eyes blue and a trainer said his eyes looked like jewels. He’s a commander clone, but when his Jedi General’s padawan showed up he had to be officially demoted (I’m not sure if clones can be commanders if there are padawans so). Unofficially, Jewels and the padawan work together as commander, sharing the work equally. Off-duty he is pretty laid-back, kind of a “don’t do any property damage and don’t kill anyone and i dont care” clone. on active duty (not even on the field) he’s strict and will not tolerate any bullshit. on the field it’s that but 1000% more intense. (in general he 110% always needs a drink)

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I just discovered this blog and it's pretty rad ngl. For NCT127 (+Ten), I was wondering who's most to least likely to date an intellectual girl- someone who wants to have deep philosophical discussions, knows a little about a lot of subjects, has a big vocabulary, etc. I don't think any of them would seek out a dumb girl per say, but some might be intimidated by a intellectual partner. Thank you.

thank you for the request! and thank you too for the compliment! and i get what you’re saying so don’t worry! disclaimer: before any of you attack me for doing a mtl with who’d date someone “clever” pls read what his anon wrote first. they’ve summed up what i mean by “clever” perfectly.




Doyoung -> Taeil are, in my opinion, the “intellectuals” of the group. They seem very well rehearsed and educated and like they would’ve taken a real liking to school growing up. I don’t think they wouldn’t not date someone who wasn’t classed as “clever” but they might just struggle with things they share in common or just understanding them (the member) with all their facts and fancy words. These boys just need someone like them who’ll be able to relate easily.

Taeyong -> Mark would like a very philosophical partner; someone who knows a lot about a lot and has a lot of theories and thoughts surrounding certain topics. So basically someone whose a bit of a bookworm and is up to have late midnight conversations about the world and history and why things are the way they are. They wouldn’t have to be a genius or super clever or anything, but at least have a fascination with the world and a busy mind.

Yuta -> Haechan would never admit to this but would be secretly intimidated by people who are “intellectuals” or very clever. Let’s be honest, these guys have a fairly big ego and probably like to think that they’re clever all the time. But wold kind of be scared off by people who actually have the knowledge and capability to correct them. As long as they were modest with their knowledge and not rude about correcting him ,there wouldn’t be an issue.

Ten -> WinWin, I see as more likely to date someone artistic over “clever”. Like someone who dances or sings or raps or draws. They have a very creative mind, more so over a logical one and would find more things in common with someone like them. But, it could work either way - as long as they shared an interest in the same things roughly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

anonymous asked:

Unpopular opinion on Danny in the defenders; he should have been cast Asian, right? Isn't his character asian in like EVERY OTHER cartoon/comic? I was so confused the first time I watched it, I could be wrong tho idk,, ((I love Jessica, Matt, and Luke tho, they are my children I would die for lmao))

I agree with you that they should have cast him as an Asian man and stop being afraid/too stupid to cast people of color in movies/shows.  

But in any cartoon/comic I have seen/read he is a rich, white, blond, man, so I mean they didn’t cast him wrong (persay), but I find the whole concept of Danny Rand being the Iron Fist dumb in the first place. The comic writers should have made him Asian from the get-go.

That being said, it doesn’t excuse these people for being unwilling to make changes. Starfire from DC comics was originally white (an alien really but whatever) and they just cast a Black woman to play her, and I think that is wonderful, people need to pull the candy-corn outta their butts and realize that the majority of people are not white, and those people all deserve to be represented in entertainment too. 

Anyway, I am getting off topic, yes Anon I think they should have made a change to the character and had him played by an Asian man, but I am not a fan of Iron Fist in the first place (kinda because of this reason) so I can’t speak as one of his comic readers/lovers. 

Anydoodles, I am in love with Matt and Jessica, I couldn’t help myself and I just finished watching Daredevil and I am now into Jessica Jones, and after that, I will probably be watching Luke Cage (I have an addiction) those characters they did a great job on. 

anonymous asked:

fun ask: if you could talk to a member of bts who would you want to talk to and about what?

this is the hardest question i have gotten in a long while what is this :-)

‘fun‘ ask my ass

jk i think this is a fun question n id love to read other ppl responses to this too so pls comment on this ask if u have any ideassss!! ok? good

this can get long so..

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Hi guys pls read

Hi guys, hope y'all are doing great 💖💖 Took the time to make this post because a friend of mine and her mom have been struggling a lot with money lately and her moms gonna lose her job soon and they don’t have money for their meds and they both suffer illnesses and they NEED their meds, there’s barely money for rent and other important stuff like groceries, shampoo/conditioner/soap tooth paste u know what I mean. It would really mean a lot to me and her if you would just help with whatever u can, even a dollar is helpful. Their situation is pretty bad, if you pass it on that’d be great too 🙂

thanx guys love y'all 💞💞

anonymous asked:

YOU are absolutely a stunning and wonderful creature of this Earth. I am so glad you ARE blessing us with your writing. Every single line of work is SO completely captivating. What a WONDERFUL person we have on Tumblr, everyone.

you’re going to make me cry, pls i’m so happy to be able to have this platform that lets me share my writing with you guys like i never in a million years would have thought anyone would read this stuff, let alone enjoy it, so to see that it makes you guys happy or to see that you enjoy it really warms my heart so much, and hearing you guys say such wonderful and kind things about me really means so much too, i honestly can’t believe it still, i love you lots and thank you so much for all the kind words, really

anonymous asked:

Hi admins! I read a fic a while ago and I lost it, It was about Jungkook finding out he had a choking kink after some girl jerked him off backstage and choked him so they couldn't hear him, he decided to ask rapmon for help since he was the best option out of the other members (more of a fwb thing). Basically Jungkook jerked off and Rapmon choked him when he got close to orgasming so kookie could find out if he had a choking kink or not (he did). It would mean a lot if you could help me.

I haven’t read this one but I’m super interested, like, pls. PLS. I could beg but I’m too lazy so just be a sweetheart and LINK THE FIC PLS

- N

anonymous asked:

hey I really like your fics but I read that you're going to go as lara croft to the gay and lesbian parade in sydney and I saw your kickstarter video for the other story and no offense but I don't think you should :/ There's lots of other characters that would suit how old you are and that your a bit bigger better if you know what I mean. pls don't publish this btw

Please specify the exact age and weight cut off that prevent me from being allowed to play dressups as Lara Croft. If you have the time, it would also be SUPER helpful if you could take another quick look at my Kickstarter and tell me all the things I should change about myself so that people won’t judge me for doing it, too.

Are you fucking serious? What is it about cosplay that invites people to volunteer their judgment of women’s bodies?

Is it so incredibly offensive to you that a 32 year old overweight woman is dressing up as your favourite character? What is it about me being 32 and overweight which challenges you so much that you need to tell me to not? Babe, see that unfollow button? Click it. Problem solved, you don’t have to see your favourite character violated by a fat, old chick.

The most hurtful thing about this post is that you actually think you’re doing me a favour by encouraging me to be ashamed of myself. You know you’re doing it, too, because otherwise why would you ask me to not publish it?

Like you probably have, I’ve spent the best part of my life trying to disregard the constant messages all around me that I am not okay the way I am. Instead of trying to squish myself into that ideal and policing others to do the same,  however, I’ve decided to not.

When you tell a girl (or anyone) that she shouldn’t be wearing that because reasons, what the fuck makes you think you have the right to police what someone else wears? Why do you think you have authority over me? Do you think it’s your duty to put me in my place? Where is my place, actually?

Should I be having babies by now, maybe? Should I be locked away from the public eye where no one can see and be offended by my flabby arms? 

When you ‘helpfully’ tell a girl she’s not conventionally beautiful enough to do something, you are actively contributing to her oppression. If you’re a girl yourself, you’re contributing to your own oppression.

And fuck it, I don’t need to be Meagan Marie to cosplay and enjoy myself. I’m going to cosplay as Lara at the Mardi Gras, and I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m too old or do fat to do it. I’m going to have a great time.

hhi could you guys like my personal posts from now on even if i forget to put ‘like if u read’?? it helps me feel validated and noticed and help keeps some of my anxiety in check so tthat wouldvbe really great thanks.! 

and if you could tag me in the stuff i put under the read more it wwould mean a lot to mme you dont have to tag me in that stuff but it would be nice (p.s. jujst tag as #yuuki)

thankkyou for reading..!  (pls like if read!!!!)

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