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hi all- please respond with ur opinion of the WORST TO BEST BTS mvs (korean release singles) - going to make an article about it

no more dream ( debut song )
we are bulletproof pt 2
boy in luv
just one day
war of hormone
i need u
epilogue: young forever
save me
blood sweat and tears
spring day
not today
come back home

what is ur order from worst to best mv?

I reached 400 followers 

sometime last week but didn’t notice! So now it’s a 400+ follower celebration!!

r u l e s :

✼ mbf a very trashy marauders fan

✼ relog this post

✼ send 🙂 for a hp aesthetic

✼ send 😊 + a little about yourself for a marauders era ship (Specify girl/boy/both)

I hope this get more than 10 notes

Blacklist: Marx Celebrates 

(format under cut)

Harry Potter Aesthetics:

hogwarts house: Slytherin | Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff

ilvermorny house: Wampus | Horned Serpent | Thunderbird | Pukwudgie

era: Founder | Marauder | Lightning | Next Gen

pet: None | Cat | Toad | Owl | Rat | Illegal

best subject: Potions | DADA | Charms | Herbology | Transfiguration | Muggle Studies | History of Magic | Astronomy | Divination | Arithmancy | Alchemy | Ancient Runes | Care of Magical Creatures | Ghoul Studies

worst subject: Potions | DADA | Charms | Herbology | Trasfiguration | Muggle Studies | History of Magic | Astronomy | Divination | Arithmancy | Alchemy | Ancient Runes | Care of Magical Creatures | Ghoul Studies

wand core: Unicorn Hair | Dragon Heartstring | Veela Hair | Phoenix Feather | Thunderbird Feather | Wampus Cat Hair | Thestral Tail Hair | Troll Whisker | Kneazle Whisker | Dittany Stalk

blood status: Pureblood | Half Blood | Muggleborn

friend(s): (1-3)

best friend: (1)

Stop giving excuses in stealing & reposting someone’s work

It’s NOT OKAY to repost someone else’s work without permission regardless of whether you credit the author or not.

There is just no excuse, unless if the original creator permits you to. 

If you’re going to credit the original creator, you should share the original post by permalink and link it back to the actual post.

If you know someone has reposted another person’s work, help report them. Don’t let them think that they can repost other people’s stuff and still gain credit for it.

If you find someone’s work from another site and you like their work? Reblog it. Share it. Not repost. And if you can’t find the source to the original creator? Don’t even repost at all.

“B-b-but…. I found it on another site and there was no source” No.

“B-b-but…. I credited you” No.

“B-b-but…. I posted them because I like them.” No.

“B-b-but….” NO means NO. :))))))) 

hey since it’s autism acceptance day why don’t all y’all allistic allies out there reblog this post about an autistic person trying to make rent!

i make noise muffling headbands/beanies and padded arm protectors for self injuring episodes! all of these come in pain (1 solid color) or plants/space/animals i’ve been getting a ton of positive feedback on my products, all of which are under $22 dollars and have only $1 shipping.

please reblog so i can make my rent, help disabled people out, and aso hopefully get enough money for a therapy dog!

i haven’t sold anything in a couple of days so any reblogs could really help me!

etsy link for pangeamea

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  • halsey
  • melanie martinez
  • the 1975
  • fall out boy
  • p!atd
  • hayley kiyoko 
  • 21p


  • izombie
  • rick and morty (pls no incest)
  • adventure time
  • gravity falls
  • bob’s burgers
  • star vs. the forces of evil

video games:

  • borderlands
  • portal
  • life is strange
  • fable
  • honestly any video games i want more video games in my life please


  • good mythical morning / rhett and link
  • jacksepticeye
  • wiishu
  • markiplier / teamiplier
  • game grumps

my dash gets dead a lot so i just really want more ppl to follow 

Shout out to native mlm whose tribes aren’t accepting of their sexuality ✨

Shout out to native mlm who constantly have to deal with being told “you don’t look native!” ✨

Shout out to native mlm who do look native and are discriminated for it on top of being mlm ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair for spiritual reasons ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who don’t want to cut their hair just because they like it ✨

Shout out to native trans mlm who do want to cut their hair short ✨

My native boys out there never get any love so shout out to Native mlm!!! Feel free to add more!
The Relationship Between Class and Personality Type
This test will compare your OCEAN personality type (Open-mindedness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) and your dark triad types (Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy) with your main class in TF2. This model is split into three parts: • The OCEAN personality test will have fifty questions (don't worry they're easy) • The Dark Triad personality test will have fifteen questions (they're a little more difficult) • The final section only has six questions (they're supah simple yo) This test is a simplified model and is based on others such as the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, if you would like a more detailed psychological test, please check out The Big Five Project: . Thanks! Monsieur Saboteur

A TF2 Survey made by Monsieur Saboteur


I have a friend who was just outed to her mom, who isn’t taking it well. She needs another place to stay for a bit. Can anyone help out? Reblogs appreciated

So, as a small amount of you know my apartment was robbed last week while David and I were out. Lucky(eye rolls) for me, we’ve been robbed before and we’re now pretty good about locking our tv cabinet so none of the electronics were stolen. We’re pretty sure it was the crazy nazi bitch who lived here before us because our landlord apparently didn’t switch the keys when we moved in last month despite knowing the old tenant still had a set. A lot of our kitchen appliances, console controllers(that we left out to charge), video games, art supplies(cries), among other things were stolen. I waited to post about it to see what David and I could gather ourselves from friends, family, and goodwill but we’re still short money to recover all the items we need plus paying for new locks and keys(which I don’t understand why we’re paying but okay.) If you’re able to help out it would deeply appreciated but I completely understand everyone who can’t! If you can reblog this though, that would be great, I won’t make money this upcoming week because I have to go to Idaho to deal with some family issues. 

I added some of the items that we’re stolen to my amazon list but you could also purchase something from my shop or donate to my paypal(email is! Thank you again to everyone who has showed me support thus far and everyone who is kind enough to do so now! May your locks be strong and your homes be protected.💚

Amazon List | Etsy Store


This should be like our Last donation post EVER if things go right! Please read and rb

my girlfriend and I are two trans and gay people trying to move out of abusive homes. I am disabled and working a job that pays 8.25 an hour that is making my chronic pain worse as well as caus8ng some New issues for me. Tia is working wtna brand new job as TESLA which is going to pay really well and hopefully keep us afloat as my disability information is processing Basically we are right around the corner from being well off.

The issue? Because Tia is so new with her job, she took an extra week to be put into the payroll system, and now our move in date falls just THREE DAYS earlier than her first paycheck. I will be paid $180 this week and she is getting $60 from some work she is doing for her family. The 60 unfortunstely needs to go right into groceries and gas this week so we don’t starge and can get to work. That leaves us with $180 and our rent, which is currently $280. we only need $100 to be on our way to being independant from abusive transphobic homes!

This is the absolute LAST time that we will be needing money from peoples donations. I havent been incredibly successful here but it has kept us able to est the last few months so I am asking that if you are able to PLEASE drop us a few bucks this week! I do art commissions as well


love to fanfic authors ask game!

reblog this so your readers can tell you what they love about your fic writing !!

1. favourite fic overall
2. favourite headcanon
3. favourite line
4. favourite scene
5. favourite au
6. favourite canon
7. favourite characterisation
8. favourite joke
9. favourite sad bit
10. favourite one shot
11. favourite series
12. favourite fic to reread

Gross blog warning

Alright, so an aquaintince of mine named lena stumbled across a blog known as lesbian-rehab-program and the blog contains as they described “a bunch of straight porn with captions like ‘take that you filthy lesbo c-nt’ and are tagged as feminism and lesbian.

Obviously im asking yall to report and block the blog since it’s disgusting and lesbophobic. I’d also like you all to signal boost so other sapphics/lesbians can know about the blog as well since it’s completely repulsive, thank you.

Be More Chill stickers now available here!

The BMC stickers I made are now available on Etsy! You have the option to buy 1, 2, 4, or the whole set, and you can choose between matte or vinyl stickers. Any orders are made to order, and I make/ship them as soon as possible once they’re ordered.  If you have any questions, please contact me either on etsy or here!

Thanks, guys!