pls like the post or ill delete this

My dash is??? Super dead in terms of things I like so pls pls like/reblog/reply/whatever you’d like heck submit a smiley face to me if you want if you post about any of the following and I’ll check ur blog out and probably follow you:

•Gravity Falls
•Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy’s Law
•Steven Universe
•Yuri on Ice
•Lego Ninjago
•Kung Fu Panda
•Miraculous Ladybug
•Avatar the Last Airbender/LoK
•History memes
•Disney movies in general
•Fandomy stuff regarding YA books (or classic-probably-read-in-high-school books I’m always a sucker for roasting Victor Frankenstein)
•Glowy aesthetic?? Please

And I think that’s about it. Please don’t like/reblog/etc if you post nsfw or gory stuff thanks c:

‘아주 NICE’ ft mini jellyfish animation

i need (want) to follow more blogs so reblog if you post:

•the 1975
•modern baseball
•childish gambino
•+ similar artists
•dogs !!!!
•”personal” type posts??
•like ?? capital letters over pics??
•whatever idk pretty girls and clothes and stuff
• ??? just nice things like nature and cute animals
•art !!!!!
•thats it ??

reblog & ill check u out ok

ok, so i get asked alot what my favorite blogs are, so i’ve decided to make a favorites page/tab. 

to be considered you must

  • be following me
  • reblog this post ATLEAST once (you can like to use as a bookmark but it wont be counted) 

for a higher chance 

  • talk to me (im rlly nice ) 
  • tag a post with #tumblruserfrownful and talk about why you would like to be chosen
  • do something cool or cute for me (idk ) 

perks of being chosen

  • you will receive a spot on my blog under a faves page/tab
  • my friendship (im super cool and nice)
  • a follow if not so already
  • i might also queue off you

i will chose around 10 blogs ( maybe more) when this reaches enough notes

if this doesnt get any notes ill delete it and pretend it never happened (reblog pls)

holy shit it’s real

my first ever follow forever!!! I meant to do this back in December but things got too hectic aaa;; but anyway! wow this last year has been crazy. I’ve made a lot of new friends and I came out of my shell, learning so much about myself. but enough about me!! here’s some of my great friends, mutuals, and people I’ll definitely follow forever!!

(art cred to m1nktank!)

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