pls like my art i rly try

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pls dont draw thomas w wavy hair

Omg.. I’m so sry for this picture  XDDDD

But yes u got a point.. i rly can’t draw afro’s..and I rly try to make pogress on that. Before my helpless animation literally practice thomas like 10 fucking times and in the end i had the feeling i never fucked up so bad before XD. I just hope that it gets better.. Till than pls bear with my wavy-wrong haired Thomas.. or ignore me Idk XD 


[shows up at the winter palace 15 minutes late with a starbucks]

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Ehhh... trying to start an art blog??? Pls don't. ur rly shitty at it.

Wow, rude.
And how mature. I guess you’re only someone of these “UGH YOU’RE RACIST”-guys, trying to be intimidating because you’re pissed off by my statement and because I called you RUDE, OOH! :0
Let’s review:
You set an ANONYMOUS hatred-post.
This is actually the most ridiculous thing you can do. If you had the guts, you would just answer to my statement.
Not to be salty, but, this is BULLSHIT.
Like… This is so disgusting. :’D You tell me I’m a shitty artist. I’ve uploaded 4(?) pieces of my work.
Once, you were as “shitty” as I, because nobody draws perfect since they got out their Mama’s belly.
Friendly reminder.

You cringy little piece of broccoli.