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you are the moon that breaks the night (TEASER) - reddie werewolf au

note: okay dudes, this is a fic im working on and hoping to make it a pretty long one so! it’s based off of an old wives tale, i won’t say which bc i dont want to spoil the whole thing BUT i hope you like it!! it’s definitely not perfect/edited/the final vers. but i just wanted to post a little thing to see if you guys were interested! let me know! ♡
words: 1245

Derry had always been a strange town; from the witch coven that ran it in the 1800s, the harpy infestation in 1926, that small period of time around the 40s when their town was actually overrun with godling creatures, it goes on. Derry’s had no shortage of supernatural experiences. Apparently, that’s not the case anywhere else, but as unusual and frankly, dangerous, their town was, no one ever seemed to leave.

Eddie Kaspbrak was born, raised, and making a life in Derry, just like he always promised himself he wouldn’t. He tried, he really did. Moved to a whole other state and everything, but after a month he couldn’t stand how boring the whole thing seemed. Living in Derry was a gamble on your life every day, but at least it was entertaining.

The latest disturbance, according to a group of game hunters in the area, has been a werewolf the size of a mack truck.

“Ain’t hurt ‘nybody far as I know, but the farmers are gettin’ real upset 'bout their livestock.”

Eddie put his fork down, the clink of silverware loud in the near-empty diner. “Where’d you see it?”

The hunter who spoke turned around and inspected him. “By the clearin’ behind the quarry. I wouldn’t go out there if I was you, boy. Skinny thing like you-’ll be nothin’ but a light snack to that beast.”

Eddie forced himself to laugh. “Yeah, no of course not. I’m not an idiot.”

He was an idiot.

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So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.

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Don’t make the mistake of associating popularity with quality.

How Exo Was Formed

SM: Okay you boys have all been called here because I’m forming a super group that will be the new face in fashion, media and the foreign markets.

Staff: *ahem* And don’t you mean in music as well sir?

SM: Sure, if that’s a side effect of fame we’ll go that route too. So! I have brought in 12 of the finest boys here to audition to show me if they are worth a place in EXO! Who’s first?

Baekhyun: Hello I’m Baekhyun. Some call me Baek you can call me “Bank” I have enough personality for even the slower ones in the room *eyes Kai* andddd enough charisma to become the center of all fanfictions.

SM: You’re arrogant, rude and demeaning…..I like you! You’re in! Okay who else is next?

Kris:  Honestly I think you should be the one asking me if I want to be in this “boy band” not the other way around..

SM: We need you here  to cash in on the Chinese babes weekly allowances, just lose the smirk and promise to stick around for the next 10 years.

Kris: *pulls out 2014 calendar and smiles to himself*

Suho: I’m Junmyeon, Um I’m really nice and I like everyone and I-

SM: You’ve been skulking these halls since ‘98 why should I let you debut??

Suho: *pulls out black visa*

SM: You’re in! NExt!


SM: A man of few words….reminds me of myself! You’re in!

Luhan: I’m really attractive.

Staff: And???

SM: LEave this DEER boii ALONE! Being attractive is a talent!  I’m not YG, I hire with my eyes.

Chanyeol: Please let me in. Yes I know I look like a cotton swab after it’s been in an ear-

Tao: Ew

Chanyeol: -But just give me a few years and I’ll be the face of this amazing group!

Baek: Um first I called dibs on being “Exo” and second you’ll only ever be the face of the group if for some reason we only had 8 people performing instead of 12 and that’ll never happen so-

Kris: Ummm I’m just asking for a friend but is this contract null in China?

Staff: What??

SM:  Channie you’re in! Moving on… who’s the panda looking guy on the verge of tears?

Tao: Hi!!! I’m Zitaaoooooo! *claps for himself* I can do martial arts!

SM: Hmm…I need people who can bend over backwards for me…okay you’re through.

Lay: I’m Yixing.




Yixing: You’re the Staff.

Staff: I don’t get paid enough for this.

SM: He’s in.

Xiumin: I’m Minseok, I’m really good at being a level headed middle of the road type. I make girls say “awh” by only breathing.

SM: Sure you’re in let’s wrap this up I have an appointment at “I Have Better Things To Do” who are you three?

Chen: *sings nervously in 8 octaves*


Kai: I don’t really know.

Staff: Taemin said he could dance, but to not ask him any difficult questions.

SM: Poor boy…in!

Sehun: I’m just here because there’s a real lack of visuals and you need a maknae…. and because my mom told me I had to leave my room and do something productive today…..



SM: I don’t even know how to respond. I’ll let you in on a 4 year “3 lines per song” basis.

Sehun: Sounds fair.

SM: You may leave.

*all trainees get up and exit*

Staff: So do I resign in person or can i turn it in by email??

SM: Shut up peon. We did a good thing today. I can almost smell the money in the air!

Staff: Really? I smelled at least 3 divas, a broken contract, and a badly pronounced potato.

SM: Don’t be so negative! Just wait in a few years we’ll make another supergroup with 50 members!

Staff: Pls tell me you’re kidding

SM: I’m not.

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Some stuff I posted on twitter :D 

so there’s this part in chapter 62 where simon and baz are lying on the carpet in front of the fireplace holding hands, and when baz asks simon if he was on the List Of Things to Not Think About, simon says ‘trying not to think about you is like trying not to think about an elephant thats standing on ur chest’ and baz just has a good few moments of fond reflection before he starts smiling and says 'i dont know if that’s a compliment or…’ and they’re giggling and idk the idea that baz is a teenaged boy still baffles me sometimes, but its scenes like that one where the casualness of it is so lovely? its easy to relate to and thats what makes reading carry on so nice

Alright, my dudes.  I would like to thank @fevers-and-flus for helping me out with a very poorly worded paragraph. I’m also gonna thank @toosicktoocare and @itisasign for helping me with some ideas.  This came out to be about 4700 words, give or take so yeah. Thank you in advance for reading it, I really appreciate it. 

Shiro walked through the door of his practice, pulling on his white lab coat.
“Hey, Hunk.” Shiro grinned, greeting the receptionist.  “How are you?”
“Ohhh…It’s been a morning to say the least.” He chuckled, handing Shiro a small stack of files. 
“Two parents called to cancel their kids’ appointments, and then three new parents called for appointments. Oh, and Pidge called.”
Shiro was flipping through the files until Hunk mentioned his sister had called, and then he looked up quickly.  “What?”

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~regular scenarios, oneshots, headcanons~

~~for requested drabble quotes masterlist, click here~~


Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)


Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)


Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)


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Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)

Boyfriend! (HEADCANONS)


Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)


Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)


Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)

Boyfriend! (HEADCANONS)


Too Sweet (FLUFF; drabble one-shot)

Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)



Mornings with SVT (FLUFF)



Boyfriend! (HEADCANONS)

Beach Date (FLUFF ; one- shot scenario)


signs as 2jae things that happened within the FIRST week of never ever promotions

aries: it’s just a microphone guys pls 

taurus: i’d rather stare at you than this cake we’re supposed to be making

gemini: wHOOP wHOOP

cancer: he snatched my mic but instead of being anger let me just give him heart eyes and finger hearts

leo: wow that’s not part of the dance jaebum but okay ig


libra: jaebum clinging onto youngjae as per- oh wait no now its youngjae clinging onto him hnNNGG OKAY


sagittarius: youngjae’s aegyo attack which has jaebum a smiling mess (we’re all yugy in this situation)

capricorn:lets take pictures together for the first time in 2000 years to remind everyone we’re still the cutest

aquarius: lets take a photoshoot together for the first time in 200 years to remind everyone we’re still the hottest

pisces: “not to be repetitive but we really are the hottest boyfriends…we’re also vocal kings so there’s that

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RFA finding out MC is a police officer


◉ Yoosung 

  • Sh00OOOK 
  • Now he knows why you seem so…toned and strong oMG 
  • Immediately wanting details on the scariest things you have encountered 
  • Brags to all of his LOLOL friends 
  • Never shuts up about it tbh he is so proud 
  • Lots of “my girlfriend can kick your ass” 
  • Calls constantly and Yoosung picks up the phone thinking it’s for him and she’s like 
    • “…Yoosung, be a good boy and put MC on for me please, dear.”
    • “Ugh…It’s for you again, mom is calling. She didn’t even ask about my day!” T_T
    • “Hello?” You ask quietly 
    • “Hello, dear. I was just calling to make sure you were home safe and…” 
  • Low Key turned on by this fact that you are an officer 
  • High Key wondering if you have handcuffss…>.>….

◉ Jumin 

  • Tons of respect right away 
  • He really respects laws, rules, regulations etc 
  • Admires that you risk your life to uphold the law 
  • But also sends body guards to watch you…just in case 
    • “Jumin…I have been trained. Please just let me do my job and call off the body guards” 
    • “I need you safe, this is for your own good and they’re far enough away that-”
    • “JUMIN!” 
  • Fortunately…you actually KNOW a few of his body guards from the academy so as soon as you ask them, they back off 
  • They let you work and they go off, pretending they’re been tailing you all day when they report to Jumin but they haven’t 

◉ Zen 

  • W-WHAT?!
  • He practically jumps when he finds out 
  • Thinks it is amaziiiiiing 
  • He is so worried about you, though???
  • Has portrayed a police officer but the real thing is completely different and he is a wreck every day wondering if you are alright
  • Sends you a lot of messages even from set 
    • ‘Baaabe~ thinking of you!
    • ‘Hope my sweetie has eaten already! Pls make sure you don’t skip any meals!’
    • ‘My Honeyy please message me when you get the chance so I know you are okay! It’s late!’
  • Kind of awesome that you double as his cutie pie S/O as well as a body guard if need be haha!

◉ Jaehee 

  • She doesn’t even hesitate 
    • “How very admirable. I am very proud of you!” 
  • Thinks you are the bees knees 
  • Lives for training with you 
  • She actually introduces you to her Dojo 
  • It’s not only for her to get better but for you, too 
  • She wants to make sure that you are always safe 
  • Everyone in the RFA is completely afraid when you two are together 
  • At any moment, if one of them says something wrong either of you could kick their butts

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He was pretty shocked at first when he found out 
  • You guys have kinda been on opposite ends of the law 
  • Whenever you ask what he is up to he tells you you need a search warrant to find out 
  • Lots of cop jokes 
  • Also….extra worried about you 
  • Constantly tapping in to police scanners and surveillance to keep tabs on you 
  • Just to be sure…
  • More than a few times have you guys been play fighting and it turns a bit serious…
  • Into a sort of hot, serious, grappling match where you are both using your training to try and best one another until you are exhausted and sweaty and dinner is like probably burning on the stove or something 

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sincerely 3 cuddles headcannons; Connor

i absolutely love connor so here you go;

-the boy is literally like a fucking tree, so he’s almost always the big spoon

-the first time he initiated cuddles it was out of anger

-someone had said something to him and he was ranting to you 

- ‘get the fuck over here’

-he just s q u e ez es you and it kind of hurts because his grip is so tight

-you don’t say anything until he finishes ranting and then you’re like 

’con im literally getting smushed to death pls let me go’

-he just kinda glances down at you and turns beet fucking red before letting you go

-it’s kinda a thing now, you cuddle when one of you is angry or annoyed

-like one of you will be pacing around the room and the other will just grab the angry one mid-pace and make them fall into their arms

-and you just stay like that, still ranting

-usually it ends up that you fall asleep cuddling with each other

-connor still sometimes holds you a little too tight when he’s v angry

-you have on more then one occasion had to cut him off mid-rant to tell him you couldn’t breath

-and that usually diffuses the situation and he laughs and you just look up at him with so much love because his god damn smile is so cute and he’s got a cute little blush

-he l o v e s it when you’re on his lap and he just nuzzles his face into your neck and you m e l t

-he’s not a huge fan of cuddling in front of your friends but like I said he’s so down for you just sitting on his lap and he’ll just kinda stay silent while you talk to zoe about some ‘girly shit’ and bounce you up and down a lil’ bit while his hands are around your waist

-its fucking adorable you’re just sitting there beaming and being the little ray of sunshine you are and he’s wearing all black silently but there’s just a lil’ smile because the boy is so stupidly in love

-when you sleep he goes back and forth between wanting to just be on his own side of the bed and wanting to hold you



Originally posted by navigaero

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Hiii great work!! can u do one about her not being liked by the fans??? Or something like that? Thanks xo

Warnings: Angst?? Dissing? Idk?

A/N: Ok so this might not be one of my best work but like pls bear w me, I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!!

“And now we’re back with the one and only, Shawn Mendes!” The interviewer announced making Shawn smile and wave at the camera

“Hello!” He said not being able to wipe the smile off of his face

“Lovely to have you here! We also hear that you are now officially on the market again!” The interviewer said enthusiastically 

“It’s good to be here! And… yeah I’m single.” he said trying so hard to not let his smile fall

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battle scars (jon snow)

Prompt: Robert Baratheon had come and burned down the whole village, slaughtering the men and raping the women. You’d been young then but Robert Baratheon did not care. He took you with him and soon gave you to the filthiest brothel that he could find. Fast forward almost 8 years and you’ve been destined to meet the legendary Jon Snow.

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warnings: mentions of rape/death/murder/harassment, baelish being a creep, language

A/N: hello hi i hope you guys like this! it moves faster than my other fics but that might be a good thing LOL. keep in mind that robert baratheon is a lot more evil and terrible in this fic than he is in the show/books. same goes for baelish kinda. pls let me know what you think! XOXOX (!!!!!!GIFS ARE NOT MINE!!!!!!)

“Are you ready to meet Jon Snow?” Petyr Baelish leans against the doorframe, looking you up and down as you dress yourself.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” you roll your eyes at him and he hisses, swiftly making his way over to you and turning you around to face him.

“That is not a good answer, little Y/N. Jon Snow might be a bastard, but he’s Lord Stark’s bastard, so you will treat him as you would a Lord. He’s turned down Ros, I’d rather he didn’t turn down another one of my whores. Is that understood?” He leans his head down and you can feel his hot breath across the bottom of your face.

“Understood, my Lord,” you whisper, looking down as a smirk grows on Baelish’s face.

“That’s a good girl,” he traces his fingers up your arm and across your collarbones, slowly making his way down the valley of your plump breasts. “Don’t worry, I won’t tire you out. I just want to make sure you’ve prepared properly.”

Petyr whispers blessings under his breath and unties the front of your dress, slipping his fingers underneath and skimming them across the bottom of your breasts. He pushes your dress off, letting his fingers skim across your every curve, pinching and squeezing as he wills himself not to push you any further.

“Ser?” A soft voice pulls Petyr away from you, leaving you bare for the girl to see. “Jon Snow is here for Y/N.”

Petyr nods and the girl goes away, a smirk coming back to Petyr’s face. “We shall continue tomorrow, my darling. Now, remember: Jon Snow doesn’t leave here until he cums inside of your pathetic little cunt. Is that understood?”

“Yes, my lord,” you nod, almost sneering at Petyr as he ties up the front of your dress.

“Good girl,” he winks and makes his way out, sending Jon Snow in soon after.

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

You’d heard about how handsome the bastard of the North was: how his curly locks somehow looked even better under all the snow, how his low calm voice managed to woo even the most faithful, how his dark brown eyes melted even the coldest hearts. You thought you’d prepared yourself, thought you were ready to see him. But the second he stepped into the room, you felt your heart in your throat and your breaths completely stopped.

“Y-Y/N?” Jon Snow whispers nervously, his eyes studying your face as you snap out of your daze. You immediately plaster a soft smile on your face and walk over to him.

“That would be me,” you reach over behind him and close your door, ensuring the utmost privacy for Jon Snow.  You look up only to find him already staring at you. You stop for a moment, faltering at the intensity of his gaze. He’s looking at you like you’ve known each other forever, like he’s found something he thought he’d lost. You clear your throat, pulling both him and yourself out of your thoughts. “And you’re Jon Snow,” you smile and gently hold his hand, allowing him to move out of your grasp if he’d so like.

“Indeed I am,” he chuckles nervously and looks around your living quarters.

“I’ve done everything in my power to ensure that no one can see or hear us,” you lead him to your bed and gently push him down in a sitting position. “Is there anything you’d like for me to know or anything you’d like to ask me before we start?”

Jon thinks for a moment, eyes looking everywhere but you. You’re gorgeous, breathtaking even. You could be doing anything and yet here you are. No woman would do this willingly, at least none that he knew. What brought you into this world? Why did you stay? What family do you belong to? Where did you grow up? What–?

“H-how long have you been doing this?” He questions before he can stop himself, slowly looking up at you and causing you stiffen. The questions stops your every movement; out of any possible conversation starter, Jon Snow asked you about the one thing you worked so hard to forget.

All the horrible memories came rushing back, normally they didn’t do that until you were asleep. Your breathing becomes shallow and you lose track of your surroundings, desperate to scream out. But you heard Baelish, you had to do anything for Jon Snow. Just as you opened your mouth to answer, Jon starts shaking his head apologetically.

“Sorry, sometimes I don’t know when to stop talking,” he whispers and try as you might you can’t find it in you to send him away. “I understand it must be tough to even think of how you got here, let alone talk about it. I don’t want you to–I could just–I should leave. I’m sorry for bothering you, I should–”

“Hey,” you whisper, placing a hand on his shoulder as you stand between his legs. “I-I can tell you. It’s just not the most arousing story ever.”

“I, I understand,” he nods, looking up at you as you run your free hand through his curls. “You could sit next to me if you’d like. Or I could hold you if you wanted?”

He watches you, innocent as ever with sparkles of curiosity. And you watch him, confused as to why he’d care about you. Then it clicked. He may be Lord Stark’s son, but he’s still a bastard. Life couldn’t have been kind to him. You felt an odd connection to him, one you’d forbidden yourself from ever feeling.

You lean down and press a soft kiss against his forehead, despite years of betrayal and pain telling you to turn the other way. You lean down and slowly start removing Jon’s coat and armour. He looks at you, about to protest and you give him a smile, assuring him you just want him to get more comfortable. So he relaxes a bit, closing his eyes as your fingers skim across his back and chest. You set his items aside and walk over to him, pushing him towards the headboard and laying next to him. He wraps an arm around you and you don’t oppose.

“Are you still sure you want to hear my story?” You look over to him and he nods, a slight frown settling across his features. So you nod and look anywhere but his face and you start your story. “I was 11 years old, Jon Snow. I was 11 years old when Robert Baratheon, the mighty King burned my village down and murdered my family, my friends, my neighbours. I was 11 years old when I was ripped from my mother and raped by Robert and his filthy soldiers, all while my mother forcefully watched. He murdered her soon after and then sold me to this place,” you point to your surroundings, a few tears falling down your face and escaping your notice. “I was raised here, Jon Snow. This is all I know.”

Jon brings a hand up and you flinch, still in your earlier mindset. Once you realize what you’ve done, you open your mouth to apologize and he shakes his head, pulling you closer and wiping your tears away.

“It’s just me, it’s just Jon Snow,” he whispers, brushing his lips against your hair as you regain control of your emotions. “I am going to rip Robert Baratheon’s head off the next time I see him.”

“You can’t do that, no,” you shake your head and sit up, looking into Jon’s eyes and seeing nothing but compassion and warmth.

“Why not? He’s a terrible man, you know that. We all know that, why can’t I rip his damn head off?” He nearly yells out, hurting for your younger self. His hands are balled into fists, head turned away from you.

“Because you can’t rule the Seven Kingdoms from six feet under, everyone knows that,” you whisper with a smile on your face, hoping to assuage Jon’s anger.

“What? What’s that supposed to mean?” He turns back to face you, a small smile on his face.

“If anyone should be King, it’s you, Jon Snow,” you smile at him, and you can’t seem to remember the last time you actually smiled.

“You’ve got a beautiful smile,” Jon whispers and leans forward, pressing a kiss against your forehead as he gently pulls you into his lap. “I only brought you into my lap because I want to hold you… and protect you.”

“You’re sweet and I’m certainly not complaining, but you paid for me to–”

“I paid for your company, and if Baelish gives you a hard time, I’ll lie and make up ways that I was able to keep you quiet. Is that okay?” He runs his fingers through your hair and you place a light kiss against his cheek.

“That’s perfect. Now, let’s compare battle scars, shall we?”

  • annoying
  • so annoying you wonder how you even manage to date him sometimes
  • you introduce him to people as your “significant annoyance”
  • boy does he test your patience
  • and boy does he do it often
  • teases you constantly about your height
  • puts things on high shelves so you can’t reach
  • watches you suffer
  • calls you short while you attempt to get it
  • “shut up johnny I am average height !!!”
  • “since when is average height 3’5” dwarf”
  • “I will end your life tree man !!”
  • calls you 19287298 different pet names
  • mostly loser, gremlin, drawf, smol, hobbit
  • doesn’t really use normal pet names but sometimes he whips out a synonyms of one
  • like infant woman instead of baby girl or glucose instead of sugar
  • but really he’s a sweetheart
  • like when you first start dating he’s kinda ???? he doesn’t really know how to read your moods and like when to stop and you guys used to have a lot of fights bc of it
  • but he would always do something really cute to make it up to you
  • like after your first fight he didn’t know what to do and you were ignoring his calls
  • so he text you to open your door after like 3 hours and you ignored it because you didn’t want to see him
  • but when you eventually did he wasn’t there
  • tho there was a bouquet of flowers, your favourite takeout and a lil card
  • and he was just saying how much he loves you and he’s sorry and how he knows when you’re sad you don’t eat
  • so he got you the takeout because he knows you’d never waste it
  • and you were crying because you love him so much and that was so sweet and u called him and made him come over and eat with you
  • so good at cheering you up???
  • you come home and you’re tired and sad
  • and there he is
  • in a blanket fort
  • nd youre like ???? because why is he in a blanket fort ??
  • you’re like three steps in the door and he’s yelling at you to get in your pjs
  • when you come back in your pjs he’s got hot chocolate and your fav movie on
  • and you’re like ?? how did he know??
  • nd he’s like we can talk about it after the movie
  • nd he sits and he strokes your hair while you tell him what happened
  • no matter how terrible he will cheer you right up
  • like you don’t know how he does it but he can always make you smile
  • fun fun fun fun fun
  • F UN !!!!!!!
  • is always taking you on adventures even if you’re just at home in the living room its an adventure
  • time goes so fast with him like you guys never feel like you have enough time together
  • time also goes back because he makes you feel like a kid again
  • always wants to help
  • like you’re baking cookies and hes like “what we doing let me help pls”
  • and you’re like johnny no
  • because last he helped the cookies were burned along with three of his fingers
  • so he’s only allowed to hand you things and watch
  • always brings ten on dates
  • sometimes you feel like you’re the third wheel not ten
  • sometimes johnny forgets he’s meant to be on a date with you and not ten tbh
  • he brought him on your first few dates because he was nervous and sort of awkward and kept looking at him for help
  • you sort of felt like you were dating ten
  • after you guys had been dating for a year he got you a promise ring
  • nd he wanted to make it really romantic(and cheesy lets be real)
  • so he put it in your cake
  • well more like he thought he put it in your cake
  • really he put it in ten’s
  • ten wouldn’t give it back and when he finally did you wouldn’t take it because you thought it was too funny and johnny was so flustered
  • so ten kept it and wears it
  • and brings it up whenever possible
  • johnny loves to hug you
  • hugs all the time
  • will smother you without even realising
  • he just loves having his arms around you
  • always has them around you or near you or on you
  • just likes knowing you are near and an arms distance away
  • he also loves to kiss your forehead
  • and your lips
  • thinks its funny to watch u lean on your tip toes to reach him and kiss his forehead
  • but you can never reach so you just kiss his nose
  • which he thinks is the cutest thing ever
  • always picks you up and you’re never having it
  • like johnny pls stop let me down
  • and he always says something lame like “but this is the only way to carry a princess”
  • every day is johnnys fashion evaluation
  • you’re in the shower and he walks in and he’s like “joHNNY’S FASHION EVALUATION 2/10 COULD USE MORE CLOTHES”
  • but usually he uses it as an excuse to compliment you
  • dates are always fun and spontaneous
  • probably like late night walks and street food usually and some shopping see along the way
  • and he always gets so excited over things and you have to calm him down
  • but he’s like no NO LOOK AT THAT DOG
  • and you’re like johnny please that’s the seventh dog today
  • but it’s too late he’s crossed the street to pet it
  • he’s really pure
  • like you’re on a  date at the beach and he comes running up to you and you’re like johnny ???????
  • and he just holds a rock up next to your face??
  • nd you’re like ….listen boy what is this
  • nd he’s !! so !! excited !! because it’s the same colour as your eyes
  • so you have a tradition of finding things that match each others eye colour when you go out
  • and you have a box of things johnny has given you because theyre the colour of your eyes
  • he’s just such a sweetheart
  • and so cute and soft
  • love him !!!!!