pls let me adopt you

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i loved how brienne is first like 'omg you're so tiny, haha you're cute, i'll go easy on her' and then she slowly realizes she can FIGHT and she finally kicks arya and she falls and brienne is all 'shit i just kICKED LADY STARK'S DAUGHTER!!!' and then she just gets up and brienne is - '....oh my god i want to adopt you, can i adopt you? pls let me adopt you' i LOVED it, I've always loved them but most fics were always about brienne and sansa because of her quest i hope this brings more fics xDD

She and Davos need to Mom and Dad™ the hell out of those kids tbh

Update for Syrian Children in NY for Adoption.

Thank you guys for waiting. We had a few police officers check out the adoption and gather as much details as they can. This is an email sent from one of them below.

Fwd:Asalam Alaikum, Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation spreading regarding refugee foster children. There are no Syrian babies for adoption coming to the US. Refugee foster children are all teenagers, and only come to the US once they’ve been assigned a license foster family. Refugee foster children can not be adopted because we don’t have the consent of the birth parents. There are many Muslim refugee foster children that would love a Muslim home….however, they are not Syrian and they are not babies. If you are interested in adopting infants/young children, I would suggest you look in to international adoption. However, pls keep in mind, the Syria children are not yet in the system for international adoption. Pls let me know if you have any further questions. ThanksR–y-