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Yuri On Ice

I love how the anime is literally about ice skating and not about love but when it comes to animation and Victuri scene there’s such a huge differnce in quality like 








so i was wondering why JJ would see yuuri like some kind of bad bitch during his short program like what is this:

but then my mind was like “what if it happened like this” and this was the result enjoy

also im trying so hard not to cry about the end of season one pls kubo-sensei make a season 2 yoi is my lifeline thank you for such an amazing emotional roller coaster :’) 

UPDATE!!! the ever so talented @being-gay-on-ice wrote a fic for this comic and its amazing and i am so blessed that he did! You can find it here: please go check it out it you won’t regret it!! <3
ALSO!! @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon​ wrote a thing for this too omg i love u and will be eternally grateful!! :


JJ→July 15 

Leo→ August 2 

Minami→August 18 

Otabek→ October 31(today) 

Happy birthday to everyone!!! 



Kubo posted birthday drawings of JJ, Leo, Minami, and Otabek, today’s birthday boy! Leo is in Mexico!!

hi friends, im thinkin and cryign over my detroit bbies this fine sunday afternoon:

  • neither Phichit nor Yuuri are official members of each others fanclubs, much less presidents. they’re both far too busy being the pride of thailand and japan’s ace
    • their fanclubs lose their shit over their friendship 24/7 
    • Phichit and Yuuri love each other’s skating style. a lot of Phichit’s dance components have a heavy influence from Yuuri and Phichit’s flair for performance subtly rubs off on Yuuri. both of their fans love to analyze every frame of their skates for this
      • neither of them realize how much they’ve influenced each other’s skating until someone tweets Phichit a link to one of the analysis two years into their friendship. they both go around with the biggest smiles for the next week at least
  • Phichit and Yuuri’s favorite hobby is haunting Celestino with all of his awful (read: best) 90′s fashion
    • it results in super tight booty shorts 90% of the time and the rink blesses that fashion every damn day
    • Celestino mourns his thinning hair
  • listen. Celestino loves all his skating kiddos. he’s an endless well of papa bear love. but he loves Yuuri and Phichit the most
    • “i do not” he says, crying over the framed pic he has of him, phichit, and yuuri in his office. its from the last 4cc where phichit got bronze and yuuri got silver. a tear falls on picture him, who’s also crying
    • he absolutely brags about training Japan’s Ace and the Pride of Thailand
  • Celestino isn’t the best singer, but he sings with passion. he’s entirely okay with this until he challenges Yuuri to a car karaoke match and Yuuri reveals he has the voice of a goddamn angel
    • Celestino: >:TTTT the point is that we all sound awful together Yuuri >:TTTTTT
    • Yuuri: ?????????????????

carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Hey, Vitya, have you seen my laptop?” Yuuri asked, looking around. “I swear I–”


“What?” He blinked, turning around and immediately backing up from the star-eyed, grinning Victor. “What?

“What did you just say?” Victor came closer, his steps like a predator’s who has just sniffed out its pray.

Yuuri swallowed. “Have you seen my laptop?”

“Before that,” Victor’s grin was so sharp, Yuuri had trouble focusing on anything else.

When his brain finally caught up to what Victor wanted to hear, heat rushed to Yuuri’s cheeks. It was a little embarrassing, because the name just slipped out of his mouth without any warning since he’d been thinking so much about surprising Victor and calling him that one day. It was even more embarrassing when Victor clearly wanted him to repeat it while staring closely at his lips.

Yuuri’s whole face reddened.


There was a moment of silence before… Victor squealed. Like a little girl that sees a doll she wants. He squealed and jumped on Yuuri, hugging him so tight it was hard to breathe. But Yuuri didn’t necessarily mind it.

“Once more,” Victor demanded.

Yuuri’s ears stung a little, red, but he repeated obediently, “Vitya.”

And Vitya giggled.

It was so unexpectedly cute that Yuuri couldn’t react at first. His heart was beating wildly in his chest for some reason and his breathing seemed to have stopped altogether. And then he chuckled too, and hugged Victor back, because his happiness was infectious and Yuuri didn’t feel like fighting it.

“You really like when I call you that?” he asked, smiling into Victor’s shoulder.

“You have no idea,” Victor replied, and Yuuri just knew he was grinning from his voice alone. “But there’s one more I want you to try.”

He pulled back a little, looking at Yuuri with sparkling eyes. How could Yuuri say no to that?

“What is it?”

“Try to say Vitenka.” Victor’s voice trembled a little and Yuuri thought he knew why since his own heart trembled as well.

Yuuri licked his suddenly dry lips and cleared his throat, gathering courage, very aware that Victor’s whole attention was tuned in on him.

“V-Vitenka,” he said, looking up at Victor.

The reaction was equally as intense as before, but so much more subtle. Victor’s cheeks flushed, his ears turned red, and his eyes widened so much Yuuri thought he would pass out. And the worst was: Victor was quiet. He wasn’t saying anything, wasn’t making any sounds at all, almost as if Yuuri’s words were a magical spell that froze him into a living statue.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked. “Are you okay?”

It snapped him out of the weird state. Victor blinked.

“Ah, yes, I’m okay.” He covered his mouth with a hand, looking away and mumbling, “It was just cuter than I imagined…”

Yuuri smiled, relieved. “Can we go back to the matter at hand then?”

“Yes, right.” Victor nodded and Yuuri looked about the room once more, turning his back on him. “What were you saying before, Yuu-chan?”

Yuuri was never struck with lightning, but in that moment he imagined it must have felt a little like that. His whole body froze, temperature suddenly rising until his face turned red up to the roots of his hair. Robotically, totally numb, he turned to Victor.


“Yuu-chan,” Victor repeated. “Did I pronounce it right?”

He did. Perfectly.

“Yuu-chan, are you okay?” Victor asked, concerned, but he was smiling as if he knew Yuuri’s internal dilemma.

And Yuuri was in deep, deep trouble.

  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez —;  ❝ Segunda Etapa.❞

or just coloring his eyes differently. What I always hoped to see was that Grimmjow achieves the second release form, much like Ulquiorra. Crosses fingers. Maybe, maybe if bleach gets continued it will happen or something else, like a new attack & more, because I really wanna know how much he has improved now. 


{ Happy First anniversary of YOI (and  almost Victuuri`s engagement), my dudes!!! }

Something never change: I still can`t believe that all of this is real :`) 

Something never change: I`m still ready to die for Kubo-sensei and all YOI staff.

Thank you. Just thank you for all.