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I’m going to do Newtina from this post because that’s the ship I instantly thought of when I saw it to here we go.

Drinks all the coffee: Tina. 
Brings up adopting a pet: Newt, and when Tina says no he opens his case and says “too late”
Kills the bugs: Tina – simultaneously fighting Newt off bc “jfc newt i am not taking a shower with a black widow!” “but tina, he’s just lonely!”
Cooks the meals: this is a little split, but probably Tina because Newt loses track of time in his case
Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Newt, definitely. He’s the one that is already decorating on halloween
Initiates the couple selfies: Probably neither, though Tina is the one that is like “pls just take a nice picture newt stop staring at that dog”
Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Tina. She just gets so caught up with work, but Queenie is always there to remind her.
Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Newt. He says that it’s for the creatures, but Tina knows better.
Nicknames the other: Newt. “Tiny Tina,” “Porcupine,” and “Greyscale” are among his favorites.

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“is this suppose to be making your heart race?” the angel asked, staring at the cup of coffee he was drinking. he pouts a bit before taking a few more sips. surely no one can get drunk off of just iced coffee right? surely, jimin didn’t know that as an angel, he wasn’t suppose to be consuming human beverages. he found no need to do so, but he couldn’t help it. “what is caffeine?” he tilts his head. 

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FMK JB, Yugyeom, Jackson


I don’t even know I can’t kill any of them I’d rather kill myself shsjskdjjs

Okay if I HAD to choose…..
Fuck- Jaebum bc….have you seen his dick….🌚 MY MAN IS WELL ENDOWED HONEY JUST SAYIN HE THICC
Marry- Jackson bc he would really take care of his baby girl
Kill- I really want to kill myself I love yugyeom don’t get me wrong pls I hate myself for typing this already

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Your writing is still as beautiful as ever and oh my god I can't believe how talented you are! I can just read a sentence from your work and I'm already clutching my heart out of happiness, thank you so much for giving us the pleasure of reading your beautiful work!

youuuuuuuuuu 😭 I might really cry now because you’re one to talk!!! To hear this from you is insane, and Im not sure I deserve it truly bc if theres anyone I wish I can be as dedicated and passionate as it’s you :“) You write beautifully, effortlessly pls let it rub off on me (Im so shameless Im so sorry) thank you for this lovely lovely message, for taking the time to write this, for reading, for everything ❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗🍓🌷

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BH kiss MM pls O3Ob

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(i already loVE thiS blOOOG AAAH the arT) So how well do you two get along?

BH: Don’t forget to change into something else when you go to bed.

MM: I know.

BH: Brush your teeth and take off your binder too!

MM: I know, I know! Just let me go…!