pls just ignore the talking thing they are using

some stuff

alright, a couple things to address:

im going back to school starting tomorrow, which probably wont affect how often i post, but if it does, thats why. less free time ahaha

also anon is back on for the time being. if youve got questions you want answered tho, i prefer you not to use anon just cause i like answering them privately and then not clogging peoples dashes! if its a question i think other people would want to hear an answer to, i publish it, but yeah! pls do not abuse anon priveleges (ie dont come into my inbox with demi negativity again or whatever)

and last, the second anthology is coming. dont have a date set yet and i dont even have up to number 200, so itll probably happen end of september or later. itll be smoother this time round cause i know what im doing more.

anyhow have a nice night!