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Compilation of MakoHaru moments in Free! Starting Days


So I decided to do a post on my favourite MakoHaru moments from the movie and it turned out to be everything_(:3」∠)_

1) Their usual routine:

“Good morning, Haru-chan!”

“I told you not to use ‘chan’.”

Makoto making sure Haru wears his uniform properly.

Makoto fetching Haru to school and being familiar with Haru-mama.

 2)  Makoto being playful (flirting) with Haru

“How did you know I was there?”

“I know everything about Haru.”

“…Though I’d like to say that, I actually heard it from Auntie.”

3)  Haru not being pleased about Makoto switching from “boku” (more childlike manner) to “ore” (more mature) when referring to himself.


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“Look at us, eh? Like old times. Completing test chambers together… and uh… doing other things together. Yes, sir, the old band back together. Back on the road, playing the hits. Talking to the groupies and uhh… you know… uh, well, just talking to them.”

Lego Dimensions Portal 2 omg yessss babies~~ I just had to draw them again.

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The Nordics reacting to their s/o ignoring them pls (btw love you head canons) Love anon <3

Aaahh~! Thanks so much anon!

Norway: He’d sit down next to you, whether you spoke to him or not. He’d just start regular conversation, without any reply. “Would you like me to change the channel?” “…” “Yeah, I don’t like it much either.” He could especially use this to his advantage when he knows that you like something, like changing the channel over when watching your favourite programme. Other times it’d be small talk, and eventually you’d give in.

Iceland: Iceland can be rather immature when it comes to these kind of things (Though, he never admits it) so if you ignored him, he’d ignore you. You’d both be in blank silence, perhaps some page turning or the television in the background, but it’d never attend to the silence. Eventually though, he’d break and want to know what he did wrong to make you ignore him.

Denmark: Denmark would try to get your attention in any way possible, he’d bounce around the room, make you Danish pastries and lay on your lap like a dog. If you still ignored him (Though I can’t see how) he’d beg to know why, what did he do to make you ignore him?

Finland: Once he noticed that you were ignoring him, he’d do everything he could to make you stop, he’d make your favourite cookies, make you hot chocolate, but adding little notes to each one. You’d have to give in at some point, because he wouldn’t stop until you did.

Sweden: Nope. Sweden wouldn’t tolerate it. He’d wait for you to come around and finally talk to him, unless you took too long. Then he’d be polite and simply ask you why you’re ignoring him. That plays on repeat until you finally tell him.